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With over 2000 qualified experts from some of the world's most reputed institutions on board, Kolabtree helps you cement the knowledge gap and propel your research forward in the right direction. Our freelancers specialize in a wide range of subjects and can help you identify bottlenecks, find new approaches to problem-solving, overcome challenges and take you closer to your desired result.

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Scientific Consulting Services

Technical review

Increase your chances of being published by getting your manuscript reviewed by industry experts

Knowledge transfer

Get relevant, domain-specific advice from reputed specialists

Outsource R&D functions

Hire a flexible R&D workforce or a remote laboratory

Access specific skills

Access on-demand skills at a budget of your choice

Get in-depth feedback

Save time, energy and effort by getting actionable feedback on your research

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Researchers are often unable to access highly qualified scientists due to

Geographical barriers

Collaborations are often born in face-to-face networking events, which means that they are also geographically restricted.


Hiring full-time, in-house talent can be a constraint, especially if you need someone with a specific skill-set for a short period of time. Consulting a scientist is often expensive.

Lack of platforms

There aren't many platforms that bring together specialists who are willing to offer their expertise and researchers looking for guidance.

Some of the most innovative breakthroughs were made through
collaboration. Even Einstein needed a scientific consult!

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Success Story

A major scientific publisher received assistance with preparing a knowledge report.

Ian Mulvany, the Head of Product Innovation at a major scientific publishing house, was looking for an expert to conduct a comprehensive search to find approximate grant awards in the fields of digital humanities and computational social science. He received two bids within 24 hours of posting his project and went on to successfully complete it with the help of Dr. Sukant Khurana, who built him a powerful analysis tool for his research needs.

I posted a project that had a fairly clear goal, but with no guidance on how to get to that goal. The Kolabtree platform paired me with a data scientist who was able to think flexibly about the task, and who not only delivered on the report that I was interested in, but who also made the code they used to get to that result available. With that in hand I've been able to refine my original research question, and build on the code to create an even more powerful analysis tool for my research needs. The freelancer was timely and communicated well, and I was very happy with the outcome.