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Featured Freelance Scientific Consultants
Brian Chau - MS, Food Systems and Society - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Brian Chau
MS, Food Systems and Society
Marylhurst University
Natasha Beeton - PhD- Molecular & Cell Biology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Natasha Beeton
PhD, Molecular & Cell Biology
University of Cape Town
Alaa Abdine - PhD- Biophysics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Alaa Abdine
PhD, Biophysics
Universite Paris Diderot
Joseph Sabol - PhD- Chemistry - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Joseph Sabol
PhD, Chemistry
Oklahoma State University Stillwater
Kirk Moffit - PhD - Psychology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Kirk Moffit
PhD, Psychology
New Mexico State University
Lester Ingber - Physics - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Lester Ingber
PhD, Physics
University of California, San Diego
Consult a freelance scientist who can help you overcome your research challenges and achieve your desired outcome.
  • Choose from over 5000 freelance scientists specialized in a wide range of disciplines from life sciences to food science.
  • Get a freelance scientist to help you formulate a product, design a clinical trial, research a topic for you, and more.
  • Consult a PhD-qualified food scientist, data scientist, biotechnologist, engineer or social scientist who can help you steer your work in the right direction.
  • The scope of the service can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements.
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Success Stories

Plot curved spacetime (to represent Einstein’s gravity) to be included in a science article

A Civil Engineer and Science Writer
A Theoretical Physicist
Scientific Consulting

Formulate tasty, high-quality, gluten-free bread

A Food Entrepreneur
A Food Science and Technology Consultant
United Kindom
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