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USD60 per hour
Research Scientist Cancer Immunology / Immunotherapy | Medical Writer

As an experienced scientist in immunology and cancer research, I am passionate about working on creative innovations that make a real differenc...

USD40 per hour
Expert in human in vitro cellular assay development, Respiratory and Dermatology

PhD in Pharmacology of respiratory diseases at the National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College, London). Ten years expertise in develop...

United Kingdom
USD30 per hour
Freelance Medical Writer

I am an excellent written communicator with five years of experience in scientific research and ten years of experience as a software engineer ...

Postdoctoral Research
USD40 per hour
Freelance Scientific writer, editor and consultant/specialized in writing, peer reviewing, editing, consulting scientifi...

I am a scientific researcher in Life Sciences. I have successfully spent over 10 years in academic research and want to use my knowledge and ex...

MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Sri Lanka
USD50 per hour
Medical Writer and Editor

I am a medical doctor and a medical writer for the past 5 years. I have worked with many researchers, surgeons, dermatologists, nephrologists, ...

Postdoctoral Fellow
United States
Assistant Professor of Oncology, Center For Immunotherapy, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

I have a strong experience in translating bioinformatics lingo into simpler concepts to bridge the gap between wet and dry lab. I work on the b...

Researcher and medical writer with 8 years of experience in life sciences

Research Interests: • Molecular aspects of Carcinogenesis and understanding how different proteins influence carcinogenesis. • Understanding th...

PhD Molecular Biology
United Kingdom
USD40 per hour

My research experience began during my BSc where I did a year’s sabbatical in the Endocrinology department at St Thomas hospital. I then went o...

B.S. Biology
USD29 per hour
Life Scientist | 10+ years in the Science industry

Hi! I write evidence-based scientific papers for various audiences: from medical doctors to blog readers. ● I did research on single nucleoti...

Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry
USD100 per hour
More than 10 years experience in cancer research in international settings, grants and articles writing and editing

Over the past ten years, I have successfully been working in the cancer research field at National Cancer Institute G.Pascale (Naples, Italy), ...

PhD Chemistry
South Africa
USD50 per hour

I am a synthetic organic chemist with experience in drug design and synthesis, medicinal chemistry, medicinal plants, green chemistry, biocatal...

PhD Medicine
USD30 per hour
PhD in Cancer Immunology - science writer, blogger, instructional designer | Swedish-English translation

I have recently completed my PhD in Cancer Immunology specialising in haematological malignancies, oncolytic viruses, and anti-tumour immune re...

USD100 per hour
A cancer researcher who has 10+ years of cancer research experience and collaborating with industry.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 2010-2015 Doctor of Philosophy at Monash University Therapeutic area: Oncology and development of new drugs (monoclonal...

United States
USD40 per hour
A Neuro-Oncology specialist with 10+ years of experience in translational research

A Neuro-Oncology research specialist, geneticist, molecular biologist and biochemist with more than 10 years of experience in top universities ...

Science writer possessing 10+ years of research experience in Cell, Molecular and Cancer biology

➤ I am an effective communicator undeterred by barriers. I pursued my Ph.D. and flourished in an environment that demanded adaptation to a new ...

Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.)
United States
USD75 per hour
PhD & MBA powered Analyst, Consultant, & Medical Writer with broad experience in Life Sciences & expertise i...

Medical Writer with cross-functional experience in Oncology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Immunology. Key achievements include deadline...

USD30 per hour

I did my Ph.D. in cancer research, identifying tumor progression genes in a mouse model for non-small-cell lung cancer. I have profound knowled...

Molecular Cell Cancer Biologist | Research Scientist & Project Manager | 10+ yrs experience in pharma and biotech

Dynamic and experienced biomedical research scientist with a demonstrated history of working in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With a s...

Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology
United States
USD45 per hour
Toxicologist with 13+ years of experience in scientific research, technical report writing, peer literature review

* Experience in conceiving, planning, designing, executing, and troubleshooting toxicology studies using various molecular biology, biochemistr...

USD50 per hour
Freelance medical epidemiologist and public health researcher with an excellent track record of over 120 publications

Over 20 years of professional experience with an excellent track of research publications in high impact journals. Specialized in Global Health...

Experienced researcher with 5+ years of experience in conducting, organizing and publishing research in Biomedicine

“There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom” is a famous lecture given by physicist Richard Feynman which opened the era of Nanotechnology. The v...

Experienced content writer and social media manager with expertise in biomedical research.

I earned a Ph.D. in Biology from Concordia University investigating the molecular mechanisms of aging in yeast and studied as a post-doctoral f...

Clinical Research Scientist & Scientific Writer * Expert in Data Analysis & Preclinical research * Immunologist

I will describe myself as a translational research scientist with 4 years of clinical research experience, and an accomplished bench scientist ...

PhD Chemistry (Molecular diagnostics for Cancer research; summa cum laude)
USD30 per hour
Pharmaceutical development Project Manager & Senior Research Scientist at ROTOP I Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy

I am a scientist with more than 9 years of experience in the field of chemistry for healthcare applications esp. on cancer research using molec...