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Project completed before deadline, got expert insights

I was faced with completing a complex project in a short time period and despaired about doing so after my search for a consultant that I could trust and who was reliable left me empty handed. A colleague then recommended posting my project on Kolabtree. It was the single best professional decision I have made in quite a while. I contracted with a brilliant biostatistician and his team that not only completed my project before my deadline but also enhanced my analysis with their insights. While funding for another project did not materialize, the consultant that was going to take on that work was also professional, thoughtful and dependable. Kolabtree is now an indispensable part of my business development and project implementation team. My thanks to Sandeep and the entire Kolabtree team!

Finding and collaborating with a freelancer was an excellent experience

From start to finish, finding and collaborating with a freelancer on Kolabtree was an excellent experience. Leanne responded very promptly, and I was elated to find a geneticist with her depth of experience and mind for innovation. She is an expert geneticist, and she completed the project quite quickly. The gene descriptions looked great! We are so happy to have her onboard, and will be contacting her in the future for further services.

The expert did a good job at a difficult task

I have had an excellent experience with the service. They were attentive and appeared to understand my needs. They were able to find an expert who had actually worked in our state and understood the context for my project. This was incredibly reassuring. In truth, the Kolabtree team was extraordinarily helpful and considerate in finding a contractor for my project. I have nothing but praise for them. The expert did a good job at a difficult task. Thank you all again for helping me find the right person.

Easy to use, great overall experience

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the Kolabtree platform when preparing a nursing research grant submission. I have submitted for these grants several times in the past, but never been selected. I knew that I would improve my chances if could get a little extra assistance with my study design. Most of my colleagues were either too busy to help or, likewise, didn't have the skill set to offer any additional help.

I was able to post specifics about my needs on Kolabtree and hire the perfect consultant to help me through that portion of the grant within a few short days -- making it possible for me to get the grant submitted by deadline.

The platform was easy to use and I had a great overall experience. I would definitely use it again in the future.

We could find many qualified experts

It's a great service. There are many services for finding crowd workers, however it's difficult to use for corporate-quality work. We could find many qualified experts in Kolabtree (food industry researcher who could work in French). Finding a proper expert is easy, project management board is simple, good payment options. Kolabtree provides an open innovation environment for all.

Within a few days I had offers from well-qualified professionals

It was a pleasure working with the experts from Kolabtree. We had a serious problem that required statistical modelling in order to ensure our client the work performed had adequately addressed their concern. The process was simple: I defined the analysis and posted it. Within a few days I had 3 competitive offers from well qualified professionals. They provided a fair price to conduct the analysis and we choose one. The work proceeded with good questions and the report was finalized within the deadline we established. Payment was simple and made after we agreed the work was complete. Having a team of experts “on call” is fantastic. Now we know of the service, we’ll be back!

The data scientist I hired helped me build a powerful analysis tool

I posted a project that had a fairly clear goal, but with no guidance on how to get to that goal. The Kolabtree platform paired me with a data scientist who was able to think flexibly about the task, and who not only delivered on the report that I was interested in, but who also made the code they used to get to that result available. With that in hand I've been able to refine my original research question, and build on the code to create an even more powerful analysis tool for my research needs. The freelancer was timely and communicated well, and I was very happy with the outcome.

Exceeded expectations

Kolabtree helped me to connect to exactly the right academic consultant, who performed the work I needed better than I had expected and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

Recommended your service to colleagues

Let me begin by saying that it was, indeed, a pleasure and quite rewarding. I have recommended your service to a number of my colleagues; and I am sure, you will be hearing from them in the near future. Thank you, once again, for this very innovative company.

Used it twice to find excellent experts

I've used Kolabtree twice to find excellent physics experts and work with them on my popular science articles.

Expert was flexible and willing to adjust

Working with Kiranam on Kolabtree was a pleasure. He responded quickly to our job post, and maintained good contact throughout the project. He was flexible and willing to adjust when needed, and we would be happy to work with him again.

Very efficient

Very happy with the work done for us, very efficient and detailed in the writings. Exactly what we were looking for, thank you!

Dedicated platform to find specialized freelancers

Great to have support from the staff. Great I discovered such a dedicated platform to find specialized freelancers in well defined areas to sharpen job process and bring a win-win solution to both sides.

Needs better execution

While the expert was great and the work was successfully completed, we had a very difficult time working with your online communication, project management and financial systems. It is a great concept but needs better execution.

We'll revisit your web site to see how you progress.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kolabtree

My experience of being an expert for Kolabtree has been a very pleasant experience, something I would recommend my friends to try. It is not just the innovative idea of providing a streamlined venue for scientists to offer their expertise that is appealing but also the proactive team, which is ready to help at their end, whenever necessary. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kolabtree so far and look forward to more such experiences.

Kolabtree is poised to be the leading platform for expert services

The importance of quality in background research, analysis, writing, reporting and communication cannot be emphasized enough. My doctoral and post-doctoral training and experience in the life sciences taught me the above skills, and I found Kolabtree to be the perfect freelance avenue to utilize my skills. Being a startup is not easy, and the Kolabtree team is clearly above others. Their focus on quality is evident in all aspects of their operations: their interactive and elegant portal, project matching, user engagement, follow-up and delivery. I am confident that the best in quality will be delivered on Kolabtree. I am greatly enjoying my work with them, and I truly believe they are poised to be the leading platform for expert services. I would recommend them with no reservations.

Flexible working hours, direct contact with clients and a friendly support team

Kolabtree offers a solid platform for scientists transitioning from active research to academic writing and consulting. As a recent entrant in the field of freelance writing, I find working with Kolabtree completely hassle-free. Flexible working hours, direct contact with clients and a friendly support team are some of the perks of working with Kolabtree.

Allowed me to use skills developed during my PhD

My first assignment as a freelancer at Kolabtree was a data science project for a small business. The project was incredibly rewarding, allowing me to use skills developed during my PhD on an application in the online retail domain. The work also enriched my resume and made for an interesting story to tell at my next job interview! The team at Kolabtree helped by streamlining communication with the client, and smoothing out any bumps along the way. At every step from the initial bids to project completion, I felt that my rights as a freelancer were protected and that the process was managed in a manner that was fair both to the client and to me.

Ability to determine what kind of work I accept

I am an expert for Kolabtree; in my experience their staff is very timely and helpful. In addition to handling logistical questions, they also send advance notices for assignments that fit your skill set. I feel they are doing an excellent job regarding mediating between the two parties involved in the project. This ensures everyone is clear on their responsibilities while maintaining autonomy of the collaborators. What I particularly like is the ability to determine what kind of work I accept. For example I listed the types of assignments (data science, editing, writing etc.) I was both interested in and qualified for. This allows the client to have a guide as to where my expertise are, as well as leading to a variety of different assignments I can be involved in. I highly recommend Kolabatree for your scientific needs.

Easy to connect with people in different fields

I was very excited when I came across Kolabtree, as it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. As an astrophysicist, I know I have a lot of data science skills that are sorely needed in industry and other fields of science but I have had very little opportunity to get involved in these kind of projects. Kolabtree has made it seamless and easy to connect with people in different fields who can make use of my skills and equally allowing me to stretch myself and learn about completely new disciplines. There is a vast pool of highly skilled scientists that, in the past, companies and academics have been unable to access. Kolabtree ingeniously aims to bridge that gap.

Easy to connect with people in different fields

Kolabtree has opened up a new type of project for me, one that fits my expertise and experience, but which I’d never explored before. I’m doubtful I would have been able to find the project I’m currently working on without Kolabtree. They seem to be doing an excellent job screening projects and offering only the best. Through the site, I’m able to work effectively with people from around the world in a very friendly, respectful online environment. I have to say that my experience of working with the company, as well as clients, has been very positive overall, and the responsiveness of the team has been remarkable. Highly recommended!

Get to work on interesting projects

I absolutely love being part of the Kolabtree resource. I get to work on interesting projects, from wherever I choose to be.