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    Your project details are safe, secure and visible only to logged-in users.
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    Discuss your requirements in detail before picking the expert who’s best suited for your project.
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    Work with the expert to get your desired output. Keep track of files and conversations in the user-friendly Workspace.
    The expert is paid only if you’re happy with the results. The budget can be modified if the scope changes.
How it works
Why Kolabtree

Offering secure payments, IP protection and assured satisfaction, Kolabtree makes it easy for you to collaborate seamlessly with freelancers across the globe.


Confidentiality assured

  • Post your project confidentially, visible to only select freelancers
  • Kolabtree’s T&Cs include a default confidentiality clause that protects the IP of the client
  • Easily share custom NDAs with freelancers before you disclose your project details

Secure, flexible payments

  • Pay per project or by the hour.
  • Increase the scope of work and fee at any time
  • Use milestones and timesheets to keep track of progress and make partial payments

100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Deposit your funds securely once you hire a freelancer
  • Release the payment to the freelancer only once you’re happy with the work delivered
  • Schedule calls and interview freelancers before hiring to pick the best match

Dedicated support team

  • Our support team handpicks and invites relevant freelancers on your behalf (for free!)
  • A Dedicated Account Manager is assigned to each project to personally assist you at every stage
  • Access quick support 24x7
Two ways to work with us
two way

Post a Project

Post a project and get quotes from experts for free. Once you post your project, you can invite freelancers from our recommended expert list. Best option if you want to save time.

two way

Choose a freelancer

Find an expert and contact them directly with your requirement. You can choose to make your project visible to specific experts or open it up to all Kolabtree freelancers. Best option if you want to choose an expert manually.

At every stage, you have full control over who can see your project on Kolabtree. Your project privacy options can be changed at any time.

Request a Service

Kolabtree’s freelancers work remotely across 170+ countries and are affiliated to highly reputed institutions like Cambridge University, MIT, Harvard University, and more. We are a one-stop resource for accessing on-demand expertise that’s unavailable elsewhere.

Why Hire Freelancers over Consulting Agencies?

Hiring freelancers on demand provides a wealth of benefits for your business. Here’s a quick comparison of working with consulting firms vs on-demand experts on Kolabtree.

Consulting Firms Freelancers
COSTS Expensive, good for large and structured companies Cost-effective, especially for SMBs and startups with limited resources
ON-DEMAND SERVICES Not practical for one-off requirements or on-demand expertise Perfect for one-off requirements and accessing experts on demand
TIME & EFFORT Complex and time-consuming, requiring paperwork and planning. Multiple people involved. Easy to directly speak with the person actually working on your project and explain your requirements.
COMMITMENT Usually requires a minimum commitment or a bundled service No minimum commitment or contract required
FLEXIBILITY Standard rates apply with limited scope for customization Get a range of quotes from different freelancers before picking the best fit
Frequently Asked Questions is an online marketplace that provides a means for Businesses & Academics from around the globe to hire freelancers for Short or Medium term projects. Individuals or businesses in need of Ph.D. qualified experts for short or medium-term projects can post those projects and allow freelancers to submit bids for successful collaboration on those projects.
A Project title is the first thing an expert notices on our website after it has been reviewed and published. Make sure to add a concise and descriptive title to give freelancers an immediate understanding of your project. Please bear in mind that the title cannot be more than 95 characters and cannot include special characters. A carefully drafted title will ensure that you receive bids from the best of the experts as soon as soon as your project is posted.
In order to get started as an expert on Kolabtree, you will need to make sure your profile is fully filled in and approved. There are 3 ways you are able to submit your proposals for projects:
1. A client might personally invite you to a project: this is when the client has hand picked you from our Browse Experts Page, and is eager to get in touch with you to start working on this project.
2. Our team at Kolabtree will be inviting you to projects that we believe you will be a good fit for.
3. You can visit the "Browse Projects" page ( where you can search for projects and proceed to submit your proposal.
Clients may find the process of choosing the right expert for their project a bit overwhelming. Since each project is different, we have listed a few pointers which may help narrow the field of choices and make the selection process easier.
Kolabtree's terms and conditions prohibit freelancers from claiming ownership of intellectual property, and as a client, you are able to reinforce the message with additional communication, agreements or contracts. Most of the freelancers on Kolabtree have PhDs and are very aware and sensitive to ownership of work materials. You are also free to use an NDA with anyone you work with.
Yes, definitely. You can post a project and after you have received the deliverables, you will be asked to review your work. Kindly note, your project fee will be on hold in your project's wallet until you reach back to the expert and provide them with feedback. If you feel the work was completed successfully, you can transfer the amount to them and if your work requires revisions you are free to reach out to them and seek further help.
Our "Collaborator" feature allows you to add a team member/colleague/friend to manage the project with you. Please note, the collaborator must register with Kolabtree, if not on the platform already.
To add a team member, please visit your "Proposals" page: here there will be a tab at the top of the page called "Collaborators". Please click on this button, and add the team member. If you have more than 1 project, please use the drop down menu at the top to find the specific project you require.

Contribute to the growing pace
of innovation worldwide

Interested in collaborating with researchers across the scientific spectrum? We’re calling postdocs & PhDs to
join Kolabtree to work on interesting projects and speed up the pace of research and innovation worldwide.

Success Stories

We've helped businesses and researchers worldwide take their projects to success.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Healthcare

Design a statistical study

A medical volunteer hired a freelance researcher for help measuring the impact of an HIV awareness initiative in Uganda.

Read Story
CostUSD 800 Time Taken1 Month
  • Secondary Research
  • Medical Device

Help with medical device innovation

The founder of a US-based medical device company hired a scientific writer to provide supporting research for the launch of a new product.

Read Story
CostUSD 2750 Time Taken20 Days
  • Scientific Consulting
  • Food Science

Formulate tasty gluten-free bread

A US-based food entrepreneur was looking for a scientist to formulate a high-quality gluten-free bread.

Read Story
CostUSD 900 Time Taken2 Weeks
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Medical Device

Statistical review of pre-clinical study

A medical device company hired a biostatistician from the Netherlands to review the results of their pre-clinical study and prepare it for journal publication.

Read Story
CostUSD 500 Time Taken1 Week
  • Experiment Design
  • Healthcare

Design a clinical trial

A California-based breast cancer surgeon hired an India-based biostatistician to design a clinical trial.

Read Story
CostUSD 1575 Time Taken2 Weeks
  • Scientific Consulting
  • Medical Device

Develop a medical device

An Australian medical device innovation company hired a Mexico-based nanotechnology expert to develop electrodes that could destroy living tissue.

Read Story
CostUSD 2000 Time Taken1 Month
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