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USD90.0 per hour
Experienced PhD Chemical Engineer - experience in formulating cosmetics, personal care and household products

I have PhD in chemical engineering, with over 20 years of academic and industry experience conducting research in biopolymers for medical use a...

Bachelor Degree in Psychology
USD0.0 per hour
Expert in Data and Signal Processing | PhD. in Biomedical Engineering from Osaka University. M.Sc. in Computer Science.

B.Sc. (1996) and M.Sc. (1998) degrees in Computer Sciences, and M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering (2014) from the University of Granada (Granada,...

USD200.0 per hour

While completing my undergraduate degree in biotechnology, I had the opportunity to learn the concepts of genetic engineering and related funda...

United Kingdom
USD80.0 per hour
Scientific Consultant - Imaging Sciences and Data Analysis

I am an MRI physicist and imaging scientist with more than 15 years of experience developing imaging biomarkers for the pharmaceutical and medi...

PhD in Physics (Materials Science)
United States
USD200.0 per hour
Materials scientist and biomedical engineer

I have a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in chemistry. I completed a PhD in physics (materials science) in 2017 and am ...

ISO 13485:2016 Lead Auditor
United States
USD200.0 per hour

Biomaterials Scientist, with clinical and scientific experience in Dental Materials, Dentistry, Biomedical Engineering, Medical, Orthopedic and...

United States
USD30.0 per hour
Biomedical Scientist & Writer I Expert in Nanomedicine and Biophotonics with 7+ years of experience

I am actively involved in the development of biomedical technologies, particularly based on nanotechnology innovations, for potential clinical ...

Doctorate in Bioengineering
United States
USD50.0 per hour

• PhD level biomedical research scientist, with 8 years’ experience and broad-based skill set in bioengineering, neuroscience, neural interface...

M.Tech Biomedical Engineering
USD45.0 per hour
Market research specialist with 10+ years of consulting experience in healthcare (medical devices, pharma, & biotech...

I'm a research consultant with over 10 years of consultancy experience in pharma management consulting industry. Skilled in supporting mark...

United Kingdom
USD200.0 per hour

Healthcare Technology, Biomedical engineering, Biosensors, Ultrasound technology, Diagnostic medical devices

PhD, medical image analysis
USD70.0 per hour
Data scientist, machine learning, R/Python

Trained as a biomedical engineer, I hold a Ph.D. in medical image processing and over 10 years of experience in preclinical R&D in the ...

Research Scientist

I am a trained and passionate Bioengineer/Biomedical Scientist working in biomaterials and tissue engineering area from last 11 years. Highly m...

USD0.0 per hour
Rich experience in Polymer Chemistry, Catalysis, Supramolecular Chemistry and Specialty Polymers

Results-driven research professional having rich experience in Polymer Chemistry, Organo- and Organometallic Catalysis, Supramolecular Chemistr...

USD50.0 per hour

Multi-faceted, with broad technology intelligence (including patent and non-patent literature) in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutic...

Doctor of Philosophy
USD20.0 per hour
Scientific / Academic Writer & Editor | 5+ Yrs of Experience | IELTS | Published 13 Research Articles

An Experienced Researcher with a Ph.D focused on Biomedical Nanotechnology and a Strong Academic Professional with a demonstrated history of wo...

Habilitation a diriger des recherches
USD150.0 per hour
Eager to invent the next generation of medical systems

I became a research & development engineer (first) and the chief biomedical engineer (second) in the Gait laboratory at The Royal Child...

USD0.0 per hour
Scientific Research

Scientific Research, Scientific Writing, Finite Element Analysis, Biomechanics

M.Sc Molecular Medicine
USD40.0 per hour

My current research interest is in corneal tissue engineering with a particular focus on developing novel biomaterials through determining how ...

USD60.0 per hour
Chemical and Biomedical Engineer. 25+ yrs experience in Research. Love to solve tech problems.

Research experience in process systems, complex fluid, dispersed phase systems, drug delivery, dry powder inhalers, biomedical devices, digital...

Master of Science
USD60.0 per hour
Freelance Scientist & Analyst | Medical Engineer | Matlab, Indesign, Illustrator

I am a medical engineer, getting my PhD on the 20th of November. The past years I have worked on the improvement of needle placement in interve...

United States
USD50.0 per hour
Physicist with extensive research experience

I am a researcher with 15 years of experience. I have worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I worked on projects for the Nati...

United States
USD75.0 per hour
Neurobiology and physiology specialist with 20+ years experience in academic writing and research

I possess an extensive publication background in neurobiology and physiology with emphasis on sleep and circadian rhythms. My 10+ years of exp...

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
United States
USD50.0 per hour

Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history in higher education and government research. Skilled in Biomechanics, Orthopedics, Biomedical E...

M.S. Robotics, Systems and Control
USD50.0 per hour
Development Engineer | Technical Writer

I am a mechanical engineer with a Master's degree in Robotics, Systems and Control. I currently develop experimental medical devices for mi...

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
United States
USD45.0 per hour

Equipped with formal Biomedical Engineering training, statistics knowledge and programming skills, I'd love to offer my biomedical research...

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How to hire a biomedical engineer

The combination of engineering with biology results in the field known as biomedical engineering, BioMed or simply medical engineering. It applies basic engineering principles to healthcare.

The ever-increasing use of machines, automation and technology in our society has augmented the demand for medical engineering. Revolutionary concepts have been used in the context of biology, some of which have helped decrease mortality.

Development of artificial organs, optimized prosthetic equipment, surgical robots, kidney dialysis machines and pharmaceutical drugs are a few examples where biomedical engineers have greatly contributed to progress in the medical field.

Biomedical engineering has become especially relevant considering the increase in life expectancy and the consequent growth of the aging population and healthcare needs.

From improving 3D medical imaging machines to providing better hip and knee replacement biomaterials, from speeding up rehabilitation of physical disabilities to advancing dialysis machines, biomedical engineers are directly involved in the evolution of medical treatments, systems, devices and products.

What does a biomedical expert do?

Biomedical engineering is a versatile profession, which typically includes the following activities:

·        Creation and design of a variety of biomedical products and systems, such as devices for replacement of body parts, diagnostic medical machines and artificial organs.

·        Support, maintenance, adjustment, repair and installation for biomedical equipment.

·        Training of other health professionals on the use of biomedical equipment.

·        Application of engineering norms to different aspects of biological systems in healthcare settings.

·        Scientific consultancy for research purposes, usually in collaboration with chemical engineers, physicians, veterinarians and other healthcare professionals.

·        Writing: a biomedical writer participates in the production of technical reports, white papers, lectures and research papers.

Many professionals in this field work at universities, research facilities, hospitals and medical institutions, usually in positions related to research and development and quality assurance.

Several choose to work as freelancers due to the flexibility and the opportunity to apply their expertise to different projects.

Why hire a biomedical engineer?

When you need to hire a biomedical engineer, bear in mind that, due to the broad nature of the profession, it can be further described according to specific areas, including:

·        Biomaterials: used in different areas, including artificial organs and replacement of body parts.

·        Biomedical electronics: involves optimal functioning of medical devices and machines.

·        Bioinstrumentation: surgical robots are a good example of bioinstrumentation.

·        Medical imaging: increasing quality and precision of 2D and 3D imaging.

·        Bionanotechnology: gene delivery, nanoparticles for drug delivery and surface treatment for biomaterials are among the applications of nanotechnology within biomedical engineering.

·        Computational biology: creation of software, models and algorithms for biological systems.

·        Bioengineering, rehabilitation engineering and clinical engineering: can assist with development of devices and machines for recovery of injuries and cognitive impairment.

·        Genetic, tissue and cellular engineering: involves attempts to control cellular and organ function at the microscopic level.

·        Systems physiology: focus on the functioning of biological systems of living organisms.

These skills can be applied to many different projects within manufacturing of medical supplies and equipment, research and development in life sciences, engineering, agriculture, environment and much more.

How much does it cost to work with a biomedical engineering consultant?

Working with a freelance biomedical expert is a good way to move forward with your projects, since agencies usually charge small fortunes.

For consultancy, biomedical experts charge a minimum of 40 USD per hour, depending on his/her experience.

It is also possible to work on a fixed fee for your entire project, which can be divided into several milestones.

How to write an effective job to hire a biomedical engineer?

- Project description or scope of work: specify the area and all necessary details about your project in order to provide a general overview for the freelancer.

- Duration of the project: describe your timeframe for completion of the project.

- By when you need to hire: how much time do you have before the projects starts?

- Budget: choose to pay an hourly fee or a total project price.

- Skills required: the more detailed and specific the better, as this helps achieve a good match between your project and the most experienced biomedical engineering consultant.


The development of new medical equipment, monitoring devices, medical systems and software are a few potential areas where a biomedical engineer consultant can make a huge difference.

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