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USD60.0 per hour
Statistician & Data Analyst.R & Phyton & C++. 30+ years as researcher & consulting. 7+ projects conduct...

Statistical Analysis and Modeling, Time Series Forecasting, Complex Networks, Surveys Analysis, Item Response Models, Physics. Scientific Publi...

PhD Medicine
USD50.0 per hour
PhD in Cancer Immunology - science writer, blogger, clinical trials instructional designer | Swedish-English translation

I have recently completed my PhD in Cancer Immunology specialising in haematological malignancies, oncolytic viruses, and anti-tumour immune re...

USD100.0 per hour
Research Scientist Cancer Immunology / Immunotherapy | Medical Writer

As an experienced scientist in immunology and cancer research, I am passionate about working on creative innovations that make a real differenc...

PhD, Clinical Research, concentration - Infectious Diseases
United States
USD110.0 per hour
Clinical Trials Management and Oversight; 20+ years experience

20+ years of clinical research experience, including expertise in the principles and practices of clinical trial research, including management...

United States
USD100.0 per hour

Industry leader with 20+ years of expertise in the clinical trial, drug development space. PhD Biotech, Adv Dip French Literature. Have represe...

Advanced Master in Statistical data analysis
USD50.0 per hour
Biostatistician with 5+ years of experience in clinical research - SAS, R, Python, STATA, SPSS, WinBUGS, Linux and HPC

I am a Biostatistician with research experience in diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases and clinical trials. Expert skills in Longitu...

PhD in Medicine. Epidemiology, Public and International Health line
USD50.0 per hour
Experienced science writer and scientific consultant with a solid background in health and biomedical research

***** COVID-19 pandemics: As a researcher and science writer experienced in epidemiology and infectious diseases, I have already worked in seve...

United Kingdom
USD180.0 per hour
Expert Respiratory Virologist including influenza , RSV, rhinovirus and coronavirus (including COVID-19)

In 2001, Dr. Rob Lambkin-Williams designed and implemented the first Human Viral Challenge Study to be conducted in Europe in the 21st century....

Certificate in Leadership & Performance Management
South Africa
USD100.0 per hour
Experienced clinical research and health consultant providing consulting, training and medical writing.

I provide clinical research and health consulting, medical writing and training services to Pharma, Biotechnology Companies, CROs, NGOs, Founda...

PhD in Medicine
United Kingdom
USD50.0 per hour
Post-doctoral researcher with clinical expertise

Dr Aliya Sarmanova is a Research Associate in Musculoskeletal and Clinical Outcomes working on the Wellcome Trust funded AUGMENT project. Her c...

MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Sri Lanka
USD50.0 per hour
Medical Writer and Editor

I am a medical doctor and a medical writer for the past 5 years. I have worked with many researchers, surgeons, dermatologists, nephrologists, ...

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
USD70.0 per hour
PhD in Pharmaceutical Science with 10+ years of experience in Pharmaceutical - Clinical - Regulatory- Medical writing

I am an agile, performance-driven and critical problem solver scientist with a passion for scientific consulting, disseminating strategic, stre...

Pharmacy Practice Residency
USD80.0 per hour
Medical writer with 10+ years of experience in Systematic Reviews.

Having served as a Medical Writer, Editor, and Systematic Reviewer within the healthcare sector, I am accustomed to the rigors of fast-paced, h...

MSc in Epidemiology
USD20.0 per hour
Epidemiologist with strong skill on R programming, statistical analysis (epi studies, clinical trials), machine learning

I am an environmental epidemiologist and I focus my research activities on health effects of air pollution. Actually, I attend the specializati...

Doctor of Philosophy: Structure-function relationships in age-related macular degeneration in an era of multimodal retinal imaging
USD50.0 per hour
Research scientist. Areas of interest: Ophthalmology, Health economics, Epidemiology. Expert in SPSS. Scientific writer.

Research scientist with a PhD in Ophthalmology. Areas of interest also include Health economics, epidemiology and medical writing. Expert in SP...

Ph.D. (Life Sciences)
USD60.0 per hour
Freelance Market Research | Business Analyst | Expert in Project Management | Pharmaceuticals | Biotechnology | Medical ...

I did my Ph.D. in life sciences and an MBA in international business. I am a consultant on market research and business development for pharmac...

Master of Public Health (Epidemiology & Biostatistics)
United States
USD10.0 per hour
Clinical Research Scientist & Medical Writer with 5+ years of experience in academia & pharmaceutical industry

I am a research scientist/medical writer trained in clinical sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics (BDS, MPH, Rutgers University, USA). My p...

United Kingdom
USD80.0 per hour
Scientific Consultant - Imaging Sciences and Data Analysis

I am an MRI physicist and imaging scientist with more than 15 years of experience developing imaging biomarkers for the pharmaceutical and medi...

MSc Epidemiology
USD40.0 per hour
PhD Epidemiology Candidate | SAS/R | Study Design and Bias | Scientific writing

I am a PhD Candidate in epidemiology, with expertise in study design, scientific writing, and data analysis (processing large datasets, statist...

USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Medical Writer / Expert in Medical Device with 13 Years of Experience in Clinical Research (MDR Expert)

An accomplished, versatile, results-oriented clinical research professional with over 13 years of experience in the Pharmaceuticals & M...

Master of Science in Applied Biometry (spec Biostatistics option Epidemiology)
USD90.0 per hour
Consulting, expertise et analyses biostatistiques

- More than 10 years of experience as a biostatistician - Have worked in many fields (onco-hematology, transplantation, biomarkers, immunology)...

USD100.0 per hour
Dual-PhD, Bioscience writing, editing and proofreading

I have a dual-PhD from the Australian Catholic University and the Université d'Avignon, awarded under a Cotutelle. This research progr...

Masters of dental surgery- Public health dentistry
USD20.0 per hour
Freelance Bio-statistician & Data Analyst with 5+ years of experience | Expert in SPSS |

We are a team of dentists with specialization in bio-statistics. We take up projects on statistical analysis and manuscript preparation. We de...

PhD in Neuroscience
USD0.0 per hour

I have a BA in Mathematics and a PhD in Neuroscience. My main research topic is the study of brain plasticity mechanisms enhanced by natural le...

MS - Biomedical Engineering
USD20.0 per hour
Biomedical Engineer, CMU | Product Manager & Medical Writer | Expert in Clinical Research with 6+ years of experienc...

A passionate lifelong student of Biomedical sciences with a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), I have always been fascinate...

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Recently Completed Projects
  • Consultation on design of clinical trial
  • Statistical analysis of a phase IV randomized study
  • Study design for assessing impact of a HIV awareness program
How to hire a clinical trial expert

A new treatment for a certain condition or disease is only made available to the general public after thorough testing is done through clinical trials. Those tests constitute scientific studies where a certain drug, substance, treatment or intervention is tested in real people.

In a clinical trial, the investigator assigns participants to specific groups, which is typically done through randomization. Clinical trials are performed through different phases. They can be used for testing a new drug, a vitamin, a new diet, a less invasive surgical intervention, a diagnostic tool or even a medical device.

Before a clinical trial starts, it requires approval of an institution or health organization (such as the US Food and Drug Administration), which varies depending on the country where the trial is performed.


What are the phases in a clinical trial protocol?

Testing of a new drug is focused on safety and effectives, which are usually performed through four distinct phases:


·        Phase I: the drug is tested on a small group of people to see if it is safe and to learn about its potential side effects, usually 20-80 people are included in Phase I clinical trials.

·        Phase II: the drug is tested on a bigger group for its effectiveness to treat a certain condition or disease. It also further evaluates safety and side-effects, usually with 100-300 people included.

·        Phase III: in order to learn more about the new drug, it is tested in different populations and using different dosages, sometimes combined to other treatments. It generally includes a few hundred people up to about 3000. If the clinical trial shows beneficial results and the drug is safe to be used by the general public, it is approved after phase III.

·        Phase IV: the drug has been approved and safety and effectiveness are monitored for longer periods of time for long-term effects.


What can you get from clinical trial consulting?

Professionals who work with clinical trials usually gather a lot of expertise in this field. Grant applications, ethical approval, writing of articles based on clinical trial results and government approval are just a few of the areas where clinical research experts can help you.

Job titles include:  Clinical research associate, Biostatistician, Medical researcher, Clinical researcher, Healthcare research, Principal investigator, Research associate, Research consultant.

Why should you get help from a clinical research expert?

If you are conducting clinical studies for one of the most common reasons below, you might want to consider collaborating with a freelance clinical research expert.

·        Evaluation of one, two or comparing several treatment interventions, such as use of drugs, medical devices, health supplements, surgery and other types of therapy for treating a certain disease, condition or syndrome.

·        Learning about prevention or recurrence of a certain condition or disease, which can include use of different medicines, vitamins, vaccines, or even lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercising.

·        Evaluation of one, two or several diagnosing tools for a particular condition or disease.

·        Evaluation of different methods for identifying risk factors for a disease or condition.

·        Exploring alternatives to improve supportive and palliative care for people with a chronic and/or terminal disease.

How much does it cost to hire a clinical trial expert?

Professionals specialized in clinical trials are certainly in demand. For a minimum of 30-40 USD per hour, it is possible to collaborate with a freelance expert in this field. At Kolabtree you can also choose to pay a fixed rate for your entire project, which can be more cost-effective for longer projects.

How to write an effective job to hire help through freelance clinical trial experts

Include the following in your job description so that you get proposals from relevant freelancers. 

·        Project description or scope of work: be specific about which phase for the clinical trial and what are the deliverables expected.

·        Duration of the project: specify if this is a short or long-term collaboration.

·        By when you need to hire: be clear if you are in a hurry to start with the collaboration.

·        Budget: can be paid per hour or per project.

·        Skills required: you should be looking for someone with experience in health care, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, and statistics, among others.

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Ready to hire clinical trial experts? Post your project on Kolabtree and get quotes from clinical trial consultants. 

Skills related to Clinical Trials
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