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Friday Feature: Dr. Sabine Joseph

24 Mar , 2017  

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Dr. Sabine Joseph is a trained researcher and data scientist with an interest in human cognition, neuroscience and behaviour. She is experienced with various research-related tasks including experimental design, statistics, modelling, data analysis and visualisation, and preparation of conference talks, posters and scientific reports. Currently working as a Data Scientist for Uncover Dining London, she […]

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Friday Feature: Irene Sanjuan-Nandin

17 Mar , 2017  

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Dr Sanjuan-Nandin is an alumnus of University College London and is currently a Senior Scientist at Cancer Research UK. Coming from a strong background in translational immunology, her main interest is the research and development of new strategies in immunotherapy. Her research career started with her PhD project in cellular and molecular immunology, which led […]

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STEM without borders: Collaborative STEM projects from around the world

14 Mar , 2017  


Einstein–Grossman. NASA–ISRO. Tesla–Vivekananda. The Human Genome Project. Google–GSK. Hardy–Ramanujan. CERN’s ATLAS.   These are powerful examples of collaborations all around the world – both historic and ongoing – that have impacted science deeply. Einstein might not have arrived at his theory of relativity had he not consulted his classmate Grossman’s notes. Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekandanda (a […]

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Friday Feature

10 Mar , 2017  

featured freelancer

Announcing our #FridayFeature series! From this week onward, we will feature a freelancer from our global pool of 2000+ experts every Friday. From Life Sciences to Data Science, we’ve got a wide range of subject specialists on board. We begin with Dr. David Kale, an alumnus of Stanford University and the University of Southern California. […]

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Happy Women’s Day!

7 Mar , 2017  


Celebrating the women in science with an infographic this International Women’s Day. Here’s to more and more women joining the research force!

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How to prevent misinformation in science journalism

7 Mar , 2017  

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A recent Vox article reports that half of the studies you read about in the newspaper are wrong. The primary reason, according to this study (which could be wrong as well!), is because science journalists chase that one clear, unambiguous headline which reports a specific conclusion. Unfortunately these headlines are often based on a single […]

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Forthcoming Book: Land and Maritime Empires in the Indian Ocean

1 Mar , 2017  


Land and Maritime Empires in the Indian Ocean by B. Nicolini and S. de Silva Jayasuriya, Educatt, Milan, 2017, in press Today the history of the Indian Ocean has gained a renewed interest as it reminds us of the greatest mobility and traversal with such an impact that it forces us to rethink how the processes […]

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Remembering the Raman–Krishnan collaboration on National Science Day

28 Feb , 2017  


Eighty nine years ago, an Indian scientist discovered a phenomenon that would change the way the world understood the scattering of light. For this discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930, being the first Asian and non-white to have received this laurel.   The phenomenon was the Raman effect and the […]

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Even Hollywood hires freelance scientists!

24 Feb , 2017  


Can Alan Moore’s characters actually exist in the universe? Can a human really possess Dr Manhattan’s superpowers? The plausibility of this is explored in the video below by James Kakalios, a consultant on the physics of superheroes (clearly, much sought-after knowledge in today’s world!). Science-based TV series and movies consult specialists so that their stories and […]

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Can freelancers help NASA and rocket science?

21 Feb , 2017  


“Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No… it’s the Falcon 9 making its way back to the earth!” It’s been an altogether thrilling week for rocket science, as it were. The Indian Space Research Organization launched a record-breaking 104 satellites on 15 Feb,  followed by the first private rocket launch by SpaceX from […]

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How can biotech companies fill in the talent gap?

10 Feb , 2017  


Biotechnology, as is the case with many fields today, is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. Once requiring a specific set of specialized skills, the industry trends now show that individuals with interdisciplinary training are favored. A report published in Nature depicts that a large part of job postings not only include specialized subjects like chemistry, but also […]

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Why biotech needs the power of data analytics

7 Feb , 2017  


The Human Genome Project, that aimed to map and sequence the entire human genome, began in 1990 and ended in 2003 with a starting budget of over $1.5 million. It provided us, for the first time, a means to access invaluable data through genes – evolution patterns, diseases and their treatments, gene mutations and their effects, […]

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IEEE Optimization Competition

31 Jan , 2017  


CALL FOR COMPETITION  Heuristic optimization has undergone significant developments in recent years. By using different novel mechanisms for improved search exploration and exploitation, modern heuristic optimization tools have demonstrated a great promise for solving real world problems with high mathematical complexity. The Working Group on Modern Heuristic Optimization under the IEEE PES Power System Analysis, […]

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March for Science

30 Jan , 2017  


The recent political climate in the USA is going to affect science and research in a big way (bigly, if you prefer). In fact, Trump’s recent ban is already affecting the lives of scientists who live and work there. “Samira Asgari, a 30-year-old Iranian woman, was stopped in Switzerland just before boarding a flight to […]

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APE 2017, Berlin: Publishing Ethics

14 Jan , 2017  


As we welcome another year of research and collaboration, we turn our attention to the important questions that surround communicating this research to the world. The Academic Publishing in Europe 12 will be held in Berlin on 17-18 January 2017.   The programme addresses various issues in scholarly communications such as value-added scientific publishing, information […]

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