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Literature Search Experts
Kiranam Chatti - PhD Pharmacology and Toxicology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Kiranam Chatti
PhD, Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Mississippi
India | USD 25 per hour
Michael Chen - PhD - Psychology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Michael Chen
PhD, Psychology
Stanford University
United States
Helen Mitchell - Doctor of Philosophy - Food Science and Technology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Helen Mitchell
PhD, Food Science & Technology
University of Reading
United Kingdom
Lisa Skipper - PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics - Dept of Neuroscience and Institute of Neurology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Lisa Skipper
PhD, Molecular Genetics
University College London
United Kingdom
Jo Anne Schneider - PhD - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Jo Anne Schneider
PhD, Social Anthropology
Temple University
United States | USD 100 per hour
Eldon Spackman - PhD - Pharmaceutical outcomes and policy - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Eldon Spackman
PhD, Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
University of Washington
United Kingdom
Alexander Botev - PhD Machine Learning - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Alexander Botev
PhD, Machine Learning
University College London
United Kingdom
Dr. Daniele Perl-Treves - PhD - Structural Biology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Dr. Daniele Perl-Treves
PhD, Structural Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Israel | USD 60 per hour
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  • The scope of the service can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements.

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Success Stories

Write a report on CBD usage

A Texas-based neuropsychologist hired an expert to compile a report that could be used to influence medical marijuana laws in the state.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Conduct research for a TEDx talk

A globally renowned speaker hired a researcher to find scientific evidence that could support his TEDx talk.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Identify grant funding in disciplines

The Head of Product Innovation at Sage Publications hired an expert for a literature search of grant funding in specific subjects.

Cost: USD 700 | Time Taken: 1 Month

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