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using emojis to communicate and make meaning online
USD 100 - USD 150 Fixed fee
I need someone to help me conduct a literature review to answer the fo ...
Calculating 11 months of School Time Cards
USD 20 - USD 80 Fixed fee
I’m in cosmetology school and have 11 months worth of time cards that ...
Scientific consulting
Drug and Cosmetic formulation
USD 20 - USD 100000 Fixed fee
I am looking for a cosmetic formulation expert who has experience in D ...
Clinical Research Consulting
Cancer treatment radiation bunker doors
USD 6500 - USD 10000 Fixed fee
Review construction drawings and specifications to establish the corre ...
Food Science & Technology
Electrolyte pill/mixture to provide hydration for 12 hours
USD 500 - USD 2400 Fixed fee
I am trying to create an electrolyte rich pill/powder that one can use ...
Data Science
Mathematician for Algorithm cracking reverse engineering
USD 90 - USD 400 Fixed fee
I have a set of numbers that are used to generate a pin, I need the al ...
Scientific consulting
Need a chemist to formulate new food flavouring for E-liquid (Vape related) Products
USD 1000 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
We are looking for a chemist, who can formulate food flavourings conce ...
Need to communicate our blockchain platform to mainstream audiences
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
We are looking for a fresh take, and additional talent to better commu ...
Data Science
Biostatistician consult: cox regression with complex sample plan (linked national datasets) in SPSS
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
I've merged 3 national datasets to link health (disability) & demo ...
Scientific consulting
Need a chemist to formulate a new adhesive product
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
I am looking at creating a new Adhesive product, that will set once a ...