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Food Science & Technology
Hemplab Institute University of Antwerp Analytical Method Development Product ICH Stability Test
USD 20 - USD 100000 Fixed fee
JV with International Pharmaceutical Company to develop cannabinoid na ...
Which risk factors influence the occurrence of postoperative complication after third molar removal
USD 500 Fixed fee
This study aims to identify the potential risk factors which influence ...
Food Science & Technology
Food engineering and enhancement
USD 1500 - USD 5000 Fixed fee
In search of freelance scientists with experience in how processed foo ...
Food Science & Technology
Health research
USD 20 - USD 100 Fixed fee
I am a health conscious individual doing research on my life habits li ...
Experiment design
Combine photochromic and heat sensitive formula for fabric color change
USD 500 Fixed fee
I would like to create a chemical composition that allows fabric to ch ...
Food Science & Technology
the lean guy
USD 30 per hour Hourly fee
I'm trying to develope a new product in the supplement industry. ...
Scientific consulting
Nueropsychological assessment
USD 1000 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
I need a psychiatrist or nuerologist to do a remote tbi assessment.
nQueen completion problem solved
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
I am math enthusiast that claims to solve particular nQueen problem. M ...
Secondary Research
Editorial Researcher Needed for Business Magazine
USD 250 - USD 500 Fixed fee
Seeking Editorial Researchers to find stories for a Business Magazine ...
Food Science & Technology
Optimization of low calorie Ice Cream recipes
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
We have developed our own recipes for low-calorie, natural ice cream b ...