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Food Science & Technology
Gluten Free Snack Food
USD 20 - USD 50 Fixed fee
We are manufacturers of Gluten Free Food Products in India and are loo ...
branding paper
USD 350 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
i am putting together a paper on branding for which;

-I have w ...
Data Science
Analyzing Key Metrics in WholesaleRetail Supply Demand
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
More coming later
Never Bite Bug Repellent
USD 20 - USD 600 Fixed fee
Formula (I have INGREDIENTS) for organic bug repellent
Academic writer to do Technology related articles and post in Journals and get them accepted
USD 500 Fixed fee
Need professional writers to do research papers in tech / IT by workin ...
Quinoa manuscript
USD 500 Fixed fee
I have a draft of a manuscript that I need to be written into a journa ...
Scientific consulting
Sundownloader Derive formula to describe 3d convex mirror
USD 300 - USD 500 Fixed fee
We have designed a fixed static mirror, shaped somewhat like a diadem, ...
Secondary Research
Digital Data types in an industrial environment Supply Chain use of Digital Data
USD 450 - USD 500 Fixed fee
As a consultant in an industrial environment - Railways and Transport ...
Reasons for Success and Failure of Public Private Partnerships
USD 100 - USD 150 Fixed fee

I want an academic essay/ document on the reasons for the ...
Statistical review
Analysis of Recurrent Mandibular Fractures in the Northern Territory Australia
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
This is a study looking at recurrent mandibular fractures in the north ...