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Data Science
Dynamic Routing Algorithm
USD 250 per hour Hourly fee
I am looking for help on doing an algorithm that I plan on writing int ...
Food Science & Technology
Chocolate product development
USD 1500 - USD 3000 Fixed fee
I am looking to pay for some product development work. The concept is ...
Food Science & Technology
Project NoMoo Use Company developed formulationrecipe to deliver a veggie sausage patty
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
1. Use Company developed formulation/recipe to deliver a veggie sausag ...
Data Science
Informatics analysis of natural substances in the treatment of specific cancer
USD 30 - USD 70 Fixed fee
As part of a Ph.D. project, I need advice and support performing infor ...
Scientific consulting
Electronics Electrical Engineering Teach me how to use a Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
USD 20 - USD 40 Fixed fee
Electrical Engineering Electronics Technician -- "GRAPHENE" coach me h ...
Food Science & Technology
Need assistance with crafting a RTD canned alcoholic beverage
USD 500 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
Hi there!

As you mentioned in your bio, we'd love if we could g ...
object detection using capsule network
USD 20 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Project for object detection. Looking for professional with knowledge ...
Food Science & Technology
Sports Gel
USD 200 - USD 1200 Fixed fee
Interested in developing formulation for Sports gel which is high in c ...
USD 300 - USD 450 Fixed fee
Looking for an individual to develop formula for detergent recipe. Ple ...
Statistical review
College Student perceptions of success in EFL blearning courses How each component of the course a
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
I conducted a study on blended learning. I asked 5 sets of questions w ...