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Food Science & Technology
Salad Dressing
USD 100 - USD 500 Fixed fee
Hello to all who may read this!

Thank you for taking your time ...
Food Science & Technology
Need a chemist to formulate a clean cosmetic product
USD 40 - USD 400 Fixed fee
So I am looking to create a clean, natural, environmental friendly pr ...
Secondary Research
Dengue technical surveillance guidelines adaptation in all languages
USD 60 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
Preparing a multipurpose integrated Dengue surveillance strategy, base ...
Food Science & Technology
design a water soluble CBD tincture for animals to ingest. All natural + omega 3 +fatty acid profile
USD 20 - USD 400 Fixed fee
I would like to use this raw ingredient to formulate an ingestible wat ...
Secondary Research
mathematician or engineer to verify data
USD 30 - USD 60 Fixed fee
If I have a material that I want to penetrate with a standard blade le ...
Food Science & Technology
Natural enzymes to break down food without destroying the nutritional value & safe for consumption.
USD 30 per hour Hourly fee
Searching for natural enzymes to break down food that is similar to ho ...
Scientific consulting
Cosmetic development product
USD 1000 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
Formulating Chemistry - person required for a Cosmetic development p ...
Food Science & Technology
Brand Russell
USD 20 - USD 200 Fixed fee
Food product- Sauce
Need help with nutritional info and extending s ...
Scientific consulting
Material characterization of carbon steel pipelines
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
Objective: Understanding the variability of material characteristics a ...
Scientific consulting
Formula Containing Oils and essential oils.
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
Experimenting with formulas for organic Tan Oil containing essential o ...