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Food Science & Technology
Wild Pie
USD 1500 - USD 3000 Fixed fee
Wild Pie are mini-bite size pies that are gluten-free, vegan and no su ...
Planning my literature review
USD 30 per hour Hourly fee
I am a doctoral candidate in business studies. I am in the literature ...
Scientific consulting
Natural Mouthwash Development
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
We are developing an all natural herbal based mouthwash, we know which ...
Transmission Electron Microscopy Within India
USD 20 Fixed fee
Dear sir/mam,

We want to do TEM for edibles and liquid fuels w ...
Food Science & Technology
Pet treat pill pockets made with coconut oil
USD 130 per hour Hourly fee
We are developing a dog treat/pill pocket for national (online) distri ...
Scientific consulting
Cosmetic skin care product
USD 20 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I would like to create a serum for the face that is vegan friendly, no ...
Scientific consulting
Lumin Bullet Design Study to Test Disinfection
USD 500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
3B Medical has a new disinfection device called the Lumin Bullet. This ...
Food Science & Technology
Cognitive enhancing energy drink commercial recipe
USD 20 - USD 1100 Fixed fee
I am researching a new start-up beverage brand. We will be an organic ...
Experiment design
Organic eyelash extension adhesive
USD 40 per hour Hourly fee
Hi , I am an eyelash extension artist currently using the “safest “ a ...
Scientific consulting
MGO Bricks and Castables KnowHow
USD 500 - USD 10000 Fixed fee
We are looking to expand from Alumina based refractories to Magnesia C ...