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Data Science
Statistical analysis of pivot table data from survey
USD 90 - USD 150 Fixed fee
survey of about 1300 medical students to assess their level of knowled ...
Scientific consulting
Parasite identification
USD 30 - USD 1200 Fixed fee
I have a severe case of parasites that I picked up in India three year ...
scoping review research
USD 90 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I have a scoping review research. I have the PICO and Research ...
Expert consultation in Health Technology Assessment
USD 20 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I need an expert in health economics, preferably in health technology ...
Data Science
I need a help in Response surface methodology RSM analysis
USD 60 - USD 70 Fixed fee
I have performed RSM of optimized cellulolytic enzymes but there is so ...
Food Science & Technology
Protein bars
USD 1500 - USD 3000 Fixed fee
We want to create a recipe gor a protein bar in Spain
Statistical review
Determining the economic worth of a specific type of Information and Communication Technology
USD 500 - USD 15000 Fixed fee
What is the worth in use of a certain telecom technology? In a dispute ...
Food Science & Technology
Water soluble curcumin beverage
USD 20 - USD 3000 Fixed fee
I am a medical outcomes research scientist, and an internal medicine p ...
Clinical Research Consulting
Decomposition Rate in Water
USD 1500 - USD 2500 Fixed fee
We would like to get research done which gives a timeframe for home lo ...
Clinical Research Consulting
Research of The relationship between the fingerprint development and the brain development
USD 300 - USD 500 Fixed fee
Hi! I'm looking for professional researcher to making research of Derm ...