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I need help in designing a bioinformatics project related to epigenetics study and breast cancer
USD 50 - USD 150 Fixed fee
Epigenetics and Breast cancer related projects design (3 different opt ...
Looking for English Translator
USD 60 - USD 100 Fixed fee
We are looking for Portuguese(Brazilian) to English translator for tec ...
Food Science & Technology
Creation of new alcoholic beverage.
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
Looking for a food/beverage technologist to help with the creation of ...
Food Science & Technology
Cannabis-infused Chewing Gum
USD 1500 - USD 5000 Fixed fee
I am looking for a consultant to help with the following: (i) create a ...
Manuscript writing assignment for a paper on Infectious waste management INUNB_3
USD 500 - USD 1200 Fixed fee
Project Description:
This is a writing project for Infections Waste ...
Statistical review
Statistician required to review McCarthy genealogy Bayesian analysis
USD 20 - USD 300 Fixed fee
With a background in physics, I've drafted a Bayesian analysis I did t ...
Improve Python Optimization Model
USD 90 - USD 150 Fixed fee
We have a working Python model using Google OR Tools. However, we woul ...
Scientific consulting
Optimization problem to solve
USD 30 - USD 150 Fixed fee
I need to solve optimization problem. Please see attached PDF for prob ...
Food Science & Technology
Skincare Chemist Required
USD 100 per hour Hourly fee
I work for a business, that wants to launch skincare products. We are ...
Write medical content for a portal
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
Hi, I am looking for a medical content writer to write content for our ...