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Diabetes in India
USD 50 - USD 100 Fixed fee
This is first of the 12 reports I am working on. I am looking for free ...
Food Science & Technology
Formulation of Keto Baking Mix
USD 100 per hour Hourly fee
Food scientist or food science consultant needed to help formulate a d ...
Secondary Research
Quick Dirty Chemistry Literature Review
USD 20 - USD 50 Fixed fee
A summary of the last ten years of research, a basic overview look at ...
Experiment design
Polymer Expansion in Fuels and Solvents
USD 200 - USD 500 Fixed fee
I am looking for help deciding on materials used in fuel containers, s ...
Statistical review
Medical PhD project in London requiring statistical input in design
USD 40 per hour Hourly fee
I'm a current practicing clinician currently designing a PhD project w ...
Scientific consulting
Compostable bioplastic cards
USD 1000 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
Too many plastic cards are polluting our planet. We want to make a dif ...
Secondary Research
Social Origins of Success Culture
USD 300 - USD 700 Fixed fee
Research the cultural origins which influenced evolution of current US ...
Food Science & Technology
Cool Whip
USD 150 per hour Hourly fee
I want to create flavoured whipped cream in a can or out a can.
Thi ...
Food Science & Technology
Product development
USD 1500 - USD 25000 Fixed fee
Hi, I’m a business startup looking for help to create alcohol infused ...
Data Science
Arbit 20
USD 3000 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
Arbit is a computer program designed to obtain information about crypt ...