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User Interface Designing UIUX Project
USD 80 - USD 100 Fixed fee
The details are given in the files
pdf file.doc ------- shows the e ...
Experiment design
bioremedation of cuttings from an oil based md
USD 50 per hour Hourly fee
I'm trying to conduct an experiment which will degrade the harmful ele ...
Scientific consulting
Formulate proprietary ingredient for meat alternative products
USD 2500 - USD 10000 Fixed fee
Our company has a proprietary vegan ingredient that has a meat-like te ...
Scientific consulting
USD 70 per hour Hourly fee
We would like to develop a vegetarian gummies bear treat.
Data Science
DNA sequence analysis
USD 1500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
project involves immunoglobulin sequence analysis.
Goal is to ident ...
Contract Scientific Writer
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
• Professional scientific writers (prefer PhD or MD/PhD)
• Must hav ...
Writte an article for medical paper Impact factor 2
USD 100 - USD 250 Fixed fee
Writte an article for medical paper. The candidate must already have p ...
Scientific consulting
Freelance Chemist who can formulate my cosmetic products
USD 40 per hour Hourly fee
A forulate my organic shampoo and conditioner
Data Science
Customer acquisition
USD 1500 - USD 2000 Fixed fee
Understanding the costs vs benefits of acquiring new customers
Looking for formulation is starch spray for laundry like Flatter or Mary Ellen best press
USD 1000 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
I am looking for formulations similar to Flatter spray used for ironin ...