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Quantitative Data Analysis
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
I need help with the quantitative analysis part of some data I collect ...
Need Gummy Bear Assistance
USD 20 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Voltage Gummies is a vegan gummy that naturally helps give people ener ...
Clinical Research Consulting
Metaanalysis and systematic review on the management of sigmoid volvulus
USD 50 - USD 300 Fixed fee
I am trying to write a meta-analysis and systematic review on the mana ...
Heat loss PLC program
USD 100 - USD 250 Fixed fee
Create a small PLC program using ladder logic or Structured text that ...
Scientific consulting
Creating Articleinfo On The Effects of Oil and CBD StructureCrystalization with Sound and Energy
USD 20 - USD 250 Fixed fee
I am looking to 1. charge oil with crystals 2. Charge/program oil with ...
Forest Kelp
USD 40 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I need a science fair project on forest kelp growth and photosynthesis ...
Scientific consulting
Invention Help Needed For Shower Head Cap Water Purifier
USD 20 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I am looking for someone that has expertise In nanotechnology, specifi ...
Characterization of optically pumped quantum dot vertical cavity structure
USD 70 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Need help with the results section of my report

Characterizatio ...
Data Science
Cost effective analysis between two treatments
USD 20 - USD 100 Fixed fee
I just started using TreeAge Pro, would like help in building a basic ...
To create a sustainable and biodegradable tennis overgrip
USD 500 - USD 3000 Fixed fee

To create a sustainable, bio-degradable tennis overgrip ...