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Need a chemist to create sealant for hair product
USD 500 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
Lets say Im attempting to improve the essential "hair or weave" proces ...
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design
USD 1000 - USD 4000 Fixed fee
This project presents the challenge of converting a fully-restored 196 ...
Scientific consulting
Science consult & research support: Immunity for all: energy/photon levels measured and adjusted
USD 1000 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
Have 2 books and 7 articles need citations and editing for medical pra ...
Statistical review
R and biostatistics
USD 100 - USD 400 Fixed fee
I am currently wrapping up my dissertation and am looking for someone ...
Scientific consulting
Journal Selection for Horticulture paper due by 28th May EMPQB 2 2
USD 70 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Please confirm the scope and project deadline for this assignment. The ...
Report Writing
USD 60 - USD 100 Fixed fee
We are looking for someone can check/categorize user's feedback and co ...
Data Science
Data analysis and visualization
USD 40 per hour Hourly fee

To build a data visualization tool for mapping raw d ...
Scientific consulting
ink formulation for functional printing inks
USD 500 - USD 1500 Fixed fee
looking for someone that has a lot of experience in formulating printi ...
Data Science
Hi, I need to analyse a multi linear regression(data provided)
USD 100 - USD 700 Fixed fee
I have a data set containing 20 years data, classified into 7 independ ...
Statistical review
Vitamin B and depression
USD 60 - USD 200 Fixed fee
I have analysed genetic polymorphisms associated with depression and w ...