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Food Science & Technology
Marys little lamb burger
USD 1500 - USD 3900 Fixed fee
Using know lamb flavor compounds, I want to create a vegan lamb burger ...
Food Science & Technology
Increasing the shelf life of panjeeriGoogle to know
USD 20 - USD 30 Fixed fee
Panjeeri is a punajbi food and recipes is easily available on Google t ...
Secondary Research
The Paris Communique 2018 The Future to the Bologna Process
USD 100 Fixed fee
The 1999 adoption of the European higher education standardization pol ...
USD 560 per hour Hourly fee
Insecticide efficacy field trial results reporting
Data Science
DNA dataset search
USD 20 - USD 400 Fixed fee
"It is possible that datasets that could disprove Curtis model exist, ...
Data Science
Very simple epidemiology work for STATA profecient statistician
USD 50 - USD 100 Fixed fee
Simple coding and logistic regression
Transistor Analyze Diode Electrical Engineering
USD 30 - USD 50 Fixed fee
In this easy project, you will develop simple instructions on how to u ...
Data Science
6 samples of ExomeSeq and RNASeq each data mining and visualisation analysis
USD 1500 Fixed fee
I have 6 samples of ExomeSeq and RNASeq on which the following data mi ...
Write frequently asked question on teeth whitening
USD 500 - USD 1000 Fixed fee
Review and improve the FAQ page on our website ...
Technology for the production of proteininoil emulsion that can improve the nutritive value of mea
USD 300 - USD 500 Fixed fee
I have final manuscript for publication. I need a help in reviewing, s ...