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United States
USD0.0 per hour

My research interests include cell biology, lipids, biochemistry, neuroscience. Currently I am working on a project to understand the role of l...

USD20.0 per hour

The focus of my Ph.D. dissertation (in Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics; University of Minnesota, USA), was on the role of DNA rep...

PhD in Immunological Sciences
USD20.0 per hour
Research Fellow at University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

United States
USD0.0 per hour

My research areas include cancer, immunotherapy, neuro-immune interaction, autoimmune disease, aging, longevity, neurodegenerative diseases, di...

PhD Molecular Genetics
United States
USD200.0 per hour
Molecular life scientist with decades of experience in successfully executing experimental R&D projects

Research biologist specializing in macromolecular interactions analyses. Group leader at ERIBA, University Medical Center Groningen and researc...

MSc Molecular Medicine
United Kingdom
USD25.0 per hour
Motivated and multilingual researcher and writer with over 10 years' experience in international pharma and healthcare.

Five years clinical research experience based out of Tokyo and London - mainly oncology - in Roche Group biotech company. Four years in interna...

Molecular cell biology
United States
USD50.0 per hour

I am a molecular biologist with fourteen years research experience in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology and infectious disease. I hav...

Ph.D. Biochemistry (Funded by Cancer Research, UK)
USD0.0 per hour

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and my area of expertise range from data analysis, assay development to scientific writing

Postdoctoral Research
USD40.0 per hour
Freelance Scientific writer, editor and consultant/specialized in writing, peer reviewing, editing, consulting scientifi...

I am a scientific researcher in Life Sciences. I have successfully spent over 10 years in academic research and want to use my knowledge and ex...

United States
USD25.0 per hour
Physician scientist, geneticist, developmental and reproductive biology.

Clinical and basic science research. Experience with epidemiology, physiology, molecular and developmental biology and genetics in the context ...

McS Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
USD30.0 per hour
Bioinformatitian and Computational Biologist

Biological Big Data Analytics

BSc (Honors) Applied Biology (Biotechnology concentration)
Hong Kong
USD20.0 per hour

A First-Class Honors in Applied Biology (Biotechnology concentration) followed by a rewarding work experience in cancer research, where focus w...

MSc. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance copywriter for the life science industry

Hello, thanks for checking out my profile! I'm a copywriter with training and experience in microbiology and biotechnology, and have a pas...

Bsc Molecular and Cellular Biology
USD10.0 per hour
I am a Scientific writer who has specialized in the field of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

With my educational background and writing career I believe I can write the best of projects for my clients. I have specialized in molecular bi...

Masters by Research (Biological Sciences)
USD40.0 per hour

Biochemical research scientist with more than 8 years of research experience in various biochemical and biophysical research projects. More tha...

Biological Engineering
USD20.0 per hour
Biological Engineer

Biological Engineer in profession. Previously trained in a medical center as a biomedical engineer of medical devices. Previously worked with r...

Mres Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
United Kingdom
USD30.0 per hour
Recent Masters graduate in Biological sciences, with a wealth of experience in scientific writing and editing

A recent graduate with a Bsc in Biochemistry and a Masters degree in Cell Biology, I have plenty of experience in scientific writing and resear...

USD10.0 per hour
Freelance Data Scientist I Expert in Molecular Biology

I have completed my Master’s degree in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology from University of Sussex, United Kingdom, focusing on D...

B.sc(Biochemistry and molecular Biology)
USD8.0 per hour
A freelance biochemist/Molecular biologist available to help in all aspects of the subjects.

I have experience in laboratory work relating to molecular biology e.g DNA p.c.r,molecular diagnostics and DNA sequencing.I also have hands-on ...

Master of Engineering in Bioinformatics
United States
USD150.0 per hour
Creative Molecular Biologist, Bio-IT Expert, and Science Multimedia Producer

I have over 17 years of working experience in research and pharmaceutical laboratories, including 9 years in drug discovery and development, mo...

MSc Bioinformatics
USD10.0 per hour
Bioinformatics Expert related to healthcare and agriculture in both consultation for research and training on bioinforma

I am bioinformatics and biomedical scientist having 9 years research and development experience, i am specialized in Bioinformatics, NGS Analys...

M.Sc (Biotechnology)
USD20.0 per hour
Run de-novo and reference-based NGS-methods for Genomics and Transcriptomics and DNA/protein distance-based dendrograms

Have worked on a project to determine the transcriptome (expressed part of the genome) of an oilseed of by analysing expression from 12 differe...

Doutoramento em Ciencia Biomedicas (Biologia Celular e Molecular)
USD50.0 per hour
Expertise in molecular biology, neurosciences, epidemiology, biomarkers, and medical writing for +20y

Attention to detail coupled with creativity and a broad perspective on subjects.

Master of Science (foci in bioengineering and materials science)
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Creative, meticulous, and quick researcher, who has a broad background in bioengineering, fabrication, and materials.

I have worked on a variety of projects that span hybridoma engineering to the design, synthesis, and immobilization of aptamer-based biosensors...

Graduate Student
USD20.0 per hour
Molecular Biologist with specialization in Cell Biology

I am a trained Molecular Biologist with 7 years of experience in Yeast Cell Biology. PhD in the field of Autophagy. Experienced in Fluorescence...

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How to hire a freelance molecular biologist

The high complexity of a living cell remains one of the most interesting mysteries in biology. Molecular biology is the branch of biology that studies living beings and their systems at the microscopic level. The structure and functioning of the DNA, the RNA and protein synthesis are the main focus of molecular biologists and the cell is their main unit of analysis. 

Understanding how organs within a cell work together enables scientists to understand the functioning of organs in the body.

What does a molecular biologist do?

Molecular biologists ultimately try to improve our understanding of cell functioning, a broad field that still has much to be explored on the molecular level.

The study of biological molecules, which makes physical functioning of the body possible and constitute the language through which cells communicate, is a crucial part of molecular biology. 

Inside a cell, there is so much to be investigated, including its organelles, such the Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, the nucleus and the endoplasmic reticulum. Each of them present a myriad of functions, which have not been completed studied. 

Exploration and analyses of the concepts that explain cellular functioning are the focus of molecular biology scientists, and they usually also write about the topic for scientific journals, websites and technical reports.

The molecules that constitute the chemical structure of the cell are also studied in depth by molecular biologists, including:

  • DNA and RNA
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Carbohydrates 

The lives of many synthetic biology experts are dedicated to decoding the numerous reactions and operations that take place inside different cells, within different living organisms.

This profession requires cutting-edge technology and specialized laboratory equipment in order to explore the molecular world of cells and organelles. Typical workplaces for these professionals include universities, research institutions, laboratory settings and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the laboratory environment, molecular biologists tend to work in collaboration with professionals in the fields of biochemistry, biophysics, genetics and bioengineering.

Why work with a freelance biologist?

Molecular biologists are so important for science in general, since their concepts can usually be translated into medicine, healthcare, biology, wildlife, environment, drug development and food industry. Thus, the theories explored by these experts are usually applied to a variety of fields and to daily life. 

Apart from dedicating their lives to laboratory discoveries and biological research, most experts in molecular biology are also involved in teaching, workshops and presentations. They usually teach medical, dental, chemistry and biomedical engineering students, as well as many other professions.

The applications of molecular biology are many, from disease prevention and treatment to genetic screening and analysis, from vaccines to agriculture, from wildlife conservation to pollution issues, from cloning to protein expression.

The increased understanding of the human genome has opened a lot of doors into molecular genetics, including population analysis and risk profiling in relation to health and disease, taxonomy issues, identification of species and much more. 

How much does it cost to hire a biologist?

In order to hire a biologist, the hourly price starts at 30-40 USD. Recent post-graduates tend to charge less, while experienced lecturers and professors have a higher cost per hour.

Instead of paying for each consultancy hour, you can define the total price that you are willing pay and work out a total fee for the entire project.

How to write an effective job to hire a freelance molecular biologist?

Finding synthetic biology consulting online is a simple and easy task. All you need to do is provide important details on your project, according to the following topics:

  • Project description or scope of work: give a general ideal of what needs to be accomplished.
  • Duration of the project: when it needs to be accomplished.
  • By when you need to hire: how much time do you have until the project starts.
  • Budget: how much you can spend on the project (on an hourly basis or project basis).
  • Skills required: what kind of experience and areas of expertise are you looking for?

Once the job is posted, you will be able to find the best freelance molecular biologist for your specific requirements and payment is only sent once you are satisfied with the deliverables.

A freelance molecular biologist may offer the best opportunity for professional collaboration in order to move forward with your project.


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