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Why Kolabtree
MSc Molecular Medicine
United Kingdom
USD25 per hour
Motivated and multilingual researcher and writer with over 10 years' experience in international pharma and healthcare.

Five years clinical research experience based out of Tokyo and London - mainly oncology - in Roche Group biotech company. Four years in interna...

Ph.D. Biochemistry (Funded by Cancer Research, UK)

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and my area of expertise range from data analysis, assay development to scientific writing

Master's in Biotechnology
USD15 per hour
completed master's in agricultural biotechnology with biochemical, microbiological and molecular analysis

Experienced in biochemical techniques such as Protein isolation, isoenzyme studies, SDS PAGE, ELISA. Microbiological techniques such as microsc...

Master of Science
USD25 per hour
Microbiologist & Molecular Biologist | Experienced Biology Tutor (8+ Years)

My primary skill and experience are in the field of microbiology and molecular biology, especially in the analysis and engineering of microorga...

MSc on physics
USD8 per hour
Freelance physicist with 10+ year experience in scientific programming, complex systems and molecular biology

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Physics in the Universidad de los Andes (ULA) in Venezuela (one the top universities in Latin America) where I ...

United States
USD100 per hour

Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. Skilled in Recombinant DNA, Biotechnology, Cell ...

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
USD20 per hour
Medical Doctor, Writer, Researcher.

"Writing, like life itself is a voyage of discovery." Henry Miller Hi, I am Marium, a qualified medical graduate from one of the bes...

Saudi Arabia
USD30 per hour
Microbiologist & freelance writer

I have experience writing for over 5 years now. I did my Master's in Microbiology focusing on its application on the industrial side. I ha...

Master of Science in Biotechnology
USD15 per hour
Genomic Scientist with 5 years of experience. Core competencies include analytical mind and critical thinking.

I have completed Masters in Biotechnology and have research experience in cell biology, molecular biology and basic oncology. I have 3 publicat...

USD25 per hour
Professional Mechanical Engineer

Professional, meticulous, well-organized and always ready to write. A research consultant that is certified, a content editor and an engineerin...

Master of Science
USD30 per hour
Bioinformatician and Data Scientist | 3 years of experience | Scientific Writing | Python, R

IBM-certified Data Scientist and Bioinformatics specialist. Founded a student-run DIYBio organization that became the top biotech popular scien...

BSc Biomedical Sciences
USD15 per hour
Biomedical Science graduate and an aspiring Geneticist

I am a Biomedical Science graduate specialized in Human Genetics and will start my PhD in Medical Genetics soon. I have experience in writing, ...

United States
USD25 per hour
Molecular biology PhD. Experience with NGS Technology | Technical and Strategy Consulting | Teaching | Marketing

Interested in various emerging technologies as well as the interface of biological sciences with industry.

I am a Molecular biologist with six years of experience on the metabolic and inflammatory mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of atheroscler...

Integrated MS and PhD

I am a structural biologist with a PhD in Structural Biology (Macromolecular Crystollagraphy) from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, ...

United States
USD75 per hour
Biomedical scientist with a strong interest in collaborating with scientist around the world toward improving health.

I am active molecular biologist studying lipid metabolism and cancer biology. I have a long-term interest in the genetic basis for disease and ...

Introduction to Proyect Management
USD25 per hour

I am an MSc in Medical Biotechnology and PhD in Molecular Bioscience. I have more than 7 years of experience in different biomedical research c...

Education: microMBA 2016 Rady School of management (UCSD). PhD in M...

Master of Science
United States
USD60 per hour
Published Scientific Writer specializing in feature articles

Acquiring funding, publishing, and sharing your research is vital to your scientific career, but can be a hindrance. Don't let your results...

United Kingdom
USD40 per hour

My lab researches the connection between epigenetics and evolution using comparative genomics and a variety of molecular biology techniques

P.h.D. - student, Biochemistry

• Protein biochemist with broad knowledge in molecular and cell biology and with multidisciplinary experiences • More than 10 years of postdoct...

Ph.D. in Biochemistry
USD100 per hour

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. I have experience in Bioinformatics and Comput...

Currently, I am working in ENS Cachan, Paris to understand the heterogeneity of gene expression and fate decision-making in single E.coli colon...

Ph.D - Molecular Oncology; Experimental and Clinical Medicine
USD20 per hour

Stem cell biology, Molecular and Cellular Oncology, Clinical trials, Manuscript and Figure editing, Statistical Analysis

United States
USD150 per hour
Research faculty member at Harvard Medical School with 10+ year of experience in leading and mentoring teams of scienti...

I have 10+ years of experience in leading and mentoring teams of academic researchers and innovators to conduct research projects related to hu...

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Analytical Chemistry   Anatomy & Morphology   Animal Biotechnology   Animal Genetics   Animal Welfare   Antioxidants & Oxidative Stress   Applied Chemistry   Aquaculture   Behavioral Genetics   Biochemistry   Bioinformatics   Biological Engineering   Biological Markers   Biology   Biomedical Engineering   Biomedicine   Biophysics   Biostatistics   Biotechnology   Cancer Research   Catalysis   Cell Aging   Chemical Engineering   Chemistry   Clinical Laboratory Science   Clinical Trials   Conservation Biology   Developmental Biology   DNA   Ecological Restoration   Ecology   Electrophysiology   Embryology   Environmental Chemistry   Environmental Health   Environmental Management & Protection   Environmental Policy   Epidemiology   Evolution   Fish   Food Science & Technology   Formulation Chemistry   Gene Therapy   Genetics & Genomics   Herbs & Medicinal Plants   Histology   Immunoassay   Immunochemistry   Immunogenetics   Immunology   Inorganic Chemistry   Life Sciences   Lipids   Livestock & Animal Husbandry   Marine Sciences   Medical Sciences   Medicinal Chemistry   Metabolism   Microbiology   Mitochondria   Molecular Ecology   Molecular Engineering   Molecular Evolution   Molecular Imaging   Nanobiotechnology   Natural Products   Neurochemistry   Neuropathology   Neuropsychiatry   Neuropsychology   Nutrition Science   Organic Chemistry   Parasitology   Pharmaceutical Industry   Pharmacogenomics   Pharmacology   Phylogenetics   Physical Chemistry   Physiology   Plant Biotechnology   Plant Genetics   Plant Physiology   Polymers & Plastics   Proteomics   Retrovirology   Spectroscopy   Stem Cells   Structural Biology   Sustainable Development   Toxicology   Virology   Visual Neuroscience   Water Treatment