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PhD | Biomedical Engineering
United States
USD40.0 per hour
Freelance Writer & Consultant | Expertise in Neuroimaging & Psychedelics Research

Advanced interdisciplinary training in biomedical engineering, neuroscience and data science with 8+ years of experience conducting translation...

United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour
Postdoctoral research fellow physicist with PhD in Optics. Specialising in nonlinear photonics and terahertz radiation.

I am an optical physicist specialising in nonlinear optical systems. I achieved my PhD working in the emergent photonics group at the Universit...

United States
USD0.0 per hour
Data Scientist | Writer/Editor | Machine Learning | Expertise in human subjects research from design to manuscript

I am a researcher with a passion for solving problems and helping people. I utilize computer programming, machine learning, data visualization,...

MSc Geophysical Sciences
USD15.0 per hour
Geophysicist with experience in Meteorology and Oceanography

I have completed my BSc degree in technological physics at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto and proceeded to do my MSc d...

Natural Sciences BA
United Kingdom
USD35.0 per hour
Neurobiologist with 5+ years experience in scientific writing and data analysis

First class degree from University of Cambridge and PhD from University College London. My academic background spans basic cell and molecular b...

Machine Learning
USD50.0 per hour
PhD level Computational Data Scientist, Analytics and Visualisation, Experience in Consulting, Engineering, Banking, Aca

Currently working as a consultant in the Data Science field. Day tasks include data preparation, data modelling and data visualisation. Past ex...

Doctor of Philosophy
United States
USD100.0 per hour
Freelance Data Analyst & Algorithm Development | Expert in Matlab & Python | Engineering Researcher with 10+ exp

Experience R&D engineer in Electrical & Electronics specialized in Signal Processing

United States
USD80.0 per hour
Expert in Electromagnetics, Fortran/Matlab/Parallel programming, Digital/Radar signal processing, algorithm development

I have a phD in electrical engineering with 15+ years experience in numerical algorithm development, scientific computing, parallel computing, ...

United Kingdom
USD100.0 per hour
Data Science, Mathematical Modelling, Machine Learning

Mathematical Modeller, Scientific Developer and Data Scientist with Mathematics PhD (Dynamical Systems Theory and Chaos) and 20 years' pos...

PhD cum laude. Medical Physics
USD70.0 per hour
Data science, machine learning, medical imaging, physicist. 15+yrs clinical research. Medical device development.

PhD, postdoc, senior researcher in medical physics, imaging, radiotherapy. Extraction of attributes from real-world collected data. Medical Im...

Russian Federation
USD0.0 per hour
Research scientist at Lomonosov Moscow State University, PhD

More 10+ years experience in: - Development of Numerical Models for Simulations of various problems in Non-thermal Gas Discharge Plasmas, Gas L...

PhD, Chemical Engineering
United States
USD0.0 per hour
Theorist and computational scientist with experience in statistical mechanics and molecular simulation

My recent work has focused on the equilibrium statistical mechanics of Coulomb fluids, with two related goals: 1) understanding the system-size...

BS Electrical Engineering
USD10.0 per hour
Engineering Freelancer With 3 years of Experience | Leave it to us

We Team HighFive Research and Development are working from since 3 years and have vast experience in research and development. Our main focus i...

Product Design & Technology
USD15.0 per hour
Data Scientist | Data Analyst | AI | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Python | Software Developer with 5+ Years Exp.

I am a Machine Learning/ Deep Learning/ Software Developer /Consultant having 5+ years of experience in R&D (IT sector). I am having ex...

Russian Federation
USD15.0 per hour
Freelance in Applied Mathematics/Computer Vision. Expert in Python, Matlab, C++. 5 years experience of working as Applie...

My main area of development is computer vision and applied mathematics in physical tasks. After graduating from the Bauman Moscow State Technic...

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
United States
USD50.0 per hour

Scientist with background in physical chemistry, nonlinear spectroscopy, and excited state proton transfer. Knowledgeable of acid-base chemistr...

USD0.0 per hour
Postdoctoral Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology

I recently completed PhD from the University of Helsinki. My PhD research work focused on the neutralization of energy induced greenhouse gas (...

PhD in Computer Science
USD15.0 per hour

My interests include data science, machine learning, bioinformatics and drug discovery. In recent years, I have gained a lot of experience in m...

Master Of Science
USD0.0 per hour
Assistant Prof. at Altinbas University. C++, OPP, Matlab, Optimization Algorithm, Computer vision

Experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in C++, Matlab, Optimization, Computer Vi...

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
USD50.0 per hour
Researcher | Biomedical circuits and systems

Focused on biomedical applications of recent technology.

PhD, Quantitative Biological Sciences
USD30.0 per hour

Born and raised in Toronto (Canada), I have developed a passion for interdisciplinary biomedical sciences, with interests ranging from biostati...

United Kingdom
USD50.0 per hour
In vivo scientist, scientific consultant, experienced in animal training, electrophysiology, and data analysis (MATLAB)

Scientific consultant with several years experience in In vivo studies, single-unit extracellular electrophysiology, and data analysis using MA...

Bachelor of Science
United States
USD40.0 per hour
Analytical Biochemist, Biostatistician

I am an experienced research scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. My skill set includes: Statis...

USD45.0 per hour
PhD Acoustics: Musical instruments, Piezoelectricity, Transducers, Data Analyst (Matlab), Haptics, Signal processing

(o) PhD: Active control applied to wind musical instruments - acoustics measurements, simulations and data analysis (Matlab/Simulink), active c...

PhD in mathematics
USD0.0 per hour

My key areas of interest are Computational Biology Evolutionary Systems Biology Synthetic Biology Drug Discovery Programming in MATLAB Si...

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How to hire Matlab experts

Matlab or matrix laboratory is a platform created to offer programming solutions for scientists and engineers. The Matlab language is used in this programming platform, which is matrix-based and allows for solving challenges through computational mathematics.

The basic functions of Matlab include analysis of a variety of data, development of algorithms and creation of mathematical models for different applications.

Matlab includes a desktop program, several apps and built-in mathematical functions in the program, through which visualization, programming and computation can be integrated. 

This technology has revolutionized the world of programming and mathematics, as it can solve complex problems more rapidly as compared to traditional program developing. The possibility of accessing data, developing ideas, building solid codes and models that can be reused, collaborating effectively with colleagues and publishing the results are the main reasons why so many developers choose to become an expert in Matlab.

What does an expert in Matlab do?

Matlab is based on its scripting language and some basic mathematical concepts, such as variables, structures, vectors, matrices, functions, function handles, classes and object-oriented programming.

There is so much that can be done through Matlab. Below are a few examples of potential applications:

  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Mathematics and computation
  • Prototypes, simulation and modeling
  • Wireless communications, internet and signal processing
  • Computer vision, processing of images and videos
  • Computational finance
  • Tests and measurements for electronic products
  • Computational biology
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Graphics production (science and engineering)
  • Robotics, mechatronics and IT systems

An expert in Matlab can easily navigate through the five main parts of the system:

  • Matlab language: It allows for programming in the small and in the large scale.
  • Working environment: It is a set of tools to manage different variables and deal with data.
  • Graphics system: Allow for 2D and 3D data visualization, animation and presentation.
  • Mathematical functions library: Includes from simple to complex computational algorithms. 
  • Application Program Interface (API): This library allows interaction with other programs.

With such a large range of applications, it is not surprising that Matlab is used to solve a myriad of complex problems in real life, research and industry.

Why hire a Matlab freelancer?

In academia, Matlab is an essential educational tool for students in the fields of mathematics, science and engineering. It also provides excellent solutions for the industry, solving challenges related to analysis, research and development.

The Matlab system offers toolboxes to work with specialized technologies, including control systems, signal processing, neural networks, fuzzy logic, simulation, wavelets and others.

Matlab has been applied to industries such as automotive, biotech, pharmaceutical, biological science, petrochemical, electronics, internet, communications, energy, machinery, automation, finance, medical devices, neuroscience, mining, railways and software.

The possibility of applying Matlab to deal with big data is another great advantage of this system, as it is suited for huge databases and storage systems. 

The reliability, robustness and precision of the calculations, combined with the high-speed, makes Matlab a great system.

How much does a freelance Matlab developer charge?

A freelance Matlab programmer charges a minimum of 35 USD per consultancy hour. When searching for a freelancer, you can choose to offer a fixed rate per project instead of an hourly rate.

How to write an effective job to hire a Matlab programmer

The process of hiring an expert in Matlab is very simple, quick and straightforward through our platform. We only ask you to provide the information below:

  • Project description or scope of work: write about your specific project and what you need to be done by the freelancer.
  • Duration of the project: be clear on how much time do you have to complete the task.
  • By when you need to hire: depends on your urgency to find an expert.
  • Budget: total amount per hour or per project.
  • Skills required: how much experience, which areas of expertise. This information will facilitate your search.

The popularity of Matlab is ever increasing. Currently there are 1.9 million citations in Google Scholar for sources that use Matlab. A Matlab freelancer can help you find solutions to different challenges in academia, research, industry or real life. Hiring a freelance expert can be the most cost-effective option to move forward with your project or idea.

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