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Why Kolabtree
Science Writer with 10+ years of experience in academic research

I am a biologist with more than 12 years of experience in academic research and in the private sector. I am passionate about life sciences, res...

PhD in Ophthalmology (Neuroinflammation)
United Kingdom
USD50 per hour
PhD in Neuroinflammation from UCL, independent biomedical researcher, medical software and clinical trials.

PhD graduate with 6+ years of biomedical research experience in immunology, vascular biology and auto-immune diseases. Experience in phase III/...

USD20 per hour
PhD with knowledge in retinal biology and molecular cell biology. Fluent in English and experienced in editing.

Skilled in a variety of molecular cell laboratory techniques and the reasons for choosing them. Deep knowledge of various forms of microscopy. ...

PhD Biomedical Engineering
United States
Biomedical Scientist, Writer and Editor, Life Sciences Consultant

I am an ambitious and published scientist who is experienced in many scientific disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering. I ha...

MScR Cardiovascular Biology
United Kingdom
USD30 per hour
PhD Student at The University of Edinburgh

I am a final year PhD student, focusing on carbon metabolism, epigenetics and transcriptomics. I am a native English speaker, and have excellen...

Molecular Cell Cancer Biologist | Research Scientist & Project Manager | 10+ yrs experience in pharma and biotech

Dynamic and experienced biomedical research scientist with a demonstrated history of working in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With a s...

PhD in Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology
United Kingdom
USD50 per hour
Freelance Writer and Data Analyst | Expert in Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology

During my career, I developed several skills spanning across molecular biology and nanotechnology. I have experience with bacterial cultures f...

Scientist & writer

I have a PhD in psychiatric genetics and currently employed as Scientist at St. Paul's hospital, Vancouver, Canada and I also hold position...

PhD - Biological Science
United States
USD59 per hour
10 years of experience in the field of Life science research, scientific writing and Mentoring

More than 5 years of experience in Planning and Execution of individual research projects in the field of Microbiology, Structural biology (NMR...

Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology
United States
USD45 per hour
Toxicologist with 13+ years of experience in scientific research, technical report writing, peer literature review

* Experience in conceiving, planning, designing, executing, and troubleshooting toxicology studies using various molecular biology, biochemistr...

PhD in Biomedical Research
United States
USD25 per hour
Molecular Biology Scientist specialized in Oncology

My primary scientific interest lies in the study of the molecular mechanisms governing Glioblastoma (GBM) biology, the most common malignant pr...

United States
USD50 per hour
My research expertise spans for the past 2 decades. Freelance R&D expert

My area of research interest and specialty is tissue engineering more precisely stem cell differentiation and biomechanics. Most of the current...

PhD, Pharmacology
United Kingdom
USD25 per hour
Pharmacologist with an interest in vascular biology. Track record of publications with in vivo pre-clinical models.

As a Pharmacology PhD graduate, my research journey began with the capsaicin receptor (TRPV1) and the unexpected side-effect associated with ph...

Master Molecular Biology
USD50 per hour
PhD Student, Working in Molecular Biology & Bioinformatic. Experience in Big Data Analysis, Genomics & Transcrip...

Strong experience in big data analysis, genomics & transcriptomics. Now doing a PhD in University of Buenos Aires. My actual project in...

PhD, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
USD10 per hour
Molecular and Cell Biologist | Freelance Scientific Consultant

A freelance scientist with deep expertise in cancer biology and research, molecular biology, primary cells isolation, culturing and functional ...

Dr. DS Kothari Postdoc Fellowship
USD40 per hour
Assistant Professor at NIPER-Ahmedabad

As a researcher I started my carrier in Jan 2008, and my research interest is to study the role of microglia in neurodegeneration induced via c...

PhD. Biochemistry
Consultant, JH Structural Biology | R & D in industry and academia

With my expertise in structural biology and protein biochemistry, I have planned and lead projects in protein engineering, characterization, an...

United States
USD40 per hour
A Neuro-Oncology specialist with 10+ years of experience in translational research

A Neuro-Oncology research specialist, geneticist, molecular biologist and biochemist with more than 10 years of experience in top universities ...

Experienced content writer and social media manager with expertise in biomedical research.

I earned a Ph.D. in Biology from Concordia University investigating the molecular mechanisms of aging in yeast and studied as a post-doctoral f...

Clinical Research Scientist & Scientific Writer * Expert in Data Analysis & Preclinical research * Immunologist

I will describe myself as a translational research scientist with 4 years of clinical research experience, and an accomplished bench scientist ...

USD30 per hour
Scientist, Scientific Reviewer and Editor with 6+ years of experience in drug discovery.

My passion to find solutions to complex scientific problems has led to over 15 years of research experience in various fields including structu...

PhD./Microbiology and Biotechnology
USD30 per hour
Researcher in Microbiology(6years), Expert in scientific writing (scientific article, research project, communication).

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Research Unit in Applied Microbiology and Pharmacology of natural substances, Research Laboratory in App...

PhD, Optical Medical Imaging with Integrated Studies in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
United Kingdom
USD30 per hour
Researcher and science communicator

PhD graduate with experience in Immunology, Optical Medical Imaging and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Wide range of experience and interest ...

M. Sc
USD20 per hour
Doctoral Student at the Polish Academy of Sciences

I am a PhD student at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland, currently working on the molecular mechanisms of latency in Cytomegalovi...

PhD. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
USD20 per hour
Scientist specialised in protein-ligand interactions, dynamics and structure

In 2009, I graduated in biochemistry at the University of Salamanca, where I collaborated with Dr. Rodriguez’s group from 2007-2009, thanks to ...

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