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Why Kolabtree
USD25 per hour
Assoc. Prof. Dr. (PhD) in Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine fields

I am currently an Associated Professor in Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine fields. I am chemist and completed my PhD education from Oka...

United States
USD25 per hour
Harvard and Stanford trained Neuroscience and Ophthalmology PhD Scientist with >8 years of research experience.

* An enthusiastic, innovative and self-motivated scientist with extensive experience in cellular, molecular neuroscience and neuro-ophthalm...

BSc in Biological Sciences
United Kingdom
Graduate Biologist studying postgraduate Cellular Neuroscience with a focus on cell biology, optogenetics and imaging

I have experience in cell biology, molecular biology, and fluorescence microscopy. My previous research projects have included; - performing FR...

PhD in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
USD15 per hour
Freelance data scientist | Bg in molecular biology and plant genetics | Experience in R & Python

Background in molecular biology, biochemistry, plant breeding & genetics. Work experience with plant genomic & transcriptomic d...

PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology
Registered Pharmacist and Research Scientist working for invention of novel therapeutic approaches to combat infections.

A Registered Pharmacist trained in quality control at various steps of drug development, GMP, GLP and PK/PD evaluation and a research scientist...

PhD level scientist with 12 years of experience in biomedical research with expertise in biochemical assay development, molecular biology, reco...

Doctor of Philosophy
United States
USD40 per hour

I received my PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of New Mexico in December of 2007. My studies focused on the cell biology and immu...

SPIN (Neuroscience) PhD program
USD20 per hour
Neuroscientis with Medical Biotechnology background & Scientific Writer with 10+ years of experience

Since the beginning of my scientific carrer I had the chance of experiencing different research topics and working methods. I initially dedicat...

Advanced Certification in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
USD100 per hour
Ph.D. Biology, MSSTATE, USA (2006); Postdoc research, WUSTL, USA (2007-2010); Scientist, VITAS Pharma, India (2011-2018)

I have a Ph.D. in Biology from Mississippi State University, USA and >3 years postdoctoral experience in Washington University in St. Lo...

USD80 per hour
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neurobiology

I am a postodoctoral researcher with expertise in stem cell biology and biomedical engineering and interests in neuroscience, 3D cell cultures ...

PhD, Molecular Pathology and Genetics
United States
USD50 per hour
Enthusiastic scientist | Fungal biologist | Freelance scientific editor | Global experience | Reach out to learn more

I presently hold a postdoctoral position at Academia Sinica, where I am studying the cell biology of trap morphogenesis in carnivorous fungi th...

Science writer possessing 10+ years of research experience in Cell, Molecular and Cancer biology

➤ I am an effective communicator undeterred by barriers. I pursued my Ph.D. and flourished in an environment that demanded adaptation to a new ...

Triple-threat healthcare professional experienced in biomedical research, systems of care, and patient engagement.

Biomedical research professional with exceptional communication, presentation, and teaching skills acquired through professional work, speciali...

A Versatile Well Published Biomedical Scientist and a Business Management Professional

A versatile Business Management Professional and Published Biomedical Scientist”. Business leader & skilled scientist focused on “Scien...

Microbiology and Geophysics
United Kingdom
USD37 per hour
Microbiologist with 9+years of experience and medical writer with 10 months experience|nanotechnology|biotechnology

I am an experienced researcher with transferable skills relevant to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and FMCG sector. I am a team player and an av...

USD45 per hour
Microbial ecology and microbiome analysis expert with next generation sequencing and bioinformatics expertise

I am a microbial ecologist with expertise in both gut and environmental microbiome analysis, knowledge in using and developing next-generation ...

United Kingdom
USD20 per hour

I am a postdoctoral scientist at Queen Mary University of London. I study the altered keratin expression in cancer cell lines. I am experienced...

United States
USD30 per hour
Cell biology research scientist with a strong background in vascular and pulmonary physiology

Pulmonary physiology research scientist studying inflammation in pulmonary microvessels. My primary focus has been studying the expansion of pu...

EASL (European Association for the Study of the Liver) Sheila Sherlock/Andrew Burroughs Short-term Training Fellowship 2014
United Kingdom

I am involved in different research projects regarding the study of liver inflammation and fibrosis. At the moment I am writing an article conc...

USD30 per hour

I did my Ph.D. in cancer research, identifying tumor progression genes in a mouse model for non-small-cell lung cancer. I have profound knowled...

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, PhD
Saudi Arabia
USD25 per hour

My current research interests are in the field of computational structural biology using, protein design, and specifically computational vaccin...

United Kingdom
USD75 per hour
Experienced Cancer Researcher with Project/Personnel Management Skills and an Aptitude for Scientific Writing

As a former Instructor/Junior Faculty (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA), I have a strong knowledge base in cancer biology, and prov...

I am a Molecular biologist and biochemist expert with 11+ years of research experience in cardiovascular and storage disorder that results in 1...

USD10 per hour

Hi, I have 4 years of R&D experience after completing my PhD in the field of Animal Biochemistry. Have an Expertise in Viral Isolation,...

A neuroscientist with a specialty in the study of sex differences, an over-fondness for doing statistical analysis, a love for writing (especia...

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