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  • Machine learning algorithm to record and predict human emotions
  • Body motion tracking for workplace safety using a single wearable band
  • Algorithm on our ability to learn
Recently Completed Projects
Why Kolabtree
United Kingdom

PhD student in University of Leicester, majoring Bayesian Statistic.

PhD in Theoretical Physics
United Kingdom

My experience in research has always been driven by a genuine scientific curiosity. I started my career in particle physics by exploring the su...

PhD (Computer Science & Engineering)

Research Scholar (PhD.) @ IIT Guwahati

M.Sc Bioinformatics

Currently pursuing a full time certification program in Big Data Analytics from S P Jain School of Global Management - using cutting edge tools...

Ph.D in computer science

Dr. Khaled A. Nagaty is a Professor of computer science and the director of university eLearning at the British University in Egypt based in El...

Bachellor of Science | Computer Science and Engineering
United States

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | R&D | MACHINE LEARNING | COMPUTER VISION | DATA SCIENTIST I’m a CS Engineer who’s always curious and excited to ex...

Master of Science (MS) - Data Science
United States

I am part of a team of data scientists with 25 years combined consulting experience in insurance, pharmaceutical, financial services, and techn...

Bachelors of Science - Bioengineering
United States

I'm a 5th year Ph.D student studying bioinformatics at UCSD. I apply a combination of statistical and machine learning techniques on high t...

Phd (Physics)

Have Phd. in Physics (Astrophysics) with extensive programming, image processing, data modeling, mathematical & numerical analysis skil...

Master's degree (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
United States

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Machine learning, Data analysis, and Autonomous vehicles. Experience with developin...

Master in Applied Statistics
United States

My current interest is data analysis. I have experienced using SAS for experimental design, ANOVA analysis with multiple fixed and random var...

Master's of Science in Computer Science
United States

Interested in software engineering and data science. Previous work includes correlation networks concerning blood analyte data for alzheimer...

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, PhD
Saudi Arabia

My current research interests are in the field of computational structural biology using, protein design, and specifically computational vaccin...

Masters Degree - Quantitative Finance

My main research area are financial analysis but I have worked on multiple Data Science project using Machine Learning and Neural Networks. I&#...

United States

Sushant has more than 15 years of progressive professional experience in environmental science and management, data science, business analytics...


Data/neuro scientist, with broad interests in data science, statistics, and signal processing. • Strong scientific background in psychology, ...

PhD in Physics
United States

I am a theoretical Physicist and machine learning expert with many years of experience working on advanced practical and theoretical problems. ...

Doctor of Philosophy
United States

My research aims to use machine learning to extract insight from digital data in high impact domains, including but not limited to health care....


Currently, I am working for different perspectives for data and related disciplines. I understand that different classic AI technologies and mo...

PhD Statistical Computational Physics
United States

My background and training are in theoretical physics, wet-lab immunology and computer science. I borrow techniques from the physics of complex...

United Kingdom

Trained as data scientist and be experienced in interdisciplinary research. Specialist in problem solving, data science and engineering, big da...

United States

Computational Biologist professional with passion for applying computational solutions, extensive statistical design and analysis experience.

Cancer Research UK PhD studentship
United Kingdom

Postdoctoral fellow in cancer genomics with expertise in molecular biology methods and computational data processing and analysis.

PhD Neural Dynamics

My main research interest is in understanding how the interaction between millions and billions of brain cells takes information from our sense...


Post Graduate from Department of Management studies at Indian Institute of Science, with interests in Finance and data science.I also hold a Ma...