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Ph.D. in Planetary Science
United States
USD150.0 per hour
Astrophysicist, Computational Data Analyst, Problem Solver

I work at the intersection of theoretical physics, state-of-the-art statistics, new datasets, and computational data analysis to solve problems...

USD30.0 per hour
Senior Software Engineer at Stream Systems Ltd.

I'm a professional software developer, a part-time researcher in machine learning, computational geometry, and software engineering. I'...

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology
USD250.0 per hour

Statistician with over ten years of experience in data analysis, algorithm development and mathematical modelling. I hold a PhD in Bioinformati...

PhD Mathematics
South Africa
USD99.0 per hour
Mathematician/Economist/Data Scientist/Problem Solver

I am an "A-Team" polymath that excels at solving complex real-world problems. I have a broad and versatile background which spans mat...

USD25.0 per hour
Ph.D. student in theoretical physics | Freelance data analyst/python programmer

I'm a M.Sc. in theoretical physics (University of Brasília, Brazil) and I'm currently a Ph. D. student in theoretical physics (Uni...

United Kingdom
USD80.0 per hour
Scientific Consultant - Imaging Sciences and Data Analysis

I am an MRI physicist and imaging scientist with more than 15 years of experience developing imaging biomarkers for the pharmaceutical and medi...

USD40.0 per hour
Construction Management, Civil Engineering and Modeling

I am a civil engineer specialized in infrastructure and asset management. I have 5 years experience in design of municipal works and modelling ...

Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics
USD75.0 per hour

Ph. D. of Computer Sciences, University of Paris IX Dauphine, France , A tri lingual scientific researcher & educator with extensive r...

USD200.0 per hour
Freelance Mechanical Engineer Researcher & Design Expert | Expert in Thermal & Fluid Mechanics

I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). I have been working for more than 6 years in ...

United States
USD350.0 per hour
physicist with interdisciplinary expertise and interests importance-sampling life

Prof. Lester Ingber has published over 100 papers and books in theoretical nuclear physics, neuroscience, finance, optimization, combat analysi...

PhD - Theoretical Physics - GPA 3.91/4.0. Also graduate mathematics courses in Fluid Dynamics, Wave Propagation, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Group Theory.
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I have a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, and 33 years of experience in mathematical and computational modeling in fluid dynamics, signal processi...

MSc of Chemical ENgineering (Research)
USD70.0 per hour
Experienced Research Engineer: Valorization of Biomass to Value Added Products

I am a chemical engineer with a master's degree in chemical engineering (Hons). My field of interest: Heterogeneous catalyst, Biomass and B...

PhD in Physics
USD40.0 per hour
Aerospace Consultant | STEM Educator | Former SGAC Chair

Aerospace consultant, physicist and space enthusiast, with experiences educating the next generation of engineers, and running a nonprofit.

Research Fellow in Friction Stir Welding
USD30.0 per hour
Industrial Designer | Materials Engineer | Data Analyst

A proactive, relentless multidisciplinary researcher with 2+ years of experience in Material Science and Engineering. Currently working as a de...

PhD in mathematics
USD70.0 per hour
Research engineer in statistics & machine learning

I made my PhD in mathematics in Sorbonne University, Paris, France. I developed new statistical methods based on machine learning models, in or...

Postdoctoral Associate in Smart Grids and Microgrids
USD0.0 per hour

Currently, Dr. Rivera is working as Power System Professor and Smart Grids Researcher in National University of Colombia. Previously, he was Po...

Masster of science
USD10.0 per hour
Chemistry researcher with PhD

I hold a bachelor of science (chemistry and mathematics) and a master of science degree in natural producta/organic chemistry/analytical chemi...

High Performance Computing with Data Science
United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour
Machine Learning Engineer

MSc in High Performance Computing with Data Science, with 6 years of experience in Machine Learning and 4 years of experience in software devel...

Master of Science in Applied Probability and stastistics
USD70.0 per hour
Expertise in Applied Probability and Statistics (with experience in Fintech and Neuroscience) | Expert in Python and SQL

Technical Skills : - Python : I used this now famous language for more than 5 years, first as a simulation tool for my Mater thesis research ...

Master Degree
USD30.0 per hour
Professional Mechanical Engineer

I have 7+ years experience with Mechanical Design and Analysis. I am very familiar with ANSYS, Solidworks, Amesim, Matlab and so on.

USD50.0 per hour
Mathematician & Data Scientist | Expert in Python

I am a mathematician with a strong inclination toward data science. My academic background and research interests circles around Moment Problem...

Russian Federation
USD15.0 per hour
Freelance in Applied Mathematics/Computer Vision. Expert in Python, Matlab, C++. 5 years experience of working as Applie...

My main area of development is computer vision and applied mathematics in physical tasks. After graduating from the Bauman Moscow State Technic...

M.S. Computer Science
United States
USD0.0 per hour

Industry expert in with multiple implementations and publications • Strategic Technology Planning • Technology Development • Process Methodol...

Master Of Science
USD0.0 per hour
Assistant Prof. at Altinbas University. C++, OPP, Matlab, Optimization Algorithm, Computer vision

Experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in C++, Matlab, Optimization, Computer Vi...

United States
USD50.0 per hour
Actively looking for a position involving Computational Mathematics (Network Science and Machine Learning)

I have a doctorate in Mathematics and am a graph theorist (network science) with a several years of experience and training in the field of mat...

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How to hire a mathematical optimization expert

Mathematical optimization, also known as mathematical programming, are specific techniques that include algorithms applied to optimize or solve problems related to difference fields of the human existence, including scientific research, medical science, economics and engineering.

In general, the concept of optimization involves the search for best possible solutions through analysis and investigation. The goal of optimization can be to increase gain, profitability, precision and effectiveness or to decrease loss and risk.

In healthcare, sophisticated computational techniques, decision analysis and optimization can help solve problems related to demographics, socio-economic variables, resources, patient complaints, risk factors for common diseases and treatment outcomes.

What do optimization experts do?

Experts in mathematical programming look at decision variables and try to either minimize of maximize their function. Equations and complicated mathematical formulas are how optimization happens in practice when solving real life, scientific or mathematical problems.

One of the first examples of mathematical optimization can be tracked back to the 1930s, which was applied by the US Air force team in order to improve allocation of scarce resources in the post-war economic crisis. Hence, mathematical coordination and planning was used to improve the use of military resources. Since then, a variety of optimization techniques have been used in terms of:

  •        Application to metabolic networks, genetics and many other biological systems
  •       Improving economy, political decisions and resource allocation
  •        Development of software engineering and other engineering applications
  •        Solving complex statistical problems
  •        Solving complicated problems in geometry, physics and mathematics
Why hire an expert in mathematical optimization?

Experts in mathematical programming usually have PhD in a mathematical-related field and are able to work on different topics:

  •         Design of specific experiments
  •         Check the quality of proposed solutions
  •         Plan large scale surveys aimed at collecting all types of data
  •         Create mathematical models to characterize and explain data
  •         Draw inferences from large databases
  •         Improve decision making

-        Facilitate testing of hypothesis

-        Mathematical models applied to web development

-        Scientific problem solving, used in relation to:

  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Biological functions and metabolism 
  • Bioinformatics and interpretation of data, including big data analytics

One of the principles of mathematical optimization is that quantitative problems in different fields share several mathematical elements, therefore these professionals use similar methods and principles. In some areas, optimization has led to major advances, such as computer science, numerical analysis, economics, research and combinatorics.

Despite similarities in the way complex are solved in different areas, each specific question requires a unique mathematical model to be developed.

How much does it cost to get help with applied mathematics and optimization

This complex field requires skilled professionals with highly analytical minds. Mathematicians and data scientists who work on a freelance basis charge from 50 USD per hour. Depending on the project, a total fixed fee can be negotiated with the freelancer.

There are a few consultancy agencies offering mathematical optimization, however, working with freelancers considerably decreases the total cost for a project. Also, you can hire help on an ad-hoc basis as challenges arise.

How to write an effective job post on mathematics optimization?

- Project description or scope of work: be clear on your needs, on the details for your project, on the decision variables and constrain factors. If you have an idea on what is required, you can mention if you will need linear or non-linear programming.

- Duration of the project: how long should it take for the freelancer to complete your project?

- By when you need to hire: are you in a hurry to hire or would you rather take time to find someone with experience in your specific field?

- Budget: decide between a fee per hour or a fixed rate for the entire project.

- Skills required: what kind of experience do you want to find in the freelancer?

 Mathematical optimization ultimately facilitates decision-making in different setting, from science to economics, from biological data to distribution of resources. If you need help with this kind of solution, you can hire a freelance expert in applied mathematics and optimization with ease and establish a good collaboration that will benefit your work.

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