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Why Kolabtree
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Manuscript editing, Statistical Analysis, Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Molecular Ecology, Genomics, eDNA

Highly trained and skilled aquatic ecologist. Most recent ongoing experience in eDNA (environmental DNA) metabarcoding. Highly knowledgeable in...

PhD in Environmental Sciences
USD48.0 per hour
Environmental Scientist I Consultant and Data Analyst | Proficient in using R, STATISTICA and ArcGIS

I am pleased to provide professional assistance for: • Data Science and Statistical review, including data visualization and forecasting (usin...

Doctor of Philosophy
USD30.0 per hour
Sound knowledge of Eco-hydro-climatology | Experience in editing scientific articles

I am a well organized climate science researcher, aimed in understanding the climate crisis on water and agricultural resources. Enthusiast wit...

USD50.0 per hour
Geologist and hydrologist, expert in Python, Fortran, geospatial data, modelling & machine learning

I am a geoscientists with an interest in large-scale groundwater systems, the history of groundwater flow in faults and hot springs, sedimentar...

MSc in Environmental Engineering with specialization in water resources
United Kingdom
USD30.0 per hour
Groundwater Flow Modeler with expertise in Variable Density Flows and Stochastic Hydrology

Currently developing OpenFOAM solvers for modelling variable density flow in porous media, I am in the second of a 3.5 years PhD in Applied Mat...

Master of Science - Atmospheric Science
United States
USD110.0 per hour
Atmospheric Scientist & Systems Engineer with Research and Operational Experience in Government and Private Sector

I am an atmospheric scientist with experience ranging from fundamental cutting edge research to real-time forecasting and nowcasting operations...

USD100.0 per hour
Scientist. Geologist. Business Scientist. Sales Scientist. New Business Development Officer.

I am a Geologist with Excellent knowledge and understanding of broad Geological principles. I have Excellent Editing, Researching, and Written ...

PhD student
USD39.0 per hour
Scientific editor

I am a Scientific Editor with over five years’ experience in editing and proofreading research articles and an official reviewer for Journal of...

B. Tech. Geophysics (First-class Honours)
USD0.0 per hour
Geophysicist | Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advocate | The Platform YPB Fellow

I am an enthusiastic geophysicist with good knowledge on how to use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. I am proficient in physics, mathematics, ge...

United States
USD100.0 per hour
Scientific and Research Consulting | Program Management

Scientific and Research Consulting | Program Management Professional with experience in scientific research, education, project and program ma...

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography and Environmental managment
USD75.0 per hour
Hydrologist, geo-chemist, agronomist & soil/water contaminates expert with R&D experience.

Ph. D. in Geography and Environmental management, specializing in contaminated site reclamation with an emphasis on soil contaminants. 9 Years ...

United States
USD0.0 per hour

I love digging into complex datasets to get the real story and guide decisions and public policy. My background is deep in water supply trends,...

Korea, Republic of
USD35.0 per hour
Freelance Atmospheric, Hydrological and Climate Scientist

I'm a PhD researcher with expertise in meteorology, hydrology and climate science. I have a decent experience in research analysis, confere...

Ph D in Earth Sciences
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour

Geology degree specialized in palynology, also completing an MSc in Environmental Natural Sciences and an Undergraduate Degree in Forestry Engi...

United States
USD130.0 per hour
Water, Climate, and Data Scientist

I work in all aspects of the hydrologic cycle with specific skills in data science and predictive modeling

USD50.0 per hour

Hydrologist and Doctor since 2007, with over 20 years of experience on Flood Risk Prediction, Water Resources Management and Environmental Impa...

Doctorate - Environmental Engineering
USD0.0 per hour

My current research focuses on the investigation of cause-effect relationships in the field of hydrology, primarily water quality. I am particu...

PhD candidate
USD50.0 per hour
Applied scientist experienced in fluvial geomorphology and hydrology | TUFLOW, ArcGIS

PhD candidate with seven years' work history as an applied scientist for government and consulting. Qualified hydrologist with applied expe...

Bachelors of Science in Hydrology and Water Resources Management
USD10.0 per hour

I am an academic researcher with interest in environmental Sciences. I have majored in Hydrology both in the bachelors degree level and in mast...

Introduction to GIS
USD100.0 per hour
GIS analysts, Expert Database Management. Environmental Researcher and writer. Experienced Geomatic Engineer.

5 years ago I had started my professional career as a Surveyor, and have since changed roles at different work place, ranging from Field Survey...

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Recently Completed Projects
  • Design a statistical study
  • Prepare a paper for journal publication
  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce
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