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  • Machine learning algorithm to record and predict human emotions
  • Body motion tracking for workplace safety using a single wearable band
  • Algorithm on our ability to learn
Recently Completed Projects
Why Kolabtree

My research focus is on applying state of art machine learning and statistical techniques to solve business problem. My research interests are ...

Deep Learning Nano Degree

A Data Scientist graduated from Indian Institute of Information Technology having 6 years of extensive experience in development, design &a...

Advanced Diploma Business Management

Data Science & Visualization, BigData Analytics, ML/AI Professional with more than 20 years of professional stint. I am an accomplished...

Bachelors of Science - Computer Science

I am a post graduate student in Data Science and currently working as an Analyst Software Engineer - Data Science at one of the fortune 500 AI ...

MS (Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engineering)

Young and energetic PhD Scholar in the field of Robotics and Computer Vision. My research interests include computer vision, artificial intelli...

Russian Federation

Dr Andrey Ustyuzhanin - the head of Yandex-CERN joint research projects as well as the head of the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis ...

United Kingdom

I am a Data Scientist - Bioinformatics. Specifically, I develop & apply sophisticated models & algorithms carefully tuned to ex...

United States

Being a computational biologist and having a pharmaceutical background, I am pursuing my research at the interface of microbiome and pharmaceut...

PhD Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
United Kingdom

I am an applied mathematician and a multi-disciplinarian by education, training and trade; fundamentally I am good at and love solving problems...

PhD in Quantitative and Instrumental Research Methods

I am a University Professor and a statistical consultant/data scientist (President of StatAdvice.com) holding a PhD and a MSc degrees in Quanti...

Ph.D. in Machine Learning

My area of expertise are Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data. I have conducted research in the areas of Machine l...

DPhil (Astrophysics)
South Africa

Astrophysicist / mathematician / data scientist with years of experience in both an academic and commercial context. My research in Astrophysic...

Master of Science in Data Science
United States

· Developing, modifying and troubleshooting of a Python-based performance distributed computing framework in Linux (CentOS), iOS and Windo...


In past, I have worked on projects like biological database development and literature mining using NCBI API and now working as a PhD student i...

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Field Of Study Computer Science and Engineering

A highly dedicated , professional and accomplished IT Expert with extensive knowledge of computer science. Machine Learning, Big data analysis...

Data Science | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Predictive Modelling
USD75 per hour
M.Sc. Physics

Data Science professional with extensive experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Signal processing, Mathematics, Stochastic Processes
United States

Lead Data Scientist focused on Natural Language Processing and Predictive Modeling, experience with stochastic processes and signal processing ...


I am a machine-learning researcher with the ability to use practical understanding and advanced AI technologies to solve real-life business pro...

M.Sc (Statistics)

An experienced Data Scientist having 12+ years of work experience in the areas of Statistics, Analytics, Modeling, Data Science, Data Mining, M...

United States

Quantitative analyst/data scientist with experience in fixed income, equity options, and machine learning. Experience with C#, C++ (managed and...

MSc. Data Science (graduated with distinction and received the Class Prize)
United Kingdom

I'm a data scientist with a background in Mathematics and Statistics with 6 years of experience doing data modelling and 3 years of experie...

Bachelor's Degree - Mathematics (with Honors), Computer Science
United States

Former Google Employee Experienced technologist and engineer with experience across research and industry. Comfortable with most web based te...

United States

Biochemist and data scientist. I can find insights from complex datasets and present the findings in compelling visualizations.

United States

I am a research fellow who specializes in experimental and quantitative genomics and biomedicine. I have a unique expertise combination in both...

BSc (Hons) (First Class)
United Kingdom

I work in computational biology - specifically metal and drug binding to proteins. This intersects with a wide range of bioinformatics and comp...