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Microbiology (MSc.)
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Microbiologist | SME in BioTechnology, Fermentation, High Throughput, Flavours, Regulatory Testing and Yeast Genetics

I studied Microbology (H. BSc) in University College Cork (U.C.C) where I wrote a review article on the Applications of Phage Therapy as an alt...

PhD in Food Science-Flavor Chemistry
United States
USD275.0 per hour
Flavorist and Product Developer

Certified flavorist and food scientist with 30+ years of experience in flavor and value added product development. My expertise includes but ...

Master in Food Science/ Biomolecular Biology
United States
USD100.0 per hour
Food and Beverage Scientist with 5+ years of R&D experience

Highly motivated professional and published author in scientific research with years of applicable experience in the Food Science, Nutritional ...

M.S. Nutrition, minor agricultural chemistry
United States
USD250.0 per hour
Certified Flavor Chemist with 47 years experience at matching flavors and fragrances, flavor creation, beverage creation

Certified Flavorist with 47 years experience. Expert at matching flavors and fragrances utilizing GC/MS analysis. Provide GC/MS analyses of f...