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United States
USD300.0 per hour
Molecules misbehaving? Gremlins in your resin kettle? We can help with the chemistry of your products & processes.

Joseph E. Sabol, PhD, has 35+ years experience in the chemical, materials, and engineering sectors. Experienced ex-professor of analytical, phy...

USD90.0 per hour
Experienced PhD Chemical Engineer - experience in formulating cosmetics, personal care and household products

I have PhD in chemical engineering, with over 20 years of academic and industry experience conducting research in biopolymers for medical use a...

Master of Business Administration
United States
USD100.0 per hour
Chemical Engineering Scientist with business acumen

Expert in process development for the recovery of active compounds from medicinal plants. I hold a PhD in Process Engineering with extensive ex...

MPhil in Materials Chemistry
United Kingdom
USD20.0 per hour

An experienced Scientist-Entrepreneur, A forward-thinking, proactive scientist who leads groundbreaking research on designing advanced material...

Chemical Engineering MS
United States
USD180.0 per hour
Chemical Engineering Consultant and Formulation Chemist with over 10 years of experience.

Northeastern University Chemical Engineering Master’s program graduate and Gordon Engineering Leadership Fellow with experience in petroleum ch...

USD20.0 per hour
Chemist/Researcher and Academic Expert With 10+ years of Experience in Resesrch snd Analysis

I am a chemical Science Post Graduate and chemist dedicated to providing the best quality consultancy service. My level of education is M.Phill...

PhD in Chemical Engineering
USD0.0 per hour
Research assistant | Chemical Engineering

Research assistant in the field of Chemical Engineering: chemistry, catalysis, reactor engineering

Phd Chemical engineering
USD20.0 per hour
Professional chemical engineer with 10+ years of experience in research and development.

I am a chemical engineer earned a Master degree in Advanced material engineering from Mechanical engineering department. I have 7 years of hand...

Doctoral degree
USD55.0 per hour
PhD in Biotechnology | Enzymatic biocatalysis & flow chemistry

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the National Institute of Chemistry (Ljubljana, Slovenia) with a firm engineering-oriented background and wo...

USD160.0 per hour
Guiding your solutions from the molecular to the industrial process

More than 20 years experience in separation methods and devices applied to the food industry, liquid wastes reusing and high added value produc...

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
United States
USD40.0 per hour
Graduate Research Assistant and PhD student at the University of Utah - Physical and chemical processes simulation

Chemical Engineer, currently working on my Ph.D. at the University of Utah. Main research topics: in nano- and micro-particles transport in por...

United States
USD500.0 per hour
Proficient polymer scientist with extensive experience in food rheology, texture and stability

I am a proficient polymer scientist and a rheologist with more than 15 years of industrial experience and excellent academic records. I have e...

Ph.D./Biological and Agricultural Engineering
United States
USD65.0 per hour
Bioprocess engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology expert | Fluid in English and Spanish

My twelve years of expertise in industrial and environmental biotechnology, renewable energy and nanomaterials are a great fit for your researc...

USD30.0 per hour
Freelance science and engineering editor, writer, and consultant

Expertise and experience (>10 yrs) in chemical engineering, environmental science and innovation, biotechnology, material science. With ...

United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour
Freelance science writer and environmental chemist

I have a wide range of experience producing educational materials, from extracurricular and supercurricular content linked to current research,...

United States
USD150.0 per hour
Researcher, inventor and CTO with expertise in digital health care, sleep, skin biophysics and innovation management

Russ works at the interface between industry/academia/start-ups to create AI health care technologies that take advantage of the existing deep ...

Chemical Engineering Engineer
USD100.0 per hour
Senior Process Engineer at LG Chem

Biochemistry scientist, Chemical and Process Engineer I am an open-minded, curious and eager person who is always ready to experience somethin...

Master Chemical Engineering
USD30.0 per hour
Chemical Engineer, Researcher, technical writer

I like research analysis and being aware of innovative technologies. I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills and be involved in proj...

Licentiate degree, Chemical engineering
USD30.0 per hour
Chemical Engineer, area in petroleum and petrochemical, with experiences in surfactants and food.

Hello, I am an independent professional with six years of experience as a chemical engineer with a specialty in petroleum and petrochemical, I ...

BS - Food Science & Technology / Analytical Chemistry
United States
USD135.0 per hour

I'm a seasoned coffee scientist with extensive experience in bridging analytical chemistry with coffee science. I began my career as a R&am...

USD40.0 per hour
Chemical Engineer || Process Design || Process Control || Formulation || Custom Manufacturing with 9 years experience.

Chemical Engineer with a niche in Process Control & Automation and Computer Programming. 9 years of industrial experience as a full tim...

United Kingdom
USD25.0 per hour

Over 25 years’ experience in R&D in Bioseparations, Adsorbent Development, Fermentation Technology, Biotechnology, Green Chemistry and ...

United States
USD40.0 per hour
PhD Student at Columbia University

I am currently pursuing a PhD at Columbia University, working on developing catalysts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Previous projects ...

Master of engineering (Chemical Engineering)
USD20.0 per hour
Engineer with 6 years of experience in engineering design and consultancy. The science and mathematics are one of my gre...

I am a chemical engineer with a masters degree in mathematical modeling and simulation of petrochemical process. I have a double major in chemi...

M.Tech. (chemicals)
USD100.0 per hour

Hi, I chemical engineer with 15 years of experience in research and development ,expert in total chemical synthesis , chemical process design ,...

How to hire a freelance chemical engineer

In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by products that have been developed by a chemical engineer. From IT innovations to recycling technologies, water issues, generation of energy and treatment of diseases, chemical engineers are truly versatile experts who can work in a variety of fields.


Chemical engineers are directly involved in the production and advancement of a wide variety of materials. But they are not limited to ‘doing things’ and their expertise can also be applied in education, finance, manufacturing, law and other technical fields.

What does a chemical engineer do?

Chemical engineering is all about chemical processes used in manufacturing. These professionals can develop and design products related to food, drugs, fuel and many others through the combination of chemical, biological, physical and mathematical principles. Chemical engineers typically apply their knowledge in the industries below:

  • Biomedicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Energy and fuel
  • Food processing, fertilizers
  • Environment, water pollution
  • Electronics
  • Materials, fibers, construction and design

The combination of math and science, particularly chemistry, is the most important ingredient for this profession. The high level of knowledge on chemical processes allow chemical engineers to create and change so many commercial products.

Why find a chemical engineer for hire?

There are a number of situations where hiring a freelance chemical engineer can solve your problems in a quick and effective way. 

  • In biomedicine, chemical engineers play a key role in disease diagnosis, safety of medical devices, safety and efficacy of drugs.
  • In food production, so many developments are linked to chemical engineering, including new fertilizers and pesticides, packaging, processing and sterilization techniques.
  • In the energy field, generation of solar and wind power and biomass feedstocks have made a difference in the development of renewable fuels.
  • In the materials field, so many new developments have been investigated in relation to the evolution of plastics and fibers.
  • In the environmental field, better quality of water, air and soil have been the focus of many chemical engineers around the world.
  • In electronics, semiconductor chips have been constantly upgraded by these professionals.

The research areas related to chemical engineering typically include catalysis, biomolecules, cellular engineering, polymers, nanotechnology and complex fluids.

How much do a chemical engineering consultant cost?

In order to hire a freelance chemical engineer for your project, you need to spend around 30USD per hour. More complex projects, such as stabilizing the shelf-life of a food product can cost around from 1000 to 1800 USD.

Since the demand for these professionals is rising, their availability to work as freelancers greatly contributes to the progression of projects in different fields. 

If you are looking for a freelancer who is specialized in your field, you might need to expand your budget. Some specializations include ceramic, crystal, food, petroleum, agricultural and biological engineering.


No matter the size of your project, you will certainly reduce its costs by collaborating with freelancers instead of hiring an agency.

How to write an effective job post to hire a chemical engineering expert?

In order to optimize the process of finding a freelance expert in chemical engineering, the information below needs to be very clear in your job post:

- Project description or scope of work: The exact nature of your project needs to be described. Milestones and the final deliverables can be specified here as well.

- Duration of the project: Stipulate the timeframe to accomplish your project.

- By when you need to hire: Are you in a hurry to find a freelancer or will you search until you find the most suited expert? Here is the place to state how quick you need to find the freelancer.

- Budget: Define how much you can spend on the freelance consultant.

- Skills required: State which skills and experience would benefit you and your project.


Chemical engineering has a great impact on our lives, from the food we eat to the chemical requirements of a research project. In biomedical research, the contribution of these experts has grown exponentially. Several projects in a variety of fields can benefit from the expertise of a freelance chemical engineer. Through freelance platforms, you can collaborate with an expert in your field and find the right solutions for your chemical challenges.

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