How Much Do Freelance Scientific Consultants Charge? – A Guide


Scientific consultants can help you deliver high-level science projects with relative ease. With the advent of remote work, the economia gigante has gradually widened to include a niche sphere of cientistas, researchers and industry experts. These independent scientific consultants frequently take up on-demand projects on flexible schedules, helping dispositivo médico e biotecnologia companies, amongst others, access scientific expertise in a cost-effective manner.

Why Hire Freelance Scientific Consultants?

Companies stand to gain a wide range of benefits when they bring on board a freelance consultor científico;

  • Diverse Options

A freelance platform like Kolabtree, for instance, has scientific consultants from across the globe available to take up projects. Be in escrita médica, análise de dados ou desenvolvimento de produtos, clients have the option to hire the best talent across the globe and not be tied down by geographical constraints.

  • Cost and Time Effective

Freelance consultants are available to be hired without minimum duration contracts, and can work around your schedule. They also cost a fraction of what full time scientific expertise would cost your company, and can therefore present a much more valuable option in terms of cost and time efficiency.

Read more about specific pricing below.

  • Client Relationships and Data Confidentiality

Freelance experts carry great experience from interacting with clients from across several industries. Such experience combined with their subject matter expertise makes them highly efficient and productive in what they do and choose to do.

Their vast experience also makes them highly proficient at handling sensitive data and information, especially when it comes to projects involving secret prototypes and sensitive documentation. 

This, combined with Kolabtree’s segurança dos dados guarantee, ensures that your intellectual property is safe and secure. 

Independent Scientific Consultants – Pricing Guide

Here, we’ve picked a few profiles from thousands of independent scientists registered on Kolabtree. 

Morgana Moretti – Hire for $100/hour

LEIA TAMBÉM  Three Ways Kolabtree Helps Businesses Hire Independent Scientific Consultants

Maartje Wouters – Hire for $125/hour

Hugo Lisboa – Hire for $50/hour

  • PhD in polysaccharides
  • Offers Product Development and Consulting services.
  • Niche Expertise in Ciência dos alimentos and Material Science 

Michael James – Hire for $100/hour

  • PhD in Microbiology
  • Offers Medical Science and Bioscience Writing and Consulting
  • Niche Expertise in Oncologia, Tumoroids and Organoids

Arianna Ferrini – Hire for $80/hour

  • PhD in Clinical Research Magazine
  • Offers Medical and Escrita Científica
  • Niche Expertise in Biology, Biochemistry and Neuroscience

Hector Hernandez – Hire for $100/hour

Nare Simonyan – Hire for $50/hour

Hrishikesh Gadagkar –  Hire for $125/hour

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • Offers Writing, Research and Product Development
  • Niche Expertise in Medical Device Manufacture and Development 

Jonathan Agnew – Hire for $150/hour

  • PhD in Health Policy
  • Offers Medical Writing and Clinical Trial Documentation
  • Niche Expertise in Healthcare, Health Economia and Pharma Management

Aditi Kandlur –  Hire for $60/hour

  • Msc in Molecular Biology
  • Offers Technical and Medical Writing
  • Niche Expertise in Molecular Biology and Behavioral Neuroscience  


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