3 ways Kolabtree guarantees complete data security while hiring freelancers


As the pandemic rages on and remote working looks like it’s the norm rather than a trend, freelance scientists and subject matter experts in particular are being highly sought-after. Kolabtree, for instance, saw a heavy spike in demand for medical writers, statistical consultants and regulatory compliance experts. This development clearly implies that businesses are more inclined towards hiring freelancers and on-demand scientific experts, either to address crucial skill gaps within their projects or completely kickstart projects discarded due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Working with freelancers instantly provides a host of benefits – the ability to scout and tap into a global talent pool, achieve cost-effective solutions for your projects and most importantly, get started on the work without too much hassles typically associated with on-boarding a new employee. However, whilst the pandemic has dissipated many of the irrational fears associated with hiring freelancers, one massive misgiving still remains.

Confidentiality and data security while hiring freelancers is still an area where clarity is sought by businesses before posting projects. These concerns are extremely valid, especially when it comes to hiring someone to work on a high-stakes project for a limited amount of time, completely unbound by your company policies and guidelines once the project is complete. If you’re a business looking to plug several key requirements with freelance experts, this becomes even more of a pressure issue.

However, here’s where Kolabtree’s promise of being a ‘secure marketplace‘ holds good. With several measures implemented to ensure your data security and project information, a seamless process of scouting, discussions and hiring is facilitated. Here are 3 ways in which we achieve this.

1. Extensive Screening Process

As an organization that aims to accelerate scientific advancement by connecting researchers around the globe , Kolabtree completely understands the significance of academic and research credibility. Kolabtree’s freelancers only enter the ecosystem after a thoroughly comprehensive screening process. The vetting process includes not just verifying profile and contact details, but also their academic qualifications and credentials. Their research papers, publications, academic history and scientific credentials are all scrutinized before they can start bidding for projects on Kolabtree.

This instantly ensures that only legitimate PHD-qualified experts are working on your projects, guaranteeing an ethical and trustworthy working relationship between the business and freelancer.

2. Stringent T&C, custom agreements and NDAs

Right from the moment you post a project, Kolabtree takes stringent measures to achieve data security before you hire freelancers. You can toggle between setting your project on private or public mode. If set to private, only you and the freelancers you specifically invite will be able to view the project details.

Additionally, Kolabtree’s Terms and Conditions comes complete with a confidentiality clause that is designed to protect the intellectual property of the client, by ensuring that freelancers can only access your material and documents purely for the purpose of work mentioned within the scope of the project. The client, as the sole and exclusive owner of this properly, reserves the right to revoke access to the material at any point. The freelancer is also obligated to destroy copies of the material once the project is completed as acknowledged by both parties.

As a client, you also has the option to completely personalize the terms and conditions should you wish to align it with your standardized company conditions, or include any custom terms your organizations might require freelancers to adhere to. Non disclosure agreements can also be issued before you a freelancer, obligating complete confidentiality about your ideas, development process and materials. These terms and agreements have to signed by freelancers before you stipulate their scope of work or get them onboard the project, offering guaranteed safety and data security.

3. Failproof Payment Security

Payment concerns are widely discussed when the subject of hiring freelancers is broached, and rightly so. When you’re hiring someone virtually with no means of instantly tracking them down physically, there are bound to be major qualms in terms of trusting them with payments. However, Kolabtree takes care of this issue by ensuring accountability for all payments made by the client towards the freelancer. The initial deposit payment made towards the project is safely housed within Kolabtree, and only released when the project has been successfully completed.

In addition, clients can also demand a refund if they are not happy with the outcome of their projects. Kolabtree provides this guarantee safe in the knowledge that the freelancers on the platform possess enough expertise to always deliver impeccable work in line with the project’s unique intricacies and requirements.

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