Top 15 startup incubators and accelerators worldwide


Some of the world’s most successful startups have had the backing of startup incubators. Startup incubators and accelerators form a great launchpad for entrepreneurs who want to establish robust, scalable businesses. They provide access to a working space, investment, mentorship, and more. Thanks to the freelance revolution, startups also now have better access to freelance scientists and consultants who can help them overcome business and research challenges. Here are some of the most reputed startup incubators worldwide:  

1. Y Combinator, USA

Y Combinator is considered to be the supreme startup accelerator around the globe. It is practically one of the oldest startup incubators having accelerated the success of Dropbox, Airbnb, Instacart, Stripe, Twitch, Coinbase, Weebly and Reddit. Y Combinator is a trailblazer in the startup accelerator space. Every year the accelerator funds a group of new startups with $120,000. Founded by Paul Graham in 2005, Y Combinator has funded 2,000+ startups estimating an overall total of more than $100 billion. It is located in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. Y Combinator is run by a team of 40 people and acquires around 13,000 startup applications via the internet alone every year. The company then selects between 200 and 240 projects to work with per year, adopting a very draconian selection process. The financing is made through a typical contract known as the SAFE and essentially represents an injection of capital. If you have an early-stage startup, you can take advantage of Y Combinator’s biannual 3-month program, throughout this time you will relocate to Silicon Valley to collaborate closely with their team. The companies will get a chance to get their offering in shape and get on a path to growth by targeting further investments.


  • What they give: $150,000 in exchange for 7% equity
  • Startups funded: More than 2,000
  • Exits: 246
  • Exit value: $6,076,233,100.00
  • Total funding raised: $34,087,493,743.00

2. Techstars, USA

Founded in 2006 with a presence over 15 countries, Techstars is a worldwide network which allows businessmen to set forth advanced technology in the market no matter where they choose to live. Techstars helps in monetary terms, assists in consultations and accelerates startups. Its accelerator program has produced over 1,000+ companies valued at over $8 Billion. Techstars is the name behind Startup Week and Startup Weekend, which prompt entrepreneurs to kick dither to the restraint and establish new enterprises in a matter of hours. With numerous mentor-led acceleration programmes being put forward and 1000+of startup projects active all around the globe, Techstars assists entrepreneurs on their business journey – all the way from flash of inspiration to IPO. Techstars Venture, the accelerator’s venture capital fund, has invested in companies like Uber, DigitalOcean, twilio and SendGrid among others.

The Techstars Global Entrepreneur Network helps entrepreneurs and their ventures grow by linking with a broader network of peers, pioneers, consultants, mentors, investors, corporate partners, among others. The Techstars are currently running 47 mentorship-driven accelerators in over 15 different countries. You will definitely find a program that fits your requirements.

They offer startup programs such as mentor-ship driven catalyst programs, commercial advancement partnerships and their Venture Capital Fund which stimulates success by funding the most unconventional companies.

When you team up with a program you also get access to Techstars resources global network, a special 3-month Techstars mentor-based Accelerator program with individual consultations and working space, access to over $300,000 of cash equivalent hosting, accounting and legal support, Trial Day manifestation and other investor relationships. 


  • What they give: A $100,000 convertible note, out of which TechStars contributes $20,000 in return for 6% equity 
  • Startups funded: 1,557
  • Exits: 204
  • Exit value: $3,546,800,000.00
  • Total funding raised: $6,682,499,648.00

3. 500 Startups

It was founded in 2010 and situated in San Francisco, California. 500 Startups is a worldwide venture capital company, with 150 employees from 20 countries that manage investments around 74 countries. Their main aim is to invent thriving worldwide ecosystems by innovating skillful founders and supporting them to progress through a 4-month seed program.

Their investment department and mentor network have functional wisdom at firms such as PayPal, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Apple.

Twilio, Canva, and Udemy are just a few of the 2K+ technology startups that they’ve capitalized in throughout the time, with four global funds and fifteen thematic funds committed to either targeted geographic markets or verticals. You’ll be in good company!


  • What they give: $150,000 in exchange for 6% equity. Access to the network, investors, and experts and free work space. Note that there is a fee to participate in the program. Which is $37,500
  • Startups funded:2,200
  • Exits: 190
  • Exit value: $21,300,000.00
  • Total funding raised: $2,474,708,397.00

4. Venture Catalysts

Founded: 2016
Notable occupants: GoMechanic, Global eSport, HomeCapital

India’s 1st integrated incubator, Venture Catalysts is broadly considered as the country’s top startup incubator – no mean feat given its short existence. They offer venture capital in the range of $500,000 to $1 million, as well as guidance, upskilling, tutoring and networking with industry pioneers. Collaborating closely with Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, Venture Catalysts also provides working place, seminars and monthly affairs in each of India’s biggest cities (as well as in Hong Kong, London and Doha). On a hands-on level, for the moment, the firm has established a broad span of helping initiatives to businessmen, such as shadowing, pitch days, and review days. Venture Catalyst is an incubator located in the fastest growing economy in the world, India, which has gone through a digital uprising through the years. Through financing, coaching, networking with victorious founders and executives, and extensive technical product proficiency, they’re utilizing an integrated approach to help startups scale.

5. StartupBootCamp

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp runs Internet of Things, Financial Technology, InsurTech and Food tech programs all over the globe including Singapore, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Dublin, Dubai, Amsterdam and many more. Startupbootcamp has accelerated startups with an average sponsorship sum of 1.168 million Euros.

Startupbootcamp arranges highly-focused and deep Three-month programs in different cities, focusing specific industries.

Their mission is to help early-stage founders to swiftly scale their firms by tapping into their extensive and international network of over 2,000 alumni founders, consultants, partners and investors.

Following a rigorous selection process, successful entrants get the chance to boost their business and get experience in a short while, as well as leverage mentoring and connections to targeted industry representatives.


  • What they give: Each 3-month program comes with €15,000 for 6-8% equity, €450,000+ in partner services, and 6 months of free collaborative work place.
  • Startups funded: 424
  • Exits: 22
  • Exit value: No data available
  • Total funding raised: €331,579,966

6. Ignite

One of Europe’s noteworthy accelerator programs, Ignite has put forward various programs over several cities in the United Kingdom since their existence in 2011, having funded more than 150+ companies. They are also backed by the European Union and allied with Google, so you know you would be taken good care of.

Their pre-accelerator (3- months) program and accelerator (6- months) program will help you from the planning level through to execution and building a successful enterprise, all the while providing mentorship and networking from groundbreakers. You can collaborate with Ignite even if you are not from the United Kingdom as far as you are willing to relocate there and register your company as a UK Limited Company.


  • What they give: $20,000 in exchange for 8% equity
  • Startups funded: 150
  • Exits: 2
  • Total funding raised: $42,894,561

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7. Melbourne Accelerator Program

Founded in 2012 and supported by the University of Melbourne having allies such as IBM, HWT and Universal Music Group. The Melbourne Accelerator Program has the remarkable stature and expertise to assist in accelerating your startup’s expansion.

However the investment they provide is on the moderate side differentiated to other accelerators, the fact that it’s proprietorship-free and comes with your own working space in Melbourne will definitely help you notice a path of achievement.

One of their best victorious exit stories is the Melbourne curated marketplace Jobbop, which collaborates developers with top technological firms.


  • Startups funded: 43
  • Exits: 2
  • Total funding raised: $70,000,000.00 

8. Startup Reykjavik

How would the thought of devoting a summer in Iceland to help upscale your startup sound? Startup Reykjavík, a guidance-driven seed level funding program, runs a Ten-week exhaustive program each year from June to August in the Icelandic capital. It was founded in 2012.

As a part of their program, they offer investments and free work space, as well as guidance from their network of over Ninety experts and connections to capitalists.

Startup Reykjavík is malleable in which companies they choose to work with, accepting both early and late-level startups. Note that you can apply from anywhere around the globe, as far as you are willing and able to relocate for the Three-month program.


  • What they give: $23,000 in exchange for 6% equity
  • Startups funded: 68
  • Total funding raised: $5,046,376.00

9. Metavallon

A venture capital company situated in Athens, Greece, Metavallon is keen of early stage tech startups with an aim to combine technology, talent and determination. First established in 2011, since 2017 they have developed to Metavallon VC.

Apart from capitalizing, Metavallon provides hands-on help in segments such as consulting, networking, coaching, and acquiring talent. They are also able to offer work space in Athens, Greece, on a case by case basis.


  • Industry focus: Technology.
  • Startups funded: 10
  • Total funding raised:  32 million euros.

10. Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Founded in 2013 and located in Berlin, their distinctive name in spite of, Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a joint venture between Axel Springer SE, a significant firm in the German print business and Plug and Play Tech Center, a multinational startup accelerator in California — so your digital startup can gain from some really worldwide opportunities, involving guidance and help with a broad range of topics.

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator have also started a housing for artists, with the belief that engrossing things occur when various individuals come together.

Recently, they coordinated with Porsche to form APX, a new accelerator for digital business models.


  • What they give: $30,000 for 5% equity
  • Startups funded: More than 100 portfolio companies
  • Exits: 6
  • Exit value: $4,800,000.00
  • Total funding raised: $44,713,279.00

11. Startup Wise Guys

Founded in 2012, Startup Wise Guys are Europe’s most significant Business to Business startup accelerator and one of the highest investors in the CEE region and the Nordics. Their three- month exhaustive programs provide top energy and effortless guidance to support you in your journey of becoming successful.

Their key areas of spotlight are Business to Business, SaaS, Financial Technology and CyberNorth.

The accelerator program concentrates on sales and up-scaling, supporting you structure your product to reach customers, with the assistance of their network of more than 150 multinational and nationwide experts. They also provide Demo Days and the chance for you to take part in startup events and tech conferences.


  • What they give: Up to 30,000 EUR equity funds
  • Industry focus: B2B SaaS, Fintech, CyberSecurity
  • Startups funded: 145
  • Exits: 3
  • Total funding raised: 12,600,000.00 euros

12. Buildit Accelerator

Founded in 2014 in Estonia and having diversified to Latvia, Buildit Accelerator focuses on grabbing your startup plan in hardware or IoT and turning it into a market-worthy product. They select firms to fund every 6 months.

At Buildit Accelerator they aim on Business to Business results such as Connected Industry and Software for efficiency, as well as Smart Living (B2C) solutions on areas such as Energy, Mobility, and HealthTech.

What sets them on their own is that they provide what they have named it as a “full-stack accelerator” program. This means that you get a Pre-Seed capital and three-month Accelerator Program, as well as additional Seed funding with a follow-on support program for more than two years.


  • What they give: Up to €50,000 as a convertible loan with discount and valuation cap
  • Industry focus: IoT, hardware
  • Startups funded: 24
  • Total funding raised: $1,537,492.00

13. StartupYard

Founded in 2011 at Prague, Czech Republic, StartupYard is Central Europe’s prime accelerator for Tech startups — mainly geared toward ‘Deep Tech’ startups that are decoding ultra-difficult Tech concerns.

Their 3-month program where you will need to relocate to Prague, is directing initially to seed-stage firms and provides guidance and corporate partnerships with firms from different industries. You also get access to their vast network including experts from firms such as Vodafone, Accenture, and Google.

Some of their most remarkable exits include digital customer service platform BrandEmbassy and cyber-security company TeskaLabs.


  • What they give: €40,000 in initial seed funding via a convertible note
  • Industry focus: Technology
  • Startups funded: 72
  • Exits: 8
  • Exit value: $340,000.00
  • Total funding raised: 24,500,00.00 euros

14. Chinaccelerator

A chief startup accelerator located in Shanghai- China, Chinaccelerator and founded back in 2010 is a mentorship-driven program that can scale your internet startup to the successful level — and you don’t require to be based in China to apply. As a matter of fact, they have invested in startups from 25 various nations.

Like HAX, Chinaccelerator is also part of the venture fund SOSV, which has $500 million AUM and functions 6 worldwide accelerators.

Study for 3- months of accurate guidance and mentorship from experts and investors. They also offer assistance post-accelerator, through their string and helpful alumni network.

One of the most noteworthy exits, Launchpilots, an online marketplace collaborating brands with university students, was acquired by Robin8 Inc.


  • What they give: A $150,000 investment package
  • Startups funded: 32 (overall they have supported 202 companies)
  • Exits: 3
  • Total funding raised: $74,784,272.00

15. Highline Beta

Starting as Highline in 2014 and in due course developing to Highline Beta in 2017, this startup co-creation firm turned venture formation company can assist your startup and extend market-leading rankings through their network of investors and the backing of foundations like Extreme Startups and GrowLab.

Part of their funded startups with noteworthy exits incorporate science search engine Meta which was acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and FameBit which was then acquired by Google.

If you are based in Toronto or don’t mind relocating, you can take benefits of both their co-creation program where you (as a businessman) will form alliance with endeavours to create a new startup, also their two types of accelerators; Commercial Deal and New Venture.


  • What they give: $50,000 investment with a 10% equity
  • Industry focus: Technology, but they have a broad spectrum
  • Startups funded: 64
  • Exits: 10
  • Exit value: No data available, but the collective worth of all invested companies is over $765,000,000.00
  • Total funding raised: $40,876,738.00

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