How Healthcare Writers Can Help Your Business 


Gesundheitswesen writers possess expertise across medicine and Biowissenschaften. Their creativity and flair for narration can help them deliver various crucial services to healthcare firms, such as Biotech und Medizintechnik companies.

Healthcare writers cater to a myriad of services which can be broadly classified into three categories: technisch, marketing, und regulatory and compliance Anforderungen. 

The role healthcare writers play is evolving and expanding with emerging trends in the industry, especially with the rise of academics within the gig economy. Right from preparing or curating crucial documents related to Einhaltung von Rechtsvorschriften, or positioning a new Medizinprodukt product to relevant audiences through informational or marketing articles, healthcare writers play a wide variety of roles across the writing spectrum.

Trends in Healthcare – Recent Examples

The demand for one or more types of healthcare writers may arise depending on the business model or the latest innovation the firms are engaging in. For example, one of the emerging trends in the healthcare industry is to address the problem of sleep deprivation and Ängste. Firms like Clam and Big Health seek to resolve the same via their mobile application. Similarly, other healthcare mediums and delivery systems cater for various mental health issues. 

The advent of Covid-19 has worsened the mental health of the general population. Healthcare organizations are building comprehensive mental health services to meet the growing requirement. Virtual mental healthcare delivery is an upcoming trendsetter as it is cost-effective and easily accessible. 

Another latest trend that virtualized doctor-patient interaction is Telehealth. This technology saw a prominent rise during the Covid-19 pandemic. It brings patients and healthcare professionals closer by facilitating an initial probe into the healthcare needs of the patient.  

In May 2020, Healthcare Degree reported that 76% of consumers responded that they are highly likely to continue using Telehealth, as it helps in better data collection, research, analysis, etc., of healthcare information, enabling the scientific community to derive better healthcare solutions and predictions.

Another trend emerging from the pandemic is the need for decentralized and patient-centric healthcare solutions. Integrated models of care are moving healthcare out of the hospital setting and placing it in a distributed network of care integrated around the patient. 

According to a McKinsey report, this model enhances customer satisfaction and overall accessibility to healthcare for people. Accolade and Village MD are famous firms providing personalized primary healthcare solutions and counseling via the app, website, and phone. In addition to finding the right medical expert for diagnosis and treatment, it also helps in disease education, psychological counseling, and post-hospitalization services.

Value of Healthcare Writers

Here’s where healthcare writers play an important role in bridging the gap between patients and doctors. Right from getting the messaging right on the apps and websites, to getting these services to reach relevant audiences through informative articles and technical documentation, writers can offer a diverse range of services.

Healthcare writers possess niche expertise that can be utilized to,

  •  Design core technical documents – such as research studies, observational studies, pre-clinical and clinical talks, statistical analysis etc., which are required to assess the effectiveness of your app/tool/product towards the healthcare problem it is trying to resolve. 


  • Develop marketing material to position your product to the right audiences. This entails various writing-related jobs such as, scientific content creation/publication, writing a user manual, creating scientific evidence for the delivery and placement of medical products in the market, conception for product launch, etc. 


  • Craft regulatory and compliance documents to fulfill associated obligations, such as FDA submissions, compliance documents, Zuschusserstellung, web synopsis, CSR, protocol adherence, authority approval etc., required for speeding up the process of dispatching the medical product to market. Various regulatory bodies need to approve any development that intervenes with an individual’s health as it is a matter of public health. Hence, fulfilling these obligations is non-negotiable.
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Product Development

A healthcare writer can also play a crucial role in your non-writing needs. Their deep knowledge and subject expertise can provide the proper guidance for product development. Products being developed for the supporting functioning of healthcare, such as payroll, billing, insurance, inventory management, appointment scheduling etc., requires the intervention of a healthcare expert to understand the sector and the field. 

Further, they play an essential role in Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagement. Their expertise, influential power and reputation help your brand and product attain credibility and acceptance in the market. If a Postdoc healthcare writer writes a blog for your firm, then place the trust of your clients and consumers in your product. For example, if a psychiatrist writes a blog appreciating the mental healthcare app developed by your firm, it will increase its number of downloads and repeat usage by customers. Similarly, if a dermatologist or a pharmacologist engaged in developing skincare solutions, then not only will the product be effective, but it will be perceived as being effective even before the consumers have used it.

Overall, healthcare writers are very well versed and experienced with procedures mandated by scientific requirements and experimentation, marketing trends or by statutes and laws of the land. Their involvement can save your precious time, effort, and resources which would otherwise be engaged in figuring it out on your own from scratch. Their level of involvement can vary with the needs and size of your firm. 

On-demand Healthcare Writers – Benefits of Outsourcing

Whilst maintaining an in-house writer or team of writers can help with easy access, it puts undue stress on payroll and employee benefits. This is emphasized by the fact that most firms only need the service of healthcare writers at specific times through the year, such as various stages of a product development/launch, for short marketing projects like writing a white paper. 

In such a scenario, a freelance healthcare writer can be hired on an on-demand basis. This hybrid model will be economical and establish cohesion between the firm and healthcare writers, leading to increased productivity and acceleration in the delivery of work.

Freelance platforms like Upwork and Kolabtree, for instance, have a wide range of healthcare writers that can be accessed and consulted on-demand. The advantages in hiring freelance writers are manifold,

  • Cost and time-effective – Freelance  writers charge per project and can be collaborated with as and when the need arises. This offers firms the opportunity to balance their budgets with other needs too.


  • Ability to choose from a wide range of highly qualified experts from across the globe – With each writer’s past project, field of expertise, reviews from previous clients, fees etc available on their profile, this offers clients a chance to select a writer most suited to their requirements.


  • Secure work environments – With all freelancers on Kolabtree vetted thoroughly, you can sign personalized NDAs, work with complete privacy and exchange sensitive documents through our secure workspace. 

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