Three Ways Kolabtree Helps Businesses Hire Independent Scientific Consultants


With businesses choosing to continue operating remotely in the aftermath of the Pandemie, more opportunities have opened up for companies to hire scientific consultants and freelance talent to work in either hybrid or completely remote setups through open-talent platforms

This is especially true for niche subject matter experts, who are increasingly gravitating towards on-demand consulting and offering freelance services such as medizinisches Schreiben, Produktentwicklung und regulatory compliance.

Kolabtree, for instance, has over 25,000 registered freelance scientific consultants, who businesses hire on-demand for short term scientific projects. This encompasses a variety of scientific businesses, from med-tech and biotech to pharmaceuticals and Gesundheitswesen companies.

Here’s how hiring wissenschaftliche Berater on open talent platforms can help your business needs,

Flexible Pricing and Schedule

Independent scientific experts are available on-demand, which means they can work around your schedule, or even across multiple points of your project. 

For instance, you can hire a scientific consultant on an hourly basis for Produktentwicklung or formulation, and then come back to the platform much later to hire a writing expert  for regulatory documents that support the entry of the product into the market. This also provides the business an opportunity to explore experts on multiple price ranges, before hiring one who’s best suited to their budget.

Since freelance platforms typically contain a global database of scientific consultants, businesses are not limited by location constraints in terms of scouting personnel. This variety and diversity gives businesses the advantage to hire the best expert on the platform for each niche task within their ecosystem


Payment Security and Data Confidentiality

Open talent platforms typically have multiple clauses and measures that serve to protect your data and intellectual property. Kolabtree, for instance, offers the clients to offer terms and conditions that can be personalized to reflect their usual company norms, as well as detailed non-disclosure agreements to be signed with the expert hired.

This makes it extremely straightforward for companies to hire scientific consultants for multiple projects involving sensitive data, such as product development or regulatorisches Schreiben. The data shared across the Kolabtree workspace remains secure and confidential, and the expert hired is mandated to destroy copies of the information shared once the project is completed.

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Kolabtree also operates an escrow model of payment, where the money deposited by the client is housed safely within the platform until the project is completed. Only when the client gives the go-ahead is this money transferred to the expert.

End-to-end Support from Dedicated Project Managers

Once you post a scientific project on Kolabtree, our dedicated account and project managers go about scrutinizing your unique requirements, and making sure only the most relevant experts send across proposals. This gives you the opportunity to only shortlist from the experts most suited to your needs, and connect with him to discuss other details before going ahead with the final hire.

Kolabtree also offers complete support to client projects all the way through to completion, right from assisting with agreements to guaranteeing payment security. 

Find out more about hiring scientific consultants on-demand hier.

Kolabtree helps businesses worldwide hire freelance scientists and industry experts on demand. Our freelancers have helped companies publish research papers, develop products, analyze data, and more. It only takes a minute to tell us what you need done and get quotes from experts for free.

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