Life Science Writers: The Secret to Effective Biotech Marketing


The secret to effective biotech & life science marketing is freelance life science writers. Life science companies need to produce authoritative, reliable content that will position them as leaders in the industry. From white papers to e-books, from website content to social media, biotech marketing managers need robust campaigns across channels to be able to reach their target audience and convert prospects into customers.

Thanks to the freelance revolution, scientists with PhDs now make up a part of the gig economy. Experienced life science writers are now available on demand. These include molecular biologists, biotechnologists, cancer research specialists, microbiologists and virologists, among others. Over 45% of Kolabtree’s freelance scientists offer science writing as an area of expertise. Which means that you can hire a freelance biotech writer on demand. What specific activities can they help with and how can they boost your business? 

Freelance science writers can develop clear, authoritative content 

Outsourcing your content creation requirements to scientific content writers is a great way for you to boost creative marketing campaigns with scientifically-accurate content. Say, for example, you’re a company selling laboratory material to biotech organizations. You need a dependable team of content writers who can create marketing collateral speaking to decision-makers in those organizations. What makes you different from existing suppliers? A scientist can help you identify and communicate the value your company offers in a compelling way. Experienced freelance science writers can distil complex information and data into simple, easy-to-understand copy. By outsourcing your content creation, you can invest your resources in improving your product and thinking of new ideas, instead of struggling with a blinking cursor in a doc file. Freelance content writers can help you create, just to name a few: 

  • Sales brochures & presentations 
  • Lead magnets
  • White papers 
  • Press releases 
  • Blog articles 
  • Website landing pages
  • Case studies & success stories 
  • Email drip campaigns 
  • Infographics and illustrations

Freelance medical copywriters can help you craft compelling pitches, improve your brand messaging, and develop persuasive copy that will prompt users to take action. While marketers often come up with short-term ideas to “stop the scroll”, life science marketing involves building trust with your audience over time. This can only come with putting out high-quality content consistently. 

Expert content writers can improve SEO 

Google’s E-A-T guidelines reward expert-sourced, authoritative and trustworthy content. It’s not enough to have relevant keywords on your page: the quality of your content is equally, if not more, important. For healthcare or medical organizations, Google makes it clear that content that is reviewed or verified by qualified experts is ranked higher. Building a team of writers, editors, reviewers and fact-checkers is essential to ensure your content is free of any misleading information. This in turn helps improve your Quality Rating in Google. Hiring in-house staff to do this can often be too expensive. The flexibility of the remote work revolution allows you to access freelance SEO medical writers from any part of the world, as and when required. 

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Life science writers can boost presentations

Apart from thinking of brilliant campaigns and ideas, a large part of a marketer’s job involves the painstaking task of creating charts, graphs and presentations. These might have to be prepared for investors, prospective clients, for existing clients, for networking conferences and events, internal members of the organization, or as part of a grant application. 

Getting an expert to create presentations for you is one of the most powerful ways marketers can save precious time and effort. Especially in pharma and biotech organizations, where you might need to present scientific evidence in the form of time-consuming case studies & literature review reports. Effective science communicators can help you improve the flow of your presentation by arranging it in a neat and logical manner. 

Many life science writers have some experience with research themselves, which means they have a good understanding of data analysis. Published scientists, who’ve gone through the rigorous process of writing, editing and polishing a manuscript, are likely to have data visualization or statistical skills. Someone who can quickly convert numbers into clear, beautiful and easy-to-read visual format is an asset to a company’s marketing team. 

If you’re a small business with limited resources, it’s easy to hire biotech content writers at a budget of your choice.  

In summary, working with a freelance science writer is well worth the investment. Through all stages of the marketing funnel, content writers can add value, helping you establish trust and familiarity with your target audience.

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