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Kiranam C. - Freelance Pharma and Toxicology Expert
Kiranam C.
PhD, Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Mississippi
India | USD 25 per hour
Helen M. - Freelance Food Scientist
Helen M.
PhD, Food Science & Technology
University of Reading
United Kingdom
Jo Anne S. - Freelance Social Anthropology Expert
Jo Anne S.
PhD, Social Anthropology
Temple University
United States | USD 100 per hour
Eldon S. - Freelance Pharmaceutical Outcomes Expert
Eldon S.
PhD, Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
University of Washington
United Kingdom
Daniele Perl T - Freelance Structural Biologist
Dr. Daniele P.
PhD, Structural Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Israel | USD 60 per hour
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Success Stories

Write a report on CBD usage

A Texas-based neuropsychologist hired an expert to compile a report that could be used to influence medical marijuana laws in the state.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Conduct research for a TEDx talk

A globally renowned speaker hired a researcher to find scientific evidence that could support his TEDx talk.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 1 Month

Identify grant funding in disciplines

The Head of Product Innovation at Sage Publications hired an expert for a literature search of grant funding in specific subjects.

Cost: USD 700 | Time Taken: 1 Month

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How to Hire a Freelance Literature Search Expert

The comprehensive search for data that has been already published is called a literature search. In the scientific literature, the amount of published studies is gigantic, reason why finding the most relevant studies within a certain project can become a time-consuming and tedious task with so many databases available.

A literature search service will compile all data from primary (original studies), secondary (systematic reviews and meta-analyses), and tertiary literature (compilations, such as reference books) and provide an analysis of the data according to the main research question.

What Is the Importance of a Scientific Literature Review?

The systematic and effective search for previously published data is the foundation of all scientific, academic and pharmaceutical projects. Identifying previous studies and analyzing their results is usually the first step in any research project.

A literature review is usually based on a central, well formulated research question. Background data and recent developments are usually gathered and analyzed through the review.

The main reasons for performing a systematic literature search include:

  • Creation of evidence-based guidelines in healthcare: information from published studies is summarized in order to create specific guidelines for a certain disease or condition
  • As part of an academic assessment to obtain a degree
  • Assessment of the level of evidence related to a specific topic
  • Help when writing a scientific article
  • Aid in the drug development process
  • Aid in the development of a certain product
  • Help find gaps in the current knowledge on a certain topic
  • Provide the foundation for grant writingure are electronic search for databases, and hand-search of reference lists from published articles.

Several different databases are available, with Medline (Pubmed) being among the most used in biomedical sciences due to the inclusion of 12 million indexed articles. The strategy behind a literature search relies on the use of keywords that are relevant to your research topic.

Why Pay Someone to Write a Literature Review?

Reviewing the literature for a certain project requires several considerations, such as:

  • Scope of the review
  • Keywords to be utilized
  • Timeframe for the search
  • Amount of reliable sources needed
  • Databases to be searched

For many projects, a mere search is not enough, as the results for each keyword and each combination of keywords need to be tracked and recorded for different databases.

After identification of relevant articles, information needs to be retrieved from each abstract and, if necessary, the whole text needs to be accessed at this stage. Irrelevant articles are excluded from the search and the full-text articles are accessed, read and analyzed.

The studies are typically saved in a reference management software for easy retrieving and insertion in manuscripts at a later stage.

Data from each article included needs to be analyzed in relation to the research question and after compilation analysis of all studies included, conclusions must be drawn.

This entire process can be exhausting in the hands of busy professionals, reason many choose to pay someone to write the literature review for them.

How Much Do Literature Search Services Cost?

Getting the job done by an expert chosen by you can cost as little as 30 USD per hour when using a-freelance platform.

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are even more comprehensive than scoping reviews, requiring extensive resources. Hiring a freelancer can save time and money and a pre-agreed fixed rate can be the best solution in this case.

How to Write an Effective Job Post for a Literature Search Service?

If you want to spend as little time as possible searching for a competent professional in literature review services, we recommend that you provide a detailed description of the work to be done:

Project description or scope of work: include the specific field, scope of work and all the details, so the freelancer can easily understand your needs and expectations.

  • Duration of the project: be clear on how long you can wait until the final review is delivered.
  • By when you need to hire: this is where you can state the urgency of your hiring process.
  • Budget: how much and how the freelancer will be paid (hourly or per project).
  • Skills required: be as specific as possible as this will narrow your search for an expert in your specific field of research.

Many professionals underestimate the amount of time that usually goes into a literature search. In order to optimize your time and improve workflow, you can pay for literature review and get quicker results from highly qualified professionals around the world.

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