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Conduct research for a TEDx talk
Cost: USD 500 | Time taken: 1 Month
The Challenge

A youth empowerment expert and globally acclaimed speaker needed help to prepare for his upcoming TEDx talk on understanding a specific aspect of child behavior. He was looking for a researcher experienced in youth studies who could validate a specific theory and provide evidence to support it.

How Kolabtree Helped

The client posted his project on Kolabtree and received 3 bids within 4 days. He hired Dr. Jo Anne Schneider, a social science researcher who had worked with issues related to youth development and childhood education. The client and expert discussed details about the project through the messaging system, and the client agreed to Dr. Schneider’s request to increase the fee. Dr. Schneider provided the client with all the information he request for, and the project was successfully completed within the proposed deadline of one month. The client could now support his TEDx speech with accurate, up-to-date scientific findings.

  • Project deadline met
  • Bids received within 24 hours
Applied Social Scientist
PhD, Anthropology
Temple University, USA