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Identify grant funding in disciplines
Cost: USD 700 | Time taken: 1 Month
The Challenge

Ian Mulvany, Head of Product Innovation at Sage Publications was looking for an expert to conduct a comprehensive search to find the amount of grant funding received in specific subject areas in the last 5 years.

How Kolabtree Helped

Ian received two bids from highly qualified experts within a span of 24 hours. He chose to work with Dr. Sukant Khurana, a data scientist based in India. Sukant not only completed the literature search, but was also able to provide an analysis tool that would help Ian further his research.

  • deadlineProject deadline met
  • Bids received within 24 hours Bids received within 24 hours
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Neuroscientist & Data Analyst
PhD, Neuroscience
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Client Says

"I posted a project that had a fairly clear goal, but with no guidance on how to get to that goal. The Kolabtree platform paired me with a data scientist who was able to think flexibly about the task, and who not only delivered on the report that I was interested in, but who also made the code they used to get to that result available. With that in hand I've been able to refine my original research question, and build on the code to create an even more powerful analysis tool for my research needs. The freelancer was timely and communicated well, and I was very happy with the outcome"