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MSc Public health
USD70.0 per hour
Clinician | Epidemiologist & Data Analyst | Expert in SPSS, STATA & EpiInfo | Medical writer

I am a public health expert, epidemiologist, and a fellow in clinical respiratory medicine. Also, I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a k...

USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Statistician & Data Analyst with 15+ years of experience in clinical resea

Statistician with broad experience in all aspects of biostatistics, epidemiology and health services evaluation. Data management, data analysis...

Pharmacy Practice Residency
USD80.0 per hour
Medical writer with 10+ years of experience in Systematic Reviews.

Having served as a Medical Writer, Editor, and Systematic Reviewer within the healthcare sector, I am accustomed to the rigors of fast-paced, h...

USD30.0 per hour
Expertise in Cochrane Meta-analysis and Systematic Reviews (10+ years of experience), Medical Epidemiologist & Resea...

My qualifications are B.D.S., M.P.H (specialization: Epidemiology) and Ph.D in Public Health from one of the premiere institutes Post Graduate ...

USD100.0 per hour
Dual-PhD, Bioscience writing, editing and proofreading

I have a dual-PhD from the Australian Catholic University and the Université d'Avignon, awarded under a Cotutelle. This research progr...

Ph.D., Biology
United States
USD100.0 per hour
Statistician | Specialization in Biostatistics and Analysis of Environmental and Ecological Data

I am a scientist and professional, skilled at problem solving and communication with over 10 years of experience in scientific research and dat...

United States
USD250.0 per hour
Diane Roessler Weinert_ Private Researcher

Https://www.linkedin.com/in/sirende7573434284 Intelligence Private petroleum networking Terrorism Counterintelligence Cyber Crime Public Corru...

USD40.0 per hour
Health Economist |Health Technology Assessment |Cost Effectiveness Modelling |Budget Impact Analysis |Literature Review

I am a Health Economist with experience in conducting health economic evaluations and developing fundamental HEOR deliverables for clients whic...

United States
USD75.0 per hour
Behavioral Scientist with 5+ years of experience in academic and industry qual + quant research

As a behavioral scientist, I have two obsessions: 1) Understanding why people behave the way they do and 2) Finding compelling ways to change h...

United Kingdom
USD80.0 per hour
Freelance Data Scientist I Biomarker Discovery and Statistical Bioinformatics | Expert in R

Dr. Animesh Acharjee is presently working as a senior scientist with the University of Birmingham, UK and visiting Scientist at the University ...

USD20.0 per hour
Microbiologist with 10 years of practice in NGS wet lab methods and data processing. Experienced in microbial ecology.

Can help you to: analyze your raw sequencing reads from multiple platforms (Illumina, Nanopore, PacBio, Sanger, 454-pyrosequencing) into meanin...

USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Statistician & Data Analyst | Expert in classical and Bayesian hypothesis testing and model building/fitti...

PhD in high energy physics with five years postdoctoral research experience in statistical analysis, model building, hypothesis testing, and sc...

USD25.0 per hour
Medical Researcher, Bio-statistician, and Professional Academic and Scientific Writer

* Experienced researcher in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Neurology and other medical fields. * Published many papers in internati...

USD50.0 per hour

• Doctor in Medicine from the University of Jordan. • Organizer committee member and scientific committee member for several conferences and wo...

Graduate Student
USD25.0 per hour
Freelance Bioinformatician & Data Analyst, Expert in R and other bioinformatic tools | Scientific writer with 6+ yea...

My interests lie in projects related to genomics and large scale data analysis. I am also interested in writing reviews in medical and clinical...

Master of Public Health
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance Systematic Literature Review Researcher, Research Analyst, Medical writer, Public Health Professional.

I have a Master's degree in Public Health, as well as over 6 years of research experience in the healthcare field, especially in the areas ...

USD60.0 per hour
Medical writer with six years of experience in clinical research. Expert in SPSS, STATA. Efficient in medical writing...

SPSS,STATA,EPICOLLECT,OpenEpi,Epidata manager. Mentor for MPH trainees

Masters of Science (Microbiology)
USD30.0 per hour
Freelancer with experience in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Oncology, Hybridoma and Academic/Scienctific Writing

Hi, So you have conducted the critical research and now need assistance in fast-tracking, analyzing, or summarizing your data, be assured with...

USD40.0 per hour
Healthcare researcher with skills in data analysis, systematic reviews and meta-analyses and writing publications.

Systematic reviews and scientific writing

MSc Epidemiology
USD40.0 per hour
PhD Epidemiology Candidate | SAS/R | Study Design and Bias | Scientific writing

I am a PhD Candidate in epidemiology, with expertise in study design, scientific writing, and data analysis (processing large datasets, statist...

USD20.0 per hour
Systematic Review & Meta Analysis Consultant

I am a meta-analysis & systematic review expert with 10 year experience. I am a published scientist.

PG certificate
USD50.0 per hour

I am an Associate Professor in Biomedical Informatics and Medical statistics, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University. I earned PhD...

PhD, Quantitative Biological Sciences
USD30.0 per hour

Born and raised in Toronto (Canada), I have developed a passion for interdisciplinary biomedical sciences, with interests ranging from biostati...

USD10.0 per hour

Formulation and evaluation of Tablets, capsules, emulsion, microspheres, nanoparticles and depot injection. Manuscript writing (Review article,...

USD50.0 per hour
Specialist in phylogenetic and genomics, including genome sequencing, assembly and analyses

My main research interest is to understand how biodiversity we observe today has evolved. For example, is disjunct biogeography due to neutral ...

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How to hire a meta-analysis expert

Meta-analysis is a type of research involving specific statistical methods and procedures to extract and combine data from multiple studies. But what does a meta-analysis expert do?

What type of work requires a meta-analysis expert?

There are many questions that might require a meta-analysis in the medical and health field. A common application of this research protocol is to find the best intervention for a certain disease or condition. It could be used to gather information about available treatments for a certain disease or condition or as part of the approval process of a new drug.

This methodology is not only used in medicine and healthcare. It has applications across a variety of other areas, such as finance, marketing, genetics, psychology, education, just to cite a few.

Ultimately, a meta-analysis tests the validity of a hypothesis or an intervention through the inclusion of enough data from previously published scientific articles.

In the health field, this research provides the highest level of evidence about a certain question. The question could be if a vaccine X is effective in the prevention of a disease Y for instance. Through the meta-analysis process, all studies published in the literature about this specific topic would be scrutinized for bias, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and many other factors that affect que quality of a study.

Typically, only studies that meet basic criteria for quality control are included. Then, data from each study is extracted and pooled together. A program that offers tools for meta-analysis statistics is used to analyze the data. In the end, we could have a conclusion, based on the pooled results analysis, that vaccine X is/is not effective to prevent disease Y.

How to get help through meta-analysis services

There are three main applications that could justify the use of an expert in meta-analysis. The first is to have a publication, as many renowned scientific journals encourage authors to submit systematic reviews and meta-analysis in order to collect a strong body of evidence about a certain topic. It is slowly replacing old narrative reviews, as a meta-analysis is much more powerful in gathering the data and providing a strong conclusion based on it.

Second, a meta-analysis study can be used as the foundation for new studies. In this case, it would help planning the new study through identification of what has been done on the subject and what needs to be further explored. It can also help with the process of defining the most important outcome measures for the study.

Lastly, a meta-analysis project can provide a strong basis for grant applications, as it can justify why a new study is needed based on existing literature. Presenting the collected data in the form of a forest plot, which is typically how data is presented in this type of study, is a clear and captivating way of getting the attention of a funding agency.

Why hire a professional to perform freelance meta-analysis?

A meta-analysis is a very peculiar type of research that requires specialized knowledge and expertise, from the identification of articles to extraction of data, from analyzing potential bias to performing the actual statistical analysis.

Even if you understand the process, it can be very time-consuming, hence it is always a good idea to hire a freelance to help you.

How to write an effective job to hire a freelance statistician

To write an effective job description for a freelance meta-analysis expert, you need to include the following: 

·        Project description or scope of work: define your basic question for the meta-analysis.

·        Duration of the project: this is typically a long-term collaboration, unless you have all data extracted and only need statistical help.

·        By when you need to hire: you decide how quickly you would like to start working on the project.

·        Budget: decide if you want to work on an hourly or on a project basis.

·        Skills required: you will typically need someone that is an expert in evidence based practice, clinical epidemiology and biostatistics.

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