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USD25.0 per hour
Ph.D. student in theoretical physics | Freelance data analyst/python programmer

I'm a M.Sc. in theoretical physics (University of Brasília, Brazil) and I'm currently a Ph. D. student in theoretical physics (Uni...

PhD in Physics
United States
USD50.0 per hour
PhD, Freelance science writer, editor, & technical consultant. Expertise includes space weather, electromagnetism &a...

I am a technical project manager with a strong science background. My skills include basic research, programming (python, IDL, Matlab, Fortran)...

PhD Mathematics
South Africa
USD150.0 per hour
Mathematician/Economist/Data Scientist/Problem Solver

I am a polymath that excels at solving complex real-world problems. I have a broad and versatile background which spans maths/applied maths/phy...

PhD in Physics
USD40.0 per hour
Aerospace Consultant | STEM Educator | Former SGAC Chair

Aerospace consultant, physicist and space enthusiast, with experiences educating the next generation of engineers, and running a nonprofit.

USD100.0 per hour
Experienced scientist (physics and computational biology)

I am helping companies with R&D projects requiring advanced probabilistic and mathematical expertise, as well as hands-on data analysis...

United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour

My experience as a researcher focus mainly in thermal transport. I did my PhD in semiconductor nanowires and nowadays I am working in diamond a...

Masster of science
USD10.0 per hour
Chemistry researcher with PhD

I hold a bachelor of science (chemistry and mathematics) and a master of science degree in natural producta/organic chemistry/analytical chemi...

Assoc.Prof. RNDr. DrSc. Leading scientist Ia.( SAS Bratislava 1985) Leading scientist A ( AS CR Prague 1991) Top-level scientist (UPJS FNS Kosice 1995)
USD18.0 per hour
St.ex.: 2y. Exp.Ph. 5y. Th.-Math.Ph.(CHARL.UNI.) RNDR.(-"-) PhD.(Th.Sol.St. Ph., Inst.Ph.-ASCR) DR.SC. (-"-) Prof.Assoc.

Prof.Assoc. RNDr. Ondrej Hudak, DrSc. Matej Hudak s LAB A, Stierova 23, SK-04023 Kosice, Slovak Republic See (Biography, Education, Employment...

B.tech electronics
USD45.0 per hour
B.tech in electronics engineering |skilled in math,physics and chemistry

I had been passionate about problem solving in math,physics ,chemistry ,electronics engineering

PhD - Theoretical Physics - plus Graduate Mathematics Courses (Fluid Dynamics, Wave Propagation, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Group Theory
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I have a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, and 33 years of experience in mathematical and computational modeling in fluid dynamics, signal processi...

Doctor Of Science - Ph.D. in Astrophysics
USD30.0 per hour
Independent Scientist, Editor and Technical Writer

Ph.D. in Science (Astrophysics), BSc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics. Experienced technical writer and research assistant. Former fellowsh...

Graduate Student
USD0.0 per hour

I was always into physics. I had physics major in my undergrad, I obtained my masters degree in Physics from S N Bose National Centre for Basic...

United States
USD50.0 per hour
Physicist with extensive research experience

I am a researcher with 15 years of experience. I have worked for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I worked on projects for the Nati...

United States
USD35.0 per hour

I am currently a fourth-year applied mathematics graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My research interest lies i...

PhD Physics
United States
USD0.0 per hour

I am a versatile, innovative scientific researcher and engineer with many years of hands on tested laboratory experience along with theoretical...

Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour

- Theoretical/computational physicist with more than 4 years of independent scientific research - Early career total of 15+ peer-reviewed techn...

Master of Science in Mathematics
United Arab Emirates
USD25.0 per hour
Inspiring Educator, Ambassador of GMP and FREYA, Author, Editor, Math Faculty, and STEM Consultant

Mohammed Kaabar received all his undergaduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics from Washington State University (WSU), Pullman, WA, USA. He ...

MSc in Physical Chemistry
USD30.0 per hour
Expert in Physics, Chemistry and Physical Chemistry

I've finished my BSc and MSc studies in physical chemistry and now I'm a PhD student in physical chemistry, concretely in the field of ...

PhD degree in applied sciences
USD50.0 per hour
Freelance researcher in engineering (IA, robotics, simulations)

During my studies in engineering, I specialized myself towards IT, mathematics and physics. I then conducted research as a PhD student in the f...

USD25.0 per hour
Professional Mechanical Engineer

Professional, meticulous, well-organized and always ready to write. A research consultant that is certified, a content editor and an engineerin...

USD10.0 per hour
I am an undergraduate Physicist | Functional Programmer | Two conference papers

I am an undergraduate physicist that had the opportunity to be involved in projects related to material sciences with both experimental and the...

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Recently Completed Projects
  • Design a statistical study
  • Prepare a paper for journal publication
  • Stabilize the shelf life of a sauce
Skills related to Mathematical Physics
Acoustics & Sound Aerodynamics Algebra Algorithms Applied Mathematics Applied Mechanics Applied Physics Astrophysics Bioelectromagnetism Biomechanics Biophysics Biostatistics Calculus Categorical Algebra Chaos Theory Combustion & Ignition Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Mathematics Computational Physics Computational Sciences Condensed Matter Physics Control Theory Cosmology Cryogenics Decision Science Differential Equations Discrete Mathematics Dispersion Chemistry Educational Statistics Electricity & Magnetism Electrochemistry Electromagnetism Electrophysiology Elliptic Equations Energy Transfer Engineering Physics Ferroelectricity & Ferromagnetism Fiber Optics Finance Mathematics Fluid Mechanics Fractals Fracture Mechanics Fuzzy Systems Geomechanics Geometry Geophysics Graph Theory Group Theory Heat Transfer Integral Equations Knot Theory Laser Surgery Lasers & Photonics Liquids Mass Transfer Mathematical Analysis Mathematical Logic Mathematical Models Mathematical Optimization Mathematical Statistics Mathematical Wavelets Mathematics Mathematics Education Mechanics Meta-analysis Microfluidics Microwaves Natural Computation Neutrons Nuclear Law Nuclear Physics Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapons Optics Optoelectronics Particle Physics Particle-Induced X-Ray Emission Photodermatology Photonics Physical Chemistry Physics Plasma Physics Plasma Technology Pressure (Physics) Probability & Statistics Pure Mathematics Quantum Computing Quantum Mechanics Quantum Physics Radio Frequency Radiophysics Relativity Theory Signal Processing Solar Physics Sonar Space-Time Studies Statistical Physics Stochastic Processes Structural Biology Surface Sciences Theoretical Astrophysics Theoretical Mechanics Theoretical Physics Thermodynamics Thermophysical Engineering Thermophysics Time Series Analysis Topology Visual Perception Wave Mechanics X-Ray Technology