Conferences, symposiums, workshops, expos and corporate events are great places for professionals to network, learn about best practices and remain abreast of industry challenges. For ヘルスケア professionals, these events are a platform for individuals from the world of medicine, pharma, technology, clinical research, R&D and even データサイエンス そして 人工知能 to come together as speakers, guest lecturers or attendees.

In an age when interdisciplinary research is the norm, a varied workforce participates in the fast-paced delivery of healthcare services to global populations. Among the groups of interdisciplinary innovators, a thriving group of professionals exists that specializes in the path between core healthcare facets such as medicine, clinical research or R&D and emerging Informational Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, 機械学習 and allied areas. For this particular brand of innovators, events that cater to the nitty-gritty of ヘルスケア and data analytics industries are ever more crucial. Fortunately, some annual health and ライフサイエンス events are organized to foster the rapid development of this sector at significant growth-conducive regions. Here’s a list of the best corporate healthcare analytics events that you can attend in 2018.

1. Big Data & Analytics in Healthcare Summit 2018 – Philadelphia, PA – May 22nd & 23rd, 2018

This annual conference is organized by The Innovation Enterprise of the UK and brings together stalwarts from the premier public and private healthcare organizations. Apart from medical data analytics highflyers such as Faisal Khan, Director of Aetna, Jeremy Donath, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and Carol Hines, VP of Clinical Transformation at Jefferson Health, PA. For 2018, the tentative schedule of discussions is out and covers hot topics like When アルゴリズム Fail in Healthcare, Opportunities for Blockchain in Healthcare, Deep Dive: Machine Learning in Healthcare – Bridging the Translational Gap, and Demystifying Healthcare Costs with Data. The panel of speakers includes public health visionaries from Health 経済 and Outcomes Research department of Boehringer Ingelheim, Chief Quality and Development Officers from Arnot Health, ChenMed, and the University of Texas. 登録内容 are in full swing and the sponsors’ list is racing ahead to combine an interesting mix of Data Sciences Companies, Media Enterprises and Health IT majors, making this healthcare analytics event a big thumbs-up for healthcare professionals.

2. Public Health Informatics Conference – Atlanta, GA – August 20th to 23rd, 2018

This event is remarkable for its undying focus on global health problems and offers a good chance to organizations involved in public health decision making. This is a confluence of scientists, data analytics experts and policymakers that makes headlines each year. Adding to last year’s objective of “access, analysis and action”, this year’s outing brings to the table notable discussions on key health issues like improving population health with machine learning and upgrading electronic medical record systems. This year, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Center of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) are expected to helm the conference and take the conversation on Flu and Opioid epidemics to the world leaders. Conference submissions and registrations are open currently, but going by the scale of the conference, it’s wise to take seats now so that you don’t miss out on important speaker slots.

3. Hospital & Healthcare IT Expo 2018 – May 2-4, 2018 (Spring) and October 15-17 (Fall)

This conference is almost a health care practitioners’ extravaganza where health system managers, radiological and pathological examiners, surgery and 医療機器 technicians meet. What happens next is a burst of emergency case studies being recorded and scrutinized to unravel the best health care decisions used to derive new healthcare protocols. This event includes a list of Medical Device manufacturers and 臨床試験 Management companies that make headlines with their coveted product launch events during the 3-day conference. It’s the only bi-annual conference happening exclusively for healthcare IT experts at Atlanta during Spring and Chicago at Fall. A bigger talking point is registration protocols are different for providers and industry majors that takes the conference experience to a whole new level. It’s organised by Health Connect Partners, which is a dedicated event-managing organization connecting doctors to other professionals of the health service delivery professionals.

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4. PAW Healthcare 2018 – Las Vegas, NV – June 3rd to 7th, 2018

Predictive Analytics World – Healthcare is a collaborative event held every year to encourage participants from Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Sciences to meet with pharmaceutical companies. The volume of medical practitioners and allied health professionals coming to PAW Healthcare has been increasing every year owing to the increased networking and education opportunities that attendees stand to benefit at the 5-day workshop. In one of the previous editions of this conference, Ben Rollins from Bain and Company and Jason King, Principal Scientist at Proctor and Gamble were keynote speakers, which means that this season is going to be roaring full-house again. Currently, registrations are open and the list of speakers includes biggies like George Savage, Co-Founder of Proteus Digital Health, John Elder, Founder of Elder Research and Pamela Peele, Chief Analytics Officer at UPMC Health Plan. A predominant feature of this healthcare analytics event is the case study discussion where coveted Medicine experts get up, close and personal with Analytics champions to combat the biggest problems associated with quality healthcare delivery.

5. Health 2.0 – Santa Clara, CA – September 16th to 19th, 2018

This year marks the 12th edition of the conference that’s happening in Santa Clara, California. The Health 2.0 Fall Conference is a special healthcare analytics event supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The International Finance Corporation (An innovation unit of the World Bank Group). In 2017, the speakers in spotlight included Mark A. Tripodi, a Predictive Analytics expert at Venebio Group, Nigam Shah, the  Biomedical Informatics Professor at Stanford Health (Informatics Director for Spectrum), and Tariq Dastagir, Lead Medical Director at Transcend Insights. Pertinent discussions at the 11th Edition included the role of Big Data in the real healthcare revolution, Machine Learning ‘s attributes that can change Healthcare substantially and methods to increase the efficiency of Population Health management.  Although the website hasn’t disclosed the speakers for this year yet, it is likely to be a confluence of Big Data and Systems Biology experts from reputed universities. Currently, registration is open and interested professionals are invited to interact with keynote speakers and organisers through the Health 2.0 LinkedIn group.

Although each of these healthcare analytics conference/press events is projected differently, each covers a wide range of common healthcare issues facing the world, which is why it’s important that you make an informed decision and plan your year in advance. This will set the objectives for the year without cumbersome daily schedules and keep your focus towards the future healthcare goals higher up!

The good thing is that all of these healthcare analytics events accept freelancers with as much delight as much as full-time professionals. So if you are a self-employed allied healthcare worker, this could be your single-most gigantic career propeller in the times to come and a meticulous step for unlimited real-time learning. Hence, make your decisions quickly and set the ball rolling towards your 2018 goals!

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