The Making of Peggs, Vegan Eggs: A Kolabtree Success Story


Vegan eggs?! Grace, a Stanford grad and Uber employee, launches her business Peggs, with the help of a Kolabtree scientist. 

Grace O’Brien, project manager at Uber’s San Francisco office, recently made news for the launch of her business Peggs, that manufactures all-natural vegan eggs. During the COVID-19 lockdown last year, Grace found that she had time on her hands after she transitioned to remote work. While she had been wanting to go 100% vegan for a while, she was reluctant to give up eggs. Market alternatives that were already available were either not easily accessible or weren’t the best quality.

Grace decided to take matters into her own hands and try to come up with an alternative formula for vegan eggs. She had the time and liberty to experiment with different ingredients, however she didn’t have the technical expertise or a food science background. She decided to look for consultants who could help her arrive at the perfect recipe. She posted her project on Kolabtree and received 3 proposals form freelancers worldwide. Of them, Hugo Lisboa, a Brazil-based food researcher and biomaterials scientist, had the most relevant experience. Once an NDA was signed, they discussed the project details over a call. Hugo then sent Grace a detailed report of what ingredients and formula could work that would make for the ideal vegan egg, suitable for baking and scrambling.

Talking about the project, Hugo says “The pandemic has seen people sitting at home, with more time to follow their dreams and re-invent their business”. With a mission to scale her homegrown business, and timely expert assistance from Hugo, Grace went on to start a Kickstarter campaign for Peggs.  On providing what went on to prove invaluable guidance for her to be able to transform a product idea into reality, Hugo puts it succinctly, “Whilst business owners are mainly concerned with product completion, freelancers in academia can step in and maybe add a bit of expertise that enhances an otherwise generic product”.

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Read the CNBC feature on Peggs here.

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