Freitagsbeitrag: Dr. Sabine Joseph


Dr. Sabine Joseph is a trained researcher and data scientist with an interest in human cognition, Neurowissenschaften and behaviour. She is experienced with various research-related tasks including experimental design, Statistik, modelling, Datenanalyse and visualisation, and preparation of conference talks, posters and scientific reports.

Currently working as a Data Scientist for Uncover Dining London, she is an expert in the field of the cognitive neuroscience of working memory, multi-sensory processing, affective computing, behavioural and neuro-imaging methods. She’s applied her research expertise in both academia and industry and has gained commercial Datenwissenschaft experience building recommender systems.

Specializations: Neuropsychology, Data Analysis, Data Processing, Academic Writing, Biowissenschaften, Probability & Statistics, Visual Neuroscience, Computer Programming, Psychology, Cognitive Science

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