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Science is moving at a faster pace than ever. It’s easy to miss the newest scientific developments. To stay ahead of the curve, companies and organizations involved in health, medicine, manufacturing, and product innovations must stay up to date with the latest scientific research, new materials and compounds, evidence-based practices, and industrial research. Over 3 million peer-reviewed papers are published every year. Hire subject matter experts well-versed with the latest research trends to deep dive into topics of interest, conduct secondary research, and summarize the latest findings.

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Get customized research reports specific to your product, organization, or research area for a price lower than the average market report sold over the counter

Choose experts with PhDs from among 1800+ specialized research disciplines

Experts can deep dive into a topic of interest, discover peer-reviewed and gray literature, and synthesize the information for easy use

Request the expert to fill in a template, summarize findings in a research report, compile a list of relevant literature, or simply provide an evidence-based answer to your questions

Scope of service is fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs directly with the expert you want to work with

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Tailor the Secondary Research Service to meet your specific needs

Deep dive into a topic

Define your topic and hire a subject matter expert provide a comprehensive report or summary

Find the latest research

Let an expert collect and summarize the most recent scientific and research developments

Prepare evidence-based answers

Ask an expert to answer your questions with scientific and published evidence

Research a technical standard

Get engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices on any technical topic

Research a new product or material

Get the latest on new products coming out of science labs

Research competitors

Find out what competitors are developing or where they’re innovating

Save time and effort. Get tailored answers to your questions on a smaller budget than over-the-counter market research reports.

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Success Story

A small business owner got expert assistance to prepare for a meeting about local drug regulations

A highly experienced scientist and the CEO of a medical grade CBD dispensary was looking for a research expert to help him complete a literature search on placebo controlled, double blind research to propose changes to certain drug usage laws in his state. His team was putting together a presentation for the state senate committee about the scientific merit of the treating anxiety disorders using certain drugs.