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Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering

A wholesome IT professional with 25 years of experience focused on Software Testing, Data Science, and Software Development. Consulting in Dat...

Summary :
A wholesome IT professional with 25 years of experience focused on Software Testing, Data Science, and

data analytics - Donor database analysis & marketing improvement for NGOs - Quality & test

Background with a strong experience in networking, telecom, systems and network management and software testing

Work experience :
Individual Senior Test Technologist

Job title :
Senior Test Technologist

Test Technologist

Test Architect

United Kingdom

I am Professor of Econometrics at the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham. Broadly speaking, I work in the fields of econometr...

Summary :
touched upon the following areas (listed in no particular order): - large factor models; - randomised tests

; - the change point problem (testing and monitoring for structural change); - panel data; - cointegration

Title :
Testing for instability in covariance structures

Testing for (in)finite moments

Testing for Exogeneity in Cointegrated Panels

Testing for no factor structures: On the use of Hausman-type statistics

On the asymptotic t-test for large nonstationary panel models

Journal :


Teaching linguistics and conducting (applied) linguistic research (language testing and corpus linguistics) at the University of Novi Sad (till...

Summary :
Teaching linguistics and conducting (applied) linguistic research (language testing and corpus linguistics

Title :
Conceptualization of Validity in Educational Testing – Historical Discussion and Contemporary Consensus

Subject area :
Academic Testing

United States

I have worked in a wide range of fields in neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics and proteomics. I have very good understandi...

Summary :
proteomics and bioinformatics, enables me to quickly take the lead on any type of project - “traditional” hypothesis

driven projects or “global” hypothesis driven projects such as those designed to assess “candidate genes

Minor Computer Science
United States

Most business problems and solutions involve macro processes, but essentially stem from human elements. I pride myself in being an intuitive mi...

Summary :
training for a career in data science has qualified me to do data finding, data cleaning, scripting, hypothesis

testing, engineering features for statistical model building, machine learning, predictive modeling,

United States

My research focuses on the study of human immunology. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how the mucosal immune system is alte...

Summary :
over the course of my career include problem solving and trouble shooting, experimental design and hypothesis

testing, and verbal and oral communication skills.


My work primarily focused on identifying transcription factors regulating Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1) gene which included HNF-1 family of ...

Summary :
Public Health Research, Harvard University (via edX, HarvardX, October 15th- January 18th, 2012-2013) Test

outcomes and their determinants, study design options, bias and confounding, probability and diagnostic tests

, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, power and sample size determinations, life tables and

PhD Candidate
United States

I am an accomplished and prolific researcher. I earned my PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Texas Medical Branch. My resear...

Summary :
., Lyons, E.J. (2016) Testing Activity Monitors’ Effect on health (TAME health): Study protocol for a

Title :
Testing Activity Monitors’ Effect on Health: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial Among Older

United States

As a professional in the medical-biological sector, I spend years of progressive research in academical and industrial environment I have exten...

Summary :
core facilities and the Boston University flow cytometry lab • Headed the development and clinical testing

Israeli company with a 20-year history that now operates in the United States • Engaged in the clinical testing

daily operations of a scientific group focusing on drug discovery procedures • Led the pre-clinical testing

Screening for cervical neoplasia: A community-based trial comparing Pap staining, human papilloma virus testing

Title :
Screening for cervical neoplasia: A community-based trail comparing Pap staining, human papiloma virus testing

Ph.D. Biotechnology

I am Arthi Rathinasabapathy, Ph.D. in Biotechnology with 2+ years of experience as Microbiologist in a Medical Devices manufacturing unit. My...

Summary :
PHA characterization My Industrial experience provided me with the following skill set: • Sterility Testing

by membrane filtration method as well as direct inoculation • Bioburden testing of raw material &amp

product • Clean room environmental monitoring & personnel monitoring • Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

of Final product • Microbiological Testing of Water Samples • Biological Indicator (BI) testing • Prepare

with documentation according to established procedures.• Perform Growth Promotion Test of media • Microbial