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University of Bristol
United Kingdom

I am an applied mathematician and a multi-disciplinarian by education, training and trade; fundamentally I am good at and love solving problems...

United Kingdom

Researcher of human rights issues, international development and policy in the social sciences. Please contact for further details.

Cornell University
United States

I currently design electrical and polymeric components for simple wearable devices at Cerebral Biotech. My research interests include novel mat...

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom

I am an excellent written communicator with five years of experience in scientific research and ten years of experience as a software engineer ...

University of South Africa
South Africa

My research interests are in Information Systems research areas like data management, data governance, internet research, management research, ...

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, India

I am a postdoctorate fellow from the Indian Institute of technology-Madras, India. I have worked towards understanding the impact of small myco...

World Intellectual Property Organization

1. My research interest are vaccine immunology, microbiology and virology. I did PhD in Microbiology with the topic entitled ‘Evaluation of th...

University of Santo Tomas
United States

I have three years of experience in post-marketing individual case safety report (ICSR) processing and quality review. Since Feb 2018, I have b...

Michigan State University

Food Engineer with over 9 years of experience as Operations/logistics Executive in different areas of the Flavor industry, including but not li...

Universidade de São Paulo

- Electrical engineer with PhD in Mechanical Sciences. - Experience in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. - Several published papers in jour...