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PhD in Cell Biology
United States
USD30.0 per hour
Enthusiastic science communicator | Freelance scientific editor | Cell biologist with 8+ years experience

Hi there! I am a cellular and molecular biologist and expert science communicator with over 8 years of experience in crafting scientific writin...

PhD - Human Genetics
United States
USD100.0 per hour
Science communications expert and scientific writer with extensive knowledge in Life Sciences and Human Genetics

Multi-functional and high agility science communications specialists with a PhD in Human Genetics, vast knowledge in life sciences, and passio...

BS in Food Science
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Research Scientist │ Science & Medical Communications Specialist │ PhD Candidate in Biomedicine

Scientific researcher and writer with 4+ years experience in drafting technical publications including peer-reviewed manuscripts, research prop...

United States
USD75.0 per hour
Freelance CER Writer | Science and Medical Communications Specialist | Neurospsychiatry Expert | Creative Writer

I am a freelance science and medical writer catering to a diverse audience of scientists, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical and medical ...

United States
USD150.0 per hour
Translational Science Research & Development Consultant | Digital Health, AI, Ethics, Education, Work & Wellbein...

I'm interested in translational science, applied psychology, experimental psychology, and evaluative research, especially in developing or ...

PhD Immunology
United Kingdom
USD35.0 per hour
Immunologist with expertise in science writing and editing

My research furthered the understanding of the role of T cells in the development and maintenance of the autoimmune disease Lupus. I demonstrat...

Masters of Pharmacy with specialisation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
USD0.0 per hour
Freelance Medical Writer | MPharm | Compelling Content for Pharma-Biotech-Healthcare sectors

I am a freelance medical writer and I create quality medical content for Pharma and healthcare industries. A Master’s degree in Pharmacy and a ...

USD25.0 per hour
Medical Researcher, Bio-statistician, and Professional Academic and Scientific Writer

* Experienced researcher in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Neurology and other medical fields. * Published many papers in internati...

PhD - Genetics of Autoinflammation
United Kingdom
USD0.0 per hour
Research scientist with a background in Genetics, Inflammation and Evolutionary Developmental Biology

I'm a researcher interested in how transformations at the genetic level translates to changes in functions at the protein, cellular and org...

M.S. in regulatory science
United States
USD55.0 per hour
Scientist Skilled in Research, Research Compliance, Science Writing and Education. Total of 25 Years Experience

Skilled research scientist, writer, educator and scientific protocol expert with extensive experience and a proven ability to improve research ...

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
USD90.0 per hour
Freelance medical writer, COVID-19 virologist, Coronavirus expert, CER writer, MDR Consultant, Scientist, clinical trial

A strong background in viorology, medical microbiology and public health qualifies me to work on COVID-19 projects (factsheets, COVID-19 at hom...

United States
USD75.0 per hour
Strategic Medical Writer/Content Development

I've worked in medical communications for nearly 15 years developing content and providing strategic direction for many clients including p...

Master of Science (Specialisation in Biomedical Science)
United Kingdom
USD40.0 per hour

I am an experienced science writer and editor, with a PhD in Neuroscience. Thus, in addition to my science communication skills, which have bee...

United States
USD45.0 per hour
Scientific & Technical Editing | Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics | Diverse Editing Experience

I have edited over 3 million words in the form of: dissertations, article manuscripts, grant applications, conference and paper abstracts, repo...

PhD Biochemistry
United Kingdom
USD38.0 per hour
Freelance plant and food biochemist with 10+ years in research, scientific writing and English-French translation

I am a university lecturer and researcher in biochemical food safety with experience in Africa, Europe and Asia. I have multidisciplinary resea...

United States
USD75.0 per hour
I am a PhD-trained microbial science writer with a passion for helping others communicate complex ideas with simplicity.

I have a PhD in microbiology and 10 years of scientific work experience (6 years research, 2 years industry, and 2 years management). My writin...

United States
USD20.0 per hour
Water & Wastewater | PFAS analysis & treatment | Expertise in LC-MSMS, GC-MS | 5+ years Experience in scientific...

I am a researcher working in the area of Environmental Engineering. My current research focus on to analyze and treat PFAS from different envir...

Masters in Biotechnology
USD30.0 per hour
Scientific writing,Plant Molecular Biologist,plant-microbe interactions, RNAseq data, signalling and small RNA pathways

Experience in writing scientific articles related to plant molecular biology, plant-microbe interactions, post-translational modifications, sig...

PhD (Materials Chemistry)
United States
USD70.0 per hour
Materials Scientist with 8 years of experience in R&D across multiple disciplines

Sectors: Advanced materials, biotech, energy, electronics Core Competencies: Materials science, solid-state chemistry Materials: Metal oxides, ...

Dr. rer. nat. / PhD
USD200.0 per hour
Neuroscience | Cognitive Science

I am currently running an auditory neuroscience lab at the Institute for Audioneurotechnology (NIFE) at Hannover Medical School, Germany. I am ...

PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
USD50.0 per hour
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology PhD | Expert in microscopy image processing and analysis. Experienced academic writ...

I have 10 years of experience in academic research. scientific publishing and science communication. I speak and write fluently English, Italia...

PhD in Health Sciences Education
South Africa
USD0.0 per hour
Biomedical scientist, educationalist, researcher, lifelong learner.

Scientist & Educationalist. Quantitative & qualitative researcher. A medical cell biologist who made the jump to applied social...

PhD in Biomedical Engineering
United States
USD45.0 per hour
Creative and self-motivated biomedical engineer/scientist with 5+ years of R&D experience and science communication.

10+ years of biomedical engineering experience. 5+ years in a research and development setting developing a microfluidic technology to be utili...

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D, Pharmaceutical sciences)
USD30.0 per hour
Certified and experienced professional medical/scientific writer with 18 years of experience

I am a Doctorate (PhD) in Pharmacy, a Certified Medical Publication Professional™ (CMPP), a certified Information Mapping Professional™ (IMP) a...

PHD in Pharmaceutical Science
USD10.0 per hour
Medical, Science and Research Writing Expert with 09 + years experirnce in clinical research and Research & Developm...

• I am Anurag Sharma, working as a professional medical and science writer. I have completed my post-graduation on pharmaceutical science and P...

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