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PhD in Animal Genetics
USD75 per hour
Bioinformatician with +10 years of experience in data science applied to genomics.

Bioinformatician with over 10 years of experience in data science: management and analysis of large-scale genomic datasets generated with SNP/m...

United States
USD20 per hour
Manuscript editing, Statistical Analysis, Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Molecular Ecology, Genomics, eDNA

Highly trained and skilled aquatic ecologist. Most recent ongoing experience in eDNA (environmental DNA) metabarcoding. Highly knowledgeable in...

Postdoctoral Fellow
United States
Assistant Professor of Oncology, Center For Immunotherapy, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

I have a strong experience in translating bioinformatics lingo into simpler concepts to bridge the gap between wet and dry lab. I work on the b...

Ph. D. / Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Hypoxia Tolerance in Indian Catfish Clarias batrachus Brain

I am currently working as Application Scientist in Imperial Life Sciences with working position at NBFGR, Lucknow, India and my work includes G...

Graduate Certificate Applied Statistics
United States
USD191 per hour
Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core Director

I am the director of the Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core at Oregon Health & Science University's Oregon National Primat...

Molecular Cell Cancer Biologist | Research Scientist & Project Manager | 10+ yrs experience in pharma and biotech

Dynamic and experienced biomedical research scientist with a demonstrated history of working in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With a s...

Ph.D. in Food Systems: Characterization of the intestinal microbial ecosystem through bioinformatic and statistical analyses of the microbiomics data
USD20 per hour
Freelance Bioinformatician, Biostatistician, Data Scientist | Expert in BigData, Microbiota Research, NGS

I was born as a molecular biologist with my gaze fixed on genetic engineering and few years later I have begun the way towards biostatistics an...

Master Molecular Biology
USD50 per hour
PhD Student, Working in Molecular Biology & Bioinformatic. Experience in Big Data Analysis, Genomics & Transcrip...

Strong experience in big data analysis, genomics & transcriptomics. Now doing a PhD in University of Buenos Aires. My actual project in...

Proteomics: From purificatio to characterization
USD30 per hour
Accomplished scientific researcher, educationalist, social worker, free lancing expert for academic subjects.

I am a researcher with strong professional skillsets. I have served in one of the leading pharma companies, international startup, a Cancer res...

Master of Science in Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Genetics (university 3rd rank)
USD45 per hour

I am a final year graduate student pursuing research in the field of human molecular genetics. My expertise lies in methods of classical geneti...

Master's in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
USD35 per hour
Medical/Scientific Writer and Biocurator-Master's in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with 15 years of experience.

Independent Medical/Scientific Writer and Biocurator • Writing for pharmaceutical and medical device organizations. Creating clinical protocol...

B.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry
South Africa
USD15 per hour

I am currently completing an M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry, specializing in Structural Biology. My research focuses on the structural characteri...

Master of Science
USD30 per hour
Bioinformatician and Data Scientist | 3 years of experience | Scientific Writing | Python, R

IBM-certified Data Scientist and Bioinformatics specialist. Founded a student-run DIYBio organization that became the top biotech popular scien...

United States
USD150 per hour
Research faculty member at Harvard Medical School with 10+ year of experience in leading and mentoring teams of scienti...

I have 10+ years of experience in leading and mentoring teams of academic researchers and innovators to conduct research projects related to hu...

PhD Molecular Biology
United Kingdom
USD40 per hour

My research experience began during my BSc where I did a year’s sabbatical in the Endocrinology department at St Thomas hospital. I then went o...

Post Doctoral Fellow- Epigenetic Program (GI Cancers-Colon, Pancreas, Sracoma, Appendix)
United States

I'm Faculty at Surgical Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I have interest focused on the development of biomark...

United Kingdom
USD100 per hour
Senior Lecturer at The University of Edinburgh

Expert in computational cancer biology. I can contribute to projects that require computation analysis of genomics data (bulk and single cell R...

PhD Genetics
United Kingdom
Staff Scientist at The Institute of Cancer Research

My background is in experimental genetics with a focus on genetic screens and mutagenesis methods. Currently I am using CRISPR mutagenesis scre...

PhD, Biophysics
United States

My current research focuses on the developmental aspect of carcinogenesis and aging. I am studying the process of initiation and progression of...

United States
USD15 per hour
Protein Scientist

I'm a seasoned structural biologist who can help you with everything from sequence alignments and phylogenetics to homology modeling and mo...

Results-driven Human Molecular Geneticist with over 10 years of research experience in gene discovery of genetics disorders with an emphasis on...

PhD in Biotechnology
United States

I am a molecular biologist who has been studying disease by analysing DNA sequences. I initially worked in agriculture to identify new plant vi...

Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics

I have more than six years of research experience in the field of genetics and genomics I am keen to leverage my extensive background of Next ...

USD50 per hour
BI and Computational Statistician with 5 + years experience, has been using data science and Machine Learning techniques

Computational Statistician with 5+ years of progressive experience interacting with complex data and data pipelines, 3+ years establishing rigo...