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Why Kolabtree
USD140.0 per hour
Sr. Data Scientist

I am Technology Expert huge experience in Data Science, Blockchain Technology, Virtual Reality, Microsoft HoloLens, Glassware, Augmented Realit...

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Business
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Experienced mechanical engineer | MSME candidate at Mississippi State University

Passionate entrepreneur and mechanical engineer with demonstrated history working in freelancing and electrical/electronic manufacturing indust...

Exercise Science/Bachelor of Science
United States
USD50.0 per hour

My research interests include epidemiology, health outcomes research, public health and biostatistics. I worked for Massachusetts General Hospi...

M.Sc. in Statistics & Computing
USD10.0 per hour

Currently, I am working on some projects related to financial or survey related in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. I have done some proj...

Economics BSc
United Kingdom
USD45.0 per hour
Data Scientist/ Data Analyst. 10+ years experience having worked with the worlds largest global organisations.

I am a data scientist/analyst with over 10 years experience having worked on projects across the banking, retail, FMCG, online retail and oil....

Ph.D. Biochemistry (Funded by Cancer Research, UK)
USD0.0 per hour

I have a PhD in Biochemistry and my area of expertise range from data analysis, assay development to scientific writing

USD20.0 per hour
A Freelance Writer| An avid Researcher| Technical Writer | 4+ Years experience |

*Research Domain: Optical Electronics | Nanotechnology | Environmental Science *I have a masters degree in optical electronics engineering and ...

MSc Epidemiology
United Kingdom
USD70.0 per hour

I am an Epidemiologist with over 8 years research experience, having working in both the public and private sectors. At present I work on sever...

Bachelor in Computer Science
USD35.0 per hour
Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer at Globo.com

Since undergraduation, I've specialized in the area of Artificial Intelligence by studying specialized disciplines and developing models of...

Oracle certified professional
USD20.0 per hour
I am ORACLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL , working 12 years in IT industry as a Database Developer

I am ORACLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL , working 12 years in IT industry as a Developer, I own a startup www.erpist.com . I can provide you a very ...

USD15.0 per hour
Data Analyst | Designer | Animator

I've been doing freelancing for about 3-4 years on different platforms. My research areas are: Desktop Development: Java, C#, C, Python, ...

Masters in High Performance Computing with Data Science
USD0.0 per hour
Data Scientist

Data Science and High Performance Computing graduate student equipped with entrepreneurial and work experience, Experienced with using both R a...

Master of Public Health
United States
USD30.0 per hour
Freelance Epidemiologist & Data Analysts. Experienced with SAS & SPSS with 10 years of clinical research experie...

I have a graduate degree in public health with a concentration in epidemiology. I have worked in the clinical research field as a data analyst ...

MSc. in Information Technology
USD50.0 per hour
Research Scientist: Expert in Data Management |Data Analysis|Predictive modeling|Machine Learning|Publication

I am an experienced research scientist with a demonstrated years of working in health care continuum, corporate and consultancy. With my outsta...

Masters in Data Analytics
USD17.0 per hour
Business Intelligence Analyst at CRH / SSIS|SSMS|SSAS|Pythono|R| Machine Learning| Map Reduce

Data Scientist - Predictive Analytics/ Data Science/ Big Data/ Python/R/SSIS/SSMS/Data Processing/ Wrangling/Hive/Pig/PowerBI/Tabelau

MSc / Mechatronics Engineer
United States
USD20.0 per hour

I am a multidisciplinary engineer, You can talk to me about your challenging engineering and scientific projects.

B.S. Mathematics
United States
USD50.0 per hour
Data Science Consultant at Apex Systems

I have 10 years of experience as a data analyst and have been studying mathematics most of my life. I have experience with statistical analysi...

USD20.0 per hour
Engineer in applied mathematics | Freelance Statistician & Data Analyst | Expert in python

I have a great experience on natural language processing. I realised a modified Viterbi algorithm by introducing Part of Speech Tagging as an e...

Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology
United States
USD40.0 per hour
Clinical Scientist | Expert in literature reviews & data analysis (SPSS)

Experience in Independent Research | Publications | Clinical Research | Transcriptions | Literature Review During my masters degree I conducte...

Masters in Aerospace engineering
USD15.0 per hour
Freelance Data Science I Expert in Python Machine learning

I want work as a part time freelancer. I'm currently working at Cyient limited Hyderabad. I have done my M-Tech in Aerospace engineering at...

USD40.0 per hour
Theoretical Physicist | Data Scientist | Kaggle Kernels Expert

• Theoretical physicist with experience in quantitative analysis and mathematical thinking • Mentor and code reviewer at Udacity focusing on ma...

Bachelor of Technology
USD150.0 per hour
Senior Data Analyst with 4+ years of work experience in end to end data analytics projects

I work as a Senior Data Analyst with a known consultancy firm. I focus majorly on predictive analytics using Machine Learning. I have also work...

United States
USD65.0 per hour
Experienced Data Scientist/Engineer/Project Manager who loves to solve problems

More than 20 years experience with DoD, Commercial Avionics, and IT industries. Excel expert. Fee is negotiable, based on difficulty.

Master's Degree in Epidemiology
USD30.0 per hour
Master di 2° livello in Epidemiologia presso Università degli Studi di Torino

I've been working as a Statistician in the field of Environmental Epidemiology for the last 6 years. I was involved in several analyses on ...

Actuarial Science
USD15.0 per hour
Expert in Statistical Modelling using R, SPSS, and Excel

An experienced research and data analyst. I have previously written articles in machine learning, time series, economics, cyber risk, and insur...

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