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How to hire a freelance cosmetologist

Improving beauty has never been such a scientific task. Cosmetology is the use of chemistry, physiology, and biochemistry to formulate, test and produce hair, nails and skin products, with dermatological and environmental concerns in mind.

The ever increasing interest in personal care and beauty treatments has brought cosmetics technology and product development consulting to the next level.

Key aspects of cosmetic science include the development, production and packaging of beauty products in the main categories of skin, hair, nails and perfumes. High-value personal care products influences not only our personal lives, but also has an economical impact.

What does a skin care expert do?

Chemistry can explain a lot about how we look and cosmetologists are the experts who study the science of chemistry related to beauty in order to create and improve beauty products.

From laboratorial tests to clinical trials, these professionals need to assure that all quality requirements are met and that safety is guaranteed before a product can hit the market.

  • Hair care - Curly hair has many more bonds than straight hair. Breakage of the bonds in curly hair results in its straightening, a chemical reaction used in hair relaxers. Changing the color of the hair also involves chemical reactions. Shampoos, conditioners, masks and other treatments are among the hair products developed by cosmetologists.
  • Nail care – Initiators, monomers, catalysts and polymerization are chemical processes applied to nail care, be it natural or artificial. A variety of nail polishes, including those polymerized through ultraviolet light and other nail products are created by these professionals.
  • Skin care – from collagen cross-links to melanin expression, from spot elimination to artificial tanning, it is all about chemistry and science. Moisturizers and creams are examples of formulation in the skin care category of cosmetology.
  • Cleansing agents - A whole range of cleansing agents, such as soaps and bubble bath are also developed by cosmetology experts.
  • Decorative cosmetics - Cosmetology also involves production of make-up, including lipstick, foundation, toner, eye shadow, mascara and much more.
Why hire a cosmetologist?

Cosmetic technology and product development consulting offers a broad spectrum of activities, such as:

  • Stability testing of products, shelf-life definition
  • Advanced formulating techniques
  • Microbial preservation and biocompatibility testing
  • Quality assurance according to beauty products legislation and dermatological principles
  • Development of specific legislation
  • Safety assessment during product development
  • Performance evaluation of current and upcoming products
  • Market research on beauty products
  • Teaching students about the afore-mentioned topics, as well technical and scientific writing.

Skin care product development requires a lot of laboratory and scientific work, hence these experts tend to spend hours testing and developing new technologies in the lab. Organic cosmetic science is a very promising field that has shown incredible growth in the latest years.

The deep understanding of raw chemical products, chemical reactions between components and between mixtures and skin, hair and nails is essential for the successful testing and manufacturing of beauty products.

Most professionals in the cosmetic science consulting business work in research and development departments in private companies, universities or educational institutions.

How much does a skin care product development specialist cost?

A skin care formulation chemist or cosmetology expert can offer their consultancy service from as little as 30-40 USD per hour, depending on the project.

It is also possible to establish long-term collaborations with freelancers in this field, and in this case, it might be a good idea to work on a fixed-fee per project.

How to hire a freelance cosmetologist online?

A strong job description is key to finding the right freelancer for your project. Make sure to address the following points.


  • Project description or scope of work: explain in details what you need to be done and the expected deliverables.
  • Duration of the project: be clear on how long the project is going to take to be completed.
  • By when you need to hire: if you have a tight deadline, you might need to find a freelancer immediately, otherwise, if this is not the case, you can take your time to find the best expert for your project.
  • Budget: hourly rate or project-based.
  • Skills required: describe the skills that you would like to find in the freelancer.

The personal care and cosmetics industries have never been so linked to science, biology and research. Hire a freelance cosmetologist to develop a beauty product that meets all safety and regulatory standards. 

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