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University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
United States

My current work focuses on intracellular toxins produced by the human pathogens Bacillus anthracis (edema toxin) and Clostridium difficile (Tcd...

University of Trier, Germany, Applied Human Geography: Tourism Development and Destination Management

I travel around with one suitcase full of stage and (scientific) writing experience, endless curiosity, and power to make things happen. I’m ...

National University of Singapore

Scientific researcher working on the synthesis of organic electronic materials with prior industrial experience in the synthesis of Active Phar...

University of Warwick
United Kingdom

My main area is product & process development across ambient, chilled & frozen food.

University of East Anglia
United Kingdom

I am an environmental scientist with over 10 years’ research experience. My expertise ranges from microbial oceanography, genetics, climate cha...

University of Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa

I bring initiative and a strong drive to deliver a good product or service. In January 2018 I made the changeover from full-time senior scienti...

Boston University
United States

Hello, I received my doctoral degree in chemistry at a Boston-based university with a research background in polymer chemistry, biochemistry, ...

University of Texas at San Antonio College of Engineering
United States

Articulate, exceptionally driven scientific researcher with 6+ years of experience conducting innovative research focused on the biophysical as...

Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain
United States

Self-motivated highly productive biomedical scientist with 14+ years of experience in virology and immunology. My research is focused on the in...

Queen Mary University of London
United Kingdom

My research experience began during my BSc where I did a year’s sabbatical in the Endocrinology department at St Thomas hospital. I then went o...