10 Global Pharma Conferences Taking Place in 2020


Mahasweta Pal, freelance science writer for Kolabtree, lists the top pharma conferences 2020. 

Some pathbreaking shifts occurred in the pharmaceutical industry recently. Roche’s long domination of the cancer space ended at the close of 2019. Celgene,  Merck & Co., and AstraZeneca are racing ahead to take that spot. Meanwhile, Asia has become another epicenter of pharmaceutical success stories, with its growing pipeline of biologics and small molecule development. 2020’s journey is going to be interesting, as global industry leaders are poised to take the center stage.

Regulations, approvals, commercialization, orphan drug pricing, supply chain deficits, quality control roadblocks – you can find a session addressing any of these agendas. Pharma professionals, clinicians, academics, and policymakers look forward to global pharma conferences 2020 to connect with the community and increase their clientele. Startup founders would be attending key events as well, to present a new business model, search for investors, or connect with collaborative research groups. Pharma and life science professionals would be keen to attend trade shows and exhibitions too, which host some noteworthy product launches.

Therefore, it’s time to plan your calendar so that you don’t miss out on the most promising global pharma conferences 2020!

1.  J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference 2020 (Jan 13-16, 2020|San Francisco, CA)

This conference is hosted by investment major, J.P. Morgan, and hosts 450+ public and private companies and 12000+ high-profile pharma professionals and global investors. Every year JPM Healthcare is the stage where key industry-transforming updates are announced. The 38th edition this year will set the stage for presenting the most awaited clinical trial results, investor outlook of public companies, major leadership shifts, and M&A announcements. Keeping the US elections in mind, the conference themes for 2020 are:

  1. Effective contribution of new technologies to control drug pricing, rebates on prescription drugs
  2. Performance of Emerging pharma markets
  3. Shifts in healthcare delivery by pharmacy benefit managers
  4. Shifts in regulations, FDA approvals, and orphan drugs
  5. Drug patent cycles

Registration at the JPM conference is by invitation only. Pharma and biotech entrepreneurs can opt for exclusive reservations and book meeting rooms in prior.

2. DIA’s Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference (Jan 26-29, 2020|Washington, DC)

DIA 2020 is slated to happen in the last week of January. The event has short courses (Jan 26) on Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Planning, Interdisciplinary Safety Evaluation During Product Development, and Pharmacovigilance for Medication Errors. The reasons why this conference is a must-visit are the dedicated sessions by invited speakers on the following:

  1. Global Regulatory Updates – newest updates from the FDA, EMA, and MHRA
  2. Pharmacovigilance developments and issues with global impact from China, Japan, and India
  3. Expanding uses of real-world evidence for evidence generation
  4. Address by Hans Georg Eichler, EMA: Overcoming Methodology Aversion in Drug Development and Regulation
  5. Special focus on Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS): new FDA guidances, development, assessment, and modification of REMS

Also, global industry leaders, including Stella Blackburn (IQVIA, UK), Mariette Boerstoel-Streefland (Alexion Pharmaceuticals, US), and Gerald J. Dal Pan, who is the Director of the Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, USFDA will be presiding over the keynote sessions.


3. 2020 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit (Jan 28-29, 2020|New York, NY)

The biopharma industry is faced with headwinds in biomanufacturing and supply chain hurdles, especially with quality benchmarking for generic medicines. On the horizon ahead, M&A opportunities will start making big strides. This speeds up as drug development, licensing, discovery and availability advance significantly. This year, the Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit aims to address the following topics:

  1. Cost-effective clinical development,
  2. New treatments and approvals,
  3. Generic incursion,
  4. Small molecule discovery for wider therapeutic application,
  5. Market availability, procurement, packaging, therapeutic supply chain technologies, and
  6. Cost optimization and time-to-market.

Sponsoring companies include Schrodinger, AbbVie Corporation, Quay Pharma, MUNIT, and BASF. Keynote speakers to look forward to are Wei Zhu (Merck & Co.), John Morrison (Bristol Myers Squibb), Bob Prud’Homme (Princeton University), and Dedong Wu (AstraZeneca). Registrations have started and the early bird discounts are available until Jan 24, 2020.

4. International Conference on PharmScience Research & Development (February 24-26, 2020, Los Angeles, CA)

With an earnest objective of creating an international forum for academicians, practitioners and business professionals discussing the grittiest, most adverse issues in pharma development, the United Scientific Group started the ICPSR. The event hosts a multitude of dynamic academic discussions on the following:

  • Orphan drug development for rare diseases
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Drug journeys from lab-to-market
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • Neuropharmacology and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

In 2020, the event emphasizes on accessing new markets for drug developers and marketers and improving the quality of healthcare delivery across the globe. Please remember to submit abstracts by Jan 31, 2020.

5. Pharma Contract Manufacturing (March 17-18, 2020| Munich, Germany)

2020 has set the ball rolling for pharma’s progress in terms of new drugs, novel drug approvals, and bringing biosimilars on the market. This event focuses on discussions associated with rebuilding pharma’s contract manufacturing sector, with invited speakers from Ipsen, tesa Labtec GmbH, Adare Pharmaceuticals, Angelini, and Zoetis. Keynote addresses on the upcoming challenges such as rising costs of pharmaceutical manufacturing, achieving quality and parity with regulators, sustainable supply chain solutions, preference of aseptic manufacturing, and quality control remain the salient talking points at the event.

6. DCAT Week 2020 (March 23-26, 2020|New York)

DCAT Week is the annual conference organized by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association. Undoubtedly, it is the largest pharma business event, attracting more than 1000+ pharma companies. 2020 presents the 94th edition of the event, where Matthew McConaughey, a celebrated Academy Award winner, would be presiding over the Annual Dinner with the attendees. The 2020 edition will focus discussions on the following topics, namely:

  1. the impact of the leadership changes in the FDA and EMA,
  2. the inevitable conversation on US drug pricing and changes in the US pharmaceutical supply chain,
  3. the trends in the regulatory actions of USFDA and EMA,
  4. the implications of Brexit
  5. China’s status in the global pharmaceutical trade, and
  6. The dynamics of US generics market
  7. The use of real-world data, primarily patient health and outcomes data, which are gathered outside of randomized controlled trials
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Special events for discussing the M&A activity of 2018-19 have also been organized. Prepare for the industry roundtables and the grand Business Meeting Space activities, where attendees get to interact with the C-suite of API and finished pharmaceutical manufacturing companies globally. Registrations are accepted through a company membership.

7. CPhI 2020 (Multiple Locations)

No matter how busy the work calendar gets over the next few months, this pharma industry event is definitely one that should not be missed. P-MEC, ICSE, and the other organizers make sure that in each of the venues – North America/Europe/Japan/SEA – visitors and exhibitors leverage every minute for business development, knowledge building, and networking. CPhI is where you can interact with global pharma manufacturers of finished dose pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, small molecules, high potent APIs, and even biologics.

  • CPhI South East Asia – March 4-6, 2020, Bangkok, Thailand
  • CPhI Japan – March 16-18, 2020, Tokyo, Japan
  • CPhI North America – May 5-7, 2020, Philadelphia, PA
  • CPhI Worldwide – Oct 13-15, 2020, Milan, Italy

Every exhibitor at CPhI gets a time slot to present their development portfolio, while freelancers and SMEs seek exposure to pharmaceutical contractors, service providers, and build collaborations. The best part is that organizers of CPhI Worldwide, CPhI South East Asia, CPhI North America, and CPhI Japan are providing attendees one-on-one meeting rooms, conference slots, and some exhibitors’ privileges. SME representatives can access a host of learning opportunities such as corporate seminars, lectures, business incubating facilities, funding and investor meetings, and lots more. Without further ado, head to the registration page to the location most suited for you!

8. eyeforpharma 2020 (April 15-16, 2020|Philadelphia, PA)

One of North America’s leading pharma industry events hosted by Thomson Reuters, eyeforpharma attracts 1200+ professionals, 100+ companies, and 150+ speakers. This is one of the prizeworthy venues to meet with CEOs and make a longstanding impact on your professional network. Participate in pharma & healthcare’s prestigious event that invites scientists, policymakers, regulators, business development executives, investors, R&D managers, and entrepreneurs. The conference agendas for the 18th edition in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Price control of pharmaceutical and medical products
  2. Cost optimization of Personalized care
  3. Innovations in the cell, gene, Car-T, and curative therapies
  4. Sustainable solutions for healthcare delivery

The invited speakers’ list is definitely to look out for. There’s Ramona Sequeira (Takeda, US), David Loew (Sanofi Pasteur), Jackie Hunter (Benevolent AI). Registrations for the event are running, and few lucky participants may get discounts of up to $300.

9. Medical Affairs Strategic Summit 2020 (Apr 14-16, 2020, New Brunswick, NJ)

Around the same time as eyeforpharma, in New Jersey, another important event occurring for medical affairs managers is the Medical Affairs Strategic Summit. MASS East 2020 is dedicated to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The event hosts pharma marketing agencies, pharma manufacturers, clinical researchers, and quality control professionals who gather to gain insights on the latest happenings in the pharma manufacturing facilities. A number of case studies will be presented and new guidance documents and policies unveiled, while pharmaceutical manufacturers present the key findings determining the medical affairs for 2025. Attending this event is a plus for a pharma professional as it provides key insights on patient-centered healthcare delivery, foundational frameworks designed for better medical governance, and the future-proof R&D strategy. Register quick to get privy access!

10. AI in Pharmaceuticals Summit 2020 (June 18-19, 2020| Boston, MA)

Pharmaceutical product developers experienced a revolution between 2018 and 2019 with the use of AI and ML. Various big and small pharma companies are already accelerating their pipeline using AI tools. However, its thorough industry-wide implementation is yet to see the light of the day. This event caters to that community of individuals pursuing record-breaking drug development speeds and accuracy that were never seen before. While the list of invited speakers includes Jian Tang (HEC Pharma), Ola Ajayi (Biogen), and Pablo Cingorani (AstraZeneca), the event showcases successes in using AI tools to uncover rare diseases, rare pathways in cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Register now and get access to some great partnering opportunities!

11. PharmaTec Series 2020 (Sept 24-25, 2020| London, UK)

This year, PharmaTec Series is planned as a 3-in-1 event over two days, featuring 80+ cutting-edge presentations, panel discussions, and 8+ hours of valuable networking. The conference segregates the program into 3 categories – Pharma IT & Data, AI in Drug Development, SmartLabs & Laboratory Informatics. The organizers are hosting various sessions on FAIR data case studies, Real-World Data & Evidence, augmented & virtual reality in pharma, evidence generation powered by artificial intelligence, and laboratory informatics systems & automation.

Featured keynote speakers include Dana Vigier (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Erik Bierwagen (Genentech), and Christopher Boone (Pfizer). The 2020 edition will be attended by leading biopharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical startups, such as Merck KGaA, Schrodinger, LabTwin, PerkinElmer, IBM, ChemAxon, and Synthace. The venue will provide ample networking opportunities as knowledge building and partnering remain the key agenda.

These were the top 10 pharma conferences 2020
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