The Ultimate Content Distribution Guide for 2022


Content is one of the most powerful tools to influence and educate people about your brand and persuade them into making relevant purchases, but there’s something else you need to factor in. There might be millions of people on the internet consuming content, but, equally, there are millions of content creators and brands churning out blogs, videos and podcasts on a daily basis.

This means content distribution, repurposing and redistribution should be the most important facets of your marketing strategy, to ensure you get repeat eyeballs. This is also a fool proof way to ensure you place your content in the right place at the right time, since audiences tend to fluctuate in terms of where and when they consume content online. 

Before embarking on a content distribution strategy, make sure you’re fully aware of your audience demographic and that you’re creating content based on that – For instance, your audience might prioritize thought leadership-based whitepapers and eBooks informing them of what’s happening in the sphere you operate in, over casual video content about your brand and domain of activity, or vice versa.

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This can also depend on your end goal, with certain channels of distribution more effective if you want to prioritize conversions over brand building and communicating with your audience, and vice versa.

With that, let’s delve into some of the best practices for effective content distribution,

Self publishing channels for content distribution

The channels you own are the most useful and effective ones for content distribution, to further your brand and increase conversions, since you have complete control over what gets published when. This encompasses your website, blog pages, extended landing pages and social media handles. You can mix up your content, using specialized landing pages for direct conversion and social media pages to engage with and nurture your audience along the funnel gradually. 

Here’s where content repurposing plays a huge role, with several formats like short videos, blog snippets and descriptive banners enabling you to adapt your more detailed blog and informational content into smaller snippets to be consumed by your social media audience across platforms such as,

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

With the creation and consumption of videos in particular doubling since 2018, you can also use in-house tools or hire qualified video creators from external platforms to fully utilize video content.

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Partner or influencer channels

Depending on the sphere your company operates in, you can choose to partner with relevant pages, websites and individuals who will distribute your content amongst their network, thus widening its reach and impact. These can either be domain influencers who are willing to share informational content such as whitepapers that you create, or partner and referral websites that you can write a guest post for, influencing their audience in the process. 

Middle-men PR agencies can also help you, both by providing a database of influencers you can partner with, or taking up the whole project themselves on your behalf. Timing also plays a crucial role here. The websites you want to be featured in may typically have a certain schedule and time of the year when they accept guest articles, so reaching out to their editors well in advance will help you get spots in their content calendar.

Content distribution through online communities and forums

The power of online communities, forums and social media groups is understated, with many of them good for niche, direct conversions. If you do your research well and comment in these groups with a well-informed insightful comment plugging in your brand, the chances of a direct conversion increases exponentially. This can generally be something that either adds value to the ongoing discussion in that particular forum or thread or, even better, something your website provides that can solve the problem being discussed. 

Reddit and LinkedIn groups are great examples of places where you can engage your target demographic. You can also identify leading influencers and domain leaders in these groups and tag them in your posts, highlighting their work whilst also aiming to enhance your reach. Answering questions related to your industry and product on Quora can also help you establish yourself as an authority in your domain and gain more visibility. 

Email outreach

Emails, like online forums, are a gold mine for direct conversions. As long as your research and database building is spot on, your content can be highly effective here. The key is to understand the pain points of the audience you’re emailing, and picking a piece of content that you have that best solves that problem for them. Since this is a ‘push’ distribution strategy rather than ‘pull’ (such as posting on social media to a larger audience), make sure you curate your target audience list and the content piece you’re reaching out with extremely carefully, and that it is well tailored and personalized to their attributes.

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Paid Content Distribution

Having looked at mostly ‘free’ ways of redistribution, here’s how you can weave budgets into your redistribution plan. Sponsored content is a great way to quickly reach your target audience, paying agencies and websites that have already built up that database to circulate your content amongst them. You can also put some money into various types of paid ads, such as social media ads, pay per click or PPC ads as well as display ads. These ensure that the regular content you create gets displayed to a wider audience, garnering more eyeballs and clicks.

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